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June 15th, 2015

Page 478

Cara’s a big tattle tale, and not used to group dynamics.  It may be a rough adjustment, free muffins and nail parties aside :)  I keep my nails trimmed pretty short all the time (habit formed from wearing contacts, and not wanting to scratch anybody in jiu-jitsu) and I can’t remember the last time I wore any polish.  The little girls at the dojo love to show their nails off when they’ve colored them though, and the last time I was teaching the 4-6 group one of the little boys had purple nails.  Super cute and his “bestest colour”.  Meanwhile, I’m going to a wedding next month and was trying to remember the last time I wore make up (my wedding in 08 doesn’t count as they did it for me).  I imagine all my stuff is old and gunky and I’m not even sure what colour to buy any more… plus will concealer cover all the bruises on my legs??  They’ll look nice with my formal dress :P

Vote incentive: the DOTA Crack looks ill-prepared for whatever he’s up to…

Did a t-shirt commission for a friend of mine.  Her daughter is turning 2 and she LOVES the Hulk, of all things.  She carries a stuffed Hulk around all the time and likes watching Avengers.  Try finding a kid friendly/sized tee with just the Hulk on it though… especially in the girl’s section :(  So I made these for her (the boy version is for her son).  They turned out pretty cute and now Sam wants one. (Serious lack of fun superhero shirts for girls though).

Anyway, I’m always up for commissions when I have time so if you have a custom tee idea you can email me through the contact page, or message me on FB.


  1. EatingFurniture

    But pliers aren’t as fun!

    I’d love to wear nail polish some day, but fashion isn’t my top priority at the moment. I applaud that kid for getting nail polish and their parent(s) for letting them.

  2. Goma2003

    Ouch right in the eye, poor Cracked.

  3. D.durand

    Worst thing is these two are better doctors than some real ones…

  4. Timni

    tank is aDorable

  5. glowworm

    He sneezed it out? Is that possible?

  6. ariane

    Love your Hulks!

    My 3 year old loves having her nails done, though it doesnt stick all that well on hands and feet that get into things :-) I do my toes (and love getting them done) but my nail biting habit is not conducive to fingernail polish as it invariable looks ratty within a few hours… /sigh.

    Poor Cracked, he can never seem to catch a break…

  7. Chris


  8. Alister

    I love how you used a piece of toast as an expletive sign.

  9. Michael Sirius

    Evil’s pose in panel 6 was perfect. Back straight, arms behind back, straight face, unflinching, perfection.

  10. TaggertShare

    I bet this episode really made Evil’s Day. Panel 6 Reminds me of my Younger Brother. Always Innocent…BS. This whole Arc reminds me of our Screwed up Medical System in Maine (USA). I can’t even afford to see a Dentist so I may have to Call on Evil and Nerd.

  11. b

    That was really funny, but kind of anti climactic.
    Still funny though

  12. Kath McGill

    Ok, first, grab a can of that spray tan and just go to it on your legs. bumps and bruises should not show. Second, if your makeup is older than 3 months, you need to toss it because of the bacteria buildup.
    Third, your husband should REALLY be taking you out more!! Seriously, you have three kids and while once a week dating may be out of the question, at least once a MONTH should have been worked into the schedule by now. It has been how long since your last date??? (and as a date, not a quick run through the drive through girlfriend!!

    and if he gives you a helpless shrug on why he hasn’t been taking you out just remind him that a once a month really fancy date with him is a lot less expensive than a visit to a psychiatrist and less people will have the chance to talk about the crazy lady who wears magic marker instead of lipstick… :D

  13. Mazz

    The vote incentive image is broken. D:

  14. Mazz

    Also omg these shirt designs!!! .

  15. MangoCheeseSauce

    I hope the next comic includes Death, he needs to be shown!

  16. dizzie

    bigger question still…. why didnt they go to gimp? isnt he like….the impromptu doctor?

    on a side note those are the most adorable Hulks in the history of forever /)^3^(\

  17. Faiz

    well at least, no one did tell Cracked about the dying tooth.

  18. Caveman

    Prozacs face in panel 3 price less

  19. admin

    OMG Ariane! Your baby is three already??
    @TaggertShare: you have my sympathy, I hate going to the dentist almost as much as I hate paying for it :P
    @Kath: lol, I’m thinking that may be the way to go, fake it! And we do really try to get out once and awhile, I’m just too lazy to bother with make up. And half our date nights are at this Supper Works place where you make up meals to go and put in your freezer for the month, not really a dress up place. Fun though, productive date nights :)
    @Mazz: It is? It’s not for me :( I’ll look at it.
    @Mango: stay tuned :)

  20. Maruki

    Oh gosh, I love that Hulk design! Speaking of little girls loving super heroes, my 2 1/2 yr old daughter ADORES Captain America! So much so she carries an action figure of him around, eats with him, plays house with him, “shops” with him in her play cart, and we even got her a pair of Avengers sneakers BECAUSE Captain America is on them! So, if you get the itch to draw some cute Captain America shirts up I’d be interested in those ;)

    On a side note, great comic and keep it up! I’ve been silently stalking your comic for a couple of years now after stumbling across it from another site and I always look forward to the updates :D

  21. Caveman

    Man whatever happened to Friday’s :(

  22. Caveman


  23. madeofstardust


  24. MangoCheeseSauce

    I’m glad I asked that Death should be on the next comic! It’s fun roleplaying as Death ^,,,,^

  25. EatingFurniture

    I noticed on the Bear Nuts Facebook page that there’s a picture of Prozac, Lech, and the girls in a fountain, and a separate picture of Crack in shallow water. I wonder, are they both sneak peeks of an upcoming arc? I guess it could be the new one coming in a few hours. The title, Loner, doesn’t really indicate any setting, so I don’t really see why not. I would expect a summer weather/pool day arc to have a name like Pool Day or something, though. But I guess nothing about those pictures makes it an arc about swimming. It could just be a couple pages. Also Death hates water, right?

  26. Caveman

    You know most of the time every thing is sunny and happy when death enters the scene so you never know

    Nevil 4 life

  27. MangoCheeseSauce

    The next comic, will be “interesting”…

  28. Quant

    When girls will be in bear bios? :]

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