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June 8th, 2015

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Until I had kids I didn’t know you could “kill” a tooth.  Owen smashed his right front tooth once and it turned grey.  I’m looking up possible causes online and freaking out over all this “necrotic pulp” stuff and called the dentist.  She’s like no worries, it’s just dead but it will still fall out like normal.  Just let me know if the gums around it turn puffy and start bleeding.  Grosssssss!  So Owen has a dead tooth and Evan chipped the crap out of his right front… they look ridiculous, but easy to tell apart.  I also found them on the potties the other day playing the “hittin’ game” (basically taking turns slapping each other in the face).  I don’t know who’s idea it was or how it got started.  I bet twin girls don’t do that :(

Vote incentive: Evil was up last week, so here’s his new best friend: Nerdly

Penguins and ice cream, and a truck! Cute kid’s (or whomever!) tee on Woot, plus cute (not so kid friendly?) BBQ Zombie tee!  (Really enjoying IZombie by the way, awesome show if you haven’t seen it yet!)


  1. Goma


  2. EatingFurniture

    Twin girls do slap each other. Source: twin sisters.

    Also, Prozac’s eyebrows. Damn.

    And Nerd is super cute <3

  3. Feather Quill Inkpot

    Tanked looks so relieved in that last panel.

  4. Evilbob

    Do girls really not do that? I’ve always figured it was something kids of either gender do. You know… burn down the house and trash your kitchen while you’re not looking.

    I bet your dentist would probably be more concerned about them if they were adult teeth. :P

  5. abowden

    I am not sure he approves of their ‘help’

  6. madeofstardust

    Evil, sweetie, no one in hell is going to hold still when you have a power drill in your paw :). And Prozac is back!

  7. Shenny

    Evil actually using his tools to help? He seems genuine in panel 9.

  8. Shenny

    A thought: where does Nerd come by replacement glasses?

  9. Magasek

    Hey Alison, +10 for the grass stains on Tanked chest. Who’s a mom, you da’ mom!

  10. Athlone

    Evil’s sitting position on Tanked is a boon to those with shipping googles.

  11. RaRock The Phoenix

    On the last panel,
    evil’s face say: “i’m help sameone?”

  12. Alister

    “We’re helping.” Oh gosh Nerd you precious thing.

  13. Nonsens

    I bet you had no idea that there is actually an Ice-cream brand called ’33 Penguins’ which is the most famous in Siberia :)

  14. glowworm

    Ah, the classic “That was the wrong tooth” bit.

  15. Chris

    How many times does Prozac have to be the dad and stop the bears from doing something dumb?:P

  16. Kate

    Oh my god, it’s ALWAYS the right front tooth!!! Our oldest son flipped off the couch and hit his mouth on the hardwood ledge that we have (because apparently having a sunken living room was a great plan for this place, when really all you ever do is trip on the ledge between living room and rest of the house and then face plant into the ground). It turned grey and was like that for YEARS before he finally lost it last week or the week before. We were watching it turn more and more grey over a series of days and were like “…did he kill his tooth?!”

  17. ariane

    Not looking forward to this part of kids… My daughter is still a singleton, but a friend’s daughters would play pretty rough, too. And I suspect a lot of that is we ALLOW boys to be more physical – I’m guilty of holding my kiddo back sometimes and underestimating her skills!

    Also, I’m a handful of episodes back, but also loving iZombie. Cracks me up.

  18. Urago

    Cara didn’t do anything so far. It’s a shame, she became my favorite bear.

  19. Alister

    Also on the dead tooth bit, when I was in elementary school a new girl came to our class and she had a dead tooth. We had no idea why her tooth was so little and grey compared to the others, so when she told us that she hit it hard one day and it died, I thought that was just the coolest thing ever…until I bumped my tooth, and then I started to freak out about my teeth dying every time I took a tumble.

  20. Caveman

    See nerd brushes it off like it was nothing
    Nevil lives on

  21. dizzie

    is raising girls easier then raising boys? HmMm not always man…. not always. lol be thankful the boys have only been slapping each other. Had a friend who did a “punching game” with her sister when they were little; one of them ended up crumpled on the floor wheezing after getting punched in the gut.

    heh. did cera run and get prozec or has she just been standing there the whole time? XD is….cera right? or sara? i cant remember and too lazy to backtrack. hm. on that note, is the bear bios going to be updated anytime soon? :o

  22. EatingFurniture

    @Dizzie; We don’t really know if Sara and Cara are their permanent names, so a bear bios update isn’t especially needed. An archive update, on the other hand…

  23. nex

    Evil is best. and not gay

  24. nex

    and i love that theres girls now most exciting

  25. EatingFurniture

    How do you know Evil’s sexuality? Why can’t Evil be bisexual?

  26. madeofstardust

    @EatingFurniture: In my own personal opinion, I feel like Evil could swing both ways, as well as Lech.

  27. EatingFurniture

    @Madeofstardust; We don’t know any bear’s sexuality* for sure. For all we know, all the male bears could be gay and like having huge orgies, and that’s why they missed Evil so much when he was taken into the wilderness , that sexy hunk.

    But seriously, all these ships are just for play**. This is just some fun we get to have being in a community of fans. I don’t actually believe that the bears have orgies. Although if there is sustainable evidence…

    *Gay’s names can be thought of as meaning happy or colorful.

    **It seems like Alison likes Glech and enjoys giving the ship fuel.

  28. Urago

    @EatingFurniture: I wouldn’t say that. All the male bears but Gay and Tanked were affected by Sara’s pheromones, so they’re either straight or bi.

  29. Jenji

    Don’t feel too bad about the dead tooth, my son killed one of his front teeth when he was 2 & it didn’t fall out until he was 5 or 6. Never got rotten or anything detrimental to his health, just looked off in a few years’ worth of family photos!

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