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January 3rd, 2011

Page 239

Another inside look at the lair of Evil… and now that I’m looking at this about 2 months after I actually drew and colored it I can think of a lot more fun stuff to put in there, blah.  Anyway, hopefully it’s not too confusing to tell who’s talking here.  I realized belatedly that the polar white I picked is very close to the light grey of Evil.  Of course their eyes are different colors: Nerd’s are a lovely lavender and Evil’s a nice shade of… what’s it called when you smoke too much weed?

I think some of you may be disappointed in the end; I loved the speculation about the polars having some far reaching plan of vengeance against Evil using an unsuspecting Nerd which would be kind of awesome… but you’re all giving those numbskulls waaaaay too much credit :)  I’m not saying the polar bears are dumb (well maybe Steven) but they’re probably only a few steps up from this.

(I got another couple of comments about the vote incentive being wrong-or still being the old one-the problem is that Top Web Comics actually updates later than the comic does so if you still see the old image just wait a couple of hours and try again)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Well, Nerd certainly knows how to get Evil’s attention…

    In other news, I just got a new Laptop!

  2. Suffix

    I like that look on Nerd ^__^
    Thats the best way for us nerds to get revenge ^___^

  3. Blacky Blackerson

    Evil, you violated Nerds crotch 2 times already; I don’t think he can afford another hit. In fact, you need to learn how it feels.
    I know you added 5 new characters so things are still cooling down (or heating up in this matter), but when will the next origin arc come up? Maybe after this? I want to see how these bears lives where before this
    Well, reading your comic for about a year I can honestly say I’m impressed. The art is impressive, the characters are likable and even with there names they have personalities other than there steriotypical names. If I had to be nitpicky it would be these things: too much Evil for my taste. Even Cartman can get annoying when if see him every episodes. And since the archive isn’t as elaborate as The Phoenix Requim or even Housepets, it gets a little tedious to try to get to certain pages or chapters that I want to (easy access leads to happier viewer). However, those barely hinder your comic. I plan on going into the animation/graphic design field and viewing your comic actually keeps me motivated. That makes 2 Canadian graphic novelist I like (other being the Scott Pilgrim creator). I’m almost 100% certain I’ll buy your products in the future. 9.5/10
    “Evil may know where I sleep, but does he know where the blunt object is that I use for protection :D?”

  4. silverfang16

    Evil is going to do Voodoo again! :P

  5. Suzu

    I just love reading this comic :D
    o.o I wonder who it is he wants him to voodoo?
    other news: I have the terrible taste of NiQuill in my mouth d: stupid cold.

  6. kitsunekage

    Evil’s goning to do more voodoo….. in the words of Clevlen Brown (Family Guy) “Praise be to the Alien Overlord, Zeebath!”

    @Blacky Blackerson you keep the blunt object under the pillow, right? Just do what I do: My entire room is a trap!

  7. cheezedog

    “what’s it called when you smoke too much weed?”

    Redeye, but I would not ever thought of Evil as a pothead…. he is just seem too high strung for it. If I was to put money on what current bear in the line up most like like smokes the cannibus, I would guess Gimb because of his easy going nature.

    PS: The vote incentive being wrong-or still being the old one-the problem is a vary annoying but I learned to live with it, and like it because I now visit twice, and maybe three times to vote because of it. :-)

  8. SaphireS

    I love the vote incentive! I can relate to that! :D

  9. kuma p.

    grafitti prozac: “i suk”


  10. Ryan

    lol, that caught evil bears attention.

  11. HeirToPendragon

    Am I reading too much into the “Bit more permanent” line? Something about it just feels really deep for Evil’s character, considering he was abused when he was young.

  12. DoggyGal

    I believe it’s called “stoned” after the excess limit of weed intake. That is the phrase i use,anyway^^’

    Anyway, i love the fact that Evil has tried to all fashion sense on Nerd from panels 5-7.I think Gay is rubbing on him with a load of it!:D

  13. JS

    I love that the ice cream-cum-eyeball scoop is proudly mounted on a stand on the mantel. Ooo, and is that a skull? Maybe Evil’s more evil than his (mis)adventures so far would have led us to believe.

    I was trying to figure out just which bear it was Evil sketched saying “I SUK”. Someone says it’s Prozac. Looks like a “D” on his belly to me but that could pretty easily be a “P”. That the case? :)

  14. Chris

    Making a deal with the devil is not a wise thing to do.

  15. Ketira

    I think I have finally figured out the problem with the incentive: put the www part back into the link, and it should work fine. What I saw was Tanked with a case full of beer; that the right incentive?

  16. Ketira

    p.s to JS: That’s Evil’s portrait of Prozac, all right – if you look a little more closely, you’ll see that it’s a pill on that tummy. (Which, to me, is why Evil chose the symbol he did for himself: that symbol he has is the classic one for Anarchy.)

  17. Ketira

    oops….. Evil’s symbol is the upside-down pentagram, which is used in Satanism. One of the things many Satanists hate is Authority of any type….. or so I’ve heard/read. I know enough about the cult to realize that it’s a Path I don’t care to follow.

    Gah…. this is what I get for looking at things without my glasses on! *sighs*

  18. Jade Griffin

    I could tell them apart easily because Nerd has no horns:) I’m actually curious with this comic if the bears simply are different or are they genetic mishaps or some other thing, like how Disney’s Gummi Bears had a whole culture and species of their own and just hid from humans. Eh. I’m a big fan of the show so I thought I’d bring it up as an example.

  19. Nicole

    Love the anti-Gay symbol on the wall. And Evil’s face in panel 11. Hee!

  20. secretaznjen

    awww tanked is and always will be my favorite bear. even if he is a bit dim and pukes often.

    Also, I love Nerd’s mitten hands in the 9th panel hahaha

  21. Hoheh

    Evil is intrigued. Continue.

  22. Fluffs

    You know, I always thought that Evil was albino, with the white fur and red eyes. That could be another reason why he’s so mean to them. :P

  23. GBeans

    So if they didn’t bleach him, what did they do? Flour? Paint?

  24. Nicole

    I was thinking flour because he made such a poof cloud when he landed.

  25. raven

    LOL I think the polar bears want Nerd bear to pretend to be a “new baby polar bear” or something to boost their attraction. Then again, the whole thing with them making Nerd Bear all white might be they just trying to get their point across to prozac bear- that they aren’t all the same. :p Dunno. I wanna find out, though! :)

  26. Anthony

    Umm, I kno i’m not goin’ krazy but……

    don’t they look like twins with the same fur color?

  27. uber1337ness

    i thought at first nerd bear was a new white bear with an icecream cone on his belly ^^

  28. reccaman

    oh evil i love that voodoo that you do

  29. Hoheh

    Evil getting a chance to be evil. He’s in his element.

  30. Nicole

    @Anthony: Yes, their coloring is very similar right now, but Evil is gray. Alison mentions it in her blog post.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’m dying to know where this is going.

  31. blackbevil

    way more voodoo! :)

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