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January 7th, 2011

Page 240

Oo look more new characters-and they’re still ALL male!  It’s like I have a problem creating female characters or something… like the girl bears are really a myth and they’ll never show up…

Just kidding!  I’ll aim for book 4, please no angry emails and NO SPOILERS people who already know who they are!  In the meantime I was asked for a female character close up for this upcoming Comic Creator’s Alliance fundraiser that did amazing last year and I can’t wait to see how they do this year.  Unfortunately I realized that I have very few actually female characters… except for this guy of course :)


  1. Anthony

    @Nicole: I ttly agree wit watcha sayin’. Whenever i wait 4 da next page 2 show up, I try to keep my mind off of this website by watchin’ season 1 of Archer on DVD.

    I literally fell off ma seat when I saw how Archer was reacting to his ringtone on his phone. I wonder where he got that from?



  2. Arterus

    First. Such a touching moment for evil.

  3. BlueNight

    You of course realize that the furry community will immediately draw your female characters in all sorts of compromising positions. Just a warning ahead of time. Although, a good search through the sewers of the Internet will turn up dozens of existing fanworks featuring your existing characters. (You should know we only do it out of love. Like a Melmacian belching after dinner, it’s a complement.)

  4. Astragali

    Evil getting all emotional – that was a shocker… :D

  5. Chris

    Stupid bully polar bears. I hope they get what’s coming to them for treating Nerd badly.

  6. kitsunekage

    Holy Crap! Evil can cry!

  7. Kobrag

    AWMIGUD! More Grape!!!! (Serious;y, if you don’t understand what ‘Grape’ means… :/)

    Awesome. ^.^

  8. ponyhome

    I seem to recall a girl elephant. And Gay is honorary. Also: Evil unleashed. How awesome (and frightening) is that?

  9. mehdi

    Well, I find that the story takes a a too predictable turn. I’m a bit embarrassed, because in one hand I do not wish to see nerd suffer more ( well evil , is after all evil , he might choose to have even more fun with nerd), and in other hand beside some vodoos scene, I wonder how the reader could be surprised.

  10. Nicole

    Yesss! This has become a revenge of the Nerd plotline. I love it! For once, I’m right there with Evil!

    How is it that Alison has the ability to make everything cute? Those warthogs are ADORABLE.

  11. TheGnome

    Today on a special episode of BN Nerd opens up to Evil.

  12. Shada

    Evil….you broke my heart there….


  13. Nicole

    @TheGnome: Brilliant! :D

  14. iknewthat

    … is that guy on the left hogging the chips?
    *is smacked*

  15. Tara

    Aw, Nerd loos so cute in the bottom left panel! It kinda reminds me of when he got stuck in the tire swing. xD

  16. Valentine

    omg i just realized my birthday is on Friday 27th this year any way i can’t wait for the next strip

  17. raeByppilF

    When I saw those yellow ears and the blue bow, I tought “Oh, Lawd” and paralized. Then I laughed XD

  18. Glowworm

    @Iknewthat–that’s hillarious!

    Ooh-Gay looks so good in pearls and blue bows!

  19. Lody

    ahh, so nerd bear was made to look like a polar bear so the other polar bears didnt have to entertain everyone. it all makes sense now.

  20. Wolfger

    The fact that gay has a pearl necklace has me rolling on the floor. :)

  21. Hoheh

    This is sweet. And worrying. Also, incentive. Beautiful eyes. Agh!

  22. Blacky Blackerson

    A Evil and Nerd moment. They act like brothers, complete asses to each other yet they complete each other in a way. Opposites do attract (hince the title Polar Opposites). I don’t time there would be anything gay about them.
    And speaking of Gay, is he even trying to hide his sexuality. He is either a transparent closet or is coming to terms with it ’cause no straight person ever wear pears with makeup and his hair tied up with a bow (except maybe Prince).
    I sure hope you put your pictures on your facebook account along with Tank vs Pylon (never gets old). Can’t wait for the new VS.
    Oh, and BlueNight, they already have. Lech was french kissing one of the female characters. It was deleted though probably due to spoilers. I’m so ancious to tell the females but I have to wait until they are revealed in Book 4 (Alison is a sadist XD). Can’t wait to see Gimp unmasked and an online arc of him.

  23. Blacky Blackerson

    Bonding moment between the two of the most unlikely bears to do so.
    It is official; Gay is officially a transparent closet or has finally decided to come out. I hope this along with the Tank vs ends up on Facebook (never get enough of Pylon fatallity move on Tank). Can’t wait for the new VS and online Gimp arc to come up.

  24. Blacky Blackerson

    It is official, Gay is a transparent closet or even possibly just came out.
    I sure hope you make a new VS and an online Gimp arc

  25. ChrisQ

    well, it’s completely clear to /me/ why you seem to be unable to create female characters for this comic… because if you did, the comic would have to end! – as girls are imminently more sensible and would immediately start putting all the guys in order, telling them not to behave so silly and do something useful instead… only when boys are amongst themselves can they achieve their true potential (sillyness, nerdyness, bullying, etc.) – girls will want to put a stop to all that: they’ll make them behave, stop their fights, make them tidy up after themselves, make them wash their hands before each meal… and start putting crocheted lacey thingies on anything that doesn’t move! …so, purely for the sake of the innocent guys, I am /not/ unhappy that there are no girly bears… ;P

  26. Blacky Blackerson

    ChrisQ:Well you obviously don’t familiar with the bears future personalities then; all I’m gonna say is there will be no order.
    When I see bonding moments between characters like Glech and Evil/Nerd, it’s almost like hell froze over. However, it’s almost as if Evil and Nerd have a brotherly relationship and deep down really love each other (not in the gay way of course).
    And speaking of Gay, he is officially a transparent closet or just came to terms with it because no straight person would wear mascerra and a pearl necklace with a bow tie in his hair (except maybe Prince).
    And BlueNight, the fandom already did something like that except it got deleted. Guess who the male character was.
    Can’t wait until Alison updates her Facebook account and hopefully puts the voting incentitive and the Tank vs Phylon comic up (never get enough of the phylon fatality to Tank). Also can’t wait to see an online Gimp arc, also seeing him unmasked. I wonder if she will unmask him or if it will be the Kakashi situation where under the mask is another mask. I sure hope the females come during book 4 and not at the end so I won’t have to wait a year. It kind of sucks knowing the personalities a little and not seeing them in action.

  27. Navigating-Reality

    It’s Gay! In drag! OMG, yes!! :D

  28. Rockin' Kat

    ChrisQ: No… from what life experience I have, I can say that both sexes are quite capable of being irrational, cruel, mean, lazy, and stupid… and nerdy/geeky too.

    Black Blackerson: Nothing that gets up on the internet is ever truly deleted…

  29. Blacky Blackerson

    Rockin’ Kat: Ah, touche!
    I just had a silly theory; what if the incentitive wasn’t just an incentitive. It was an insight of a future arc where Gay dressed all femmy for an arc or maybe even more. I could actually see that happening, especially when the females arrive.

  30. silverfang16

    Aww Evil, of course you’re the best at this!

  31. kitsunekage

    @ Blacky Blackerson Even thu I can see Gay doing that, it doesn’t mean that he will. I’ve met a few gay people who would never contompalte cross-dressing (Unless it’s cos-play)

    Speaking of cos-play, did anybody else see the Japonese MMA championship where the winner *Always* cos-played a chick? At the beginning of each of his fights, he would come in cos-playing as that school girl!

  32. Hoheh

    By crossdressing, this one believes they were referring to the current incentive. Gay does appear to be in something similar to drag. Though, this one may be mistaken.

  33. furrets

    Inb4 they rape him.

  34. FTS

    BlueNight, I’m sure Allison appreciates your noble warning in such an inevitable situation. However, hundreds of previous posts containing the same caution, I assure you, has made the point clear. Anyway, well done Allison the plot to this chapter seems very interesting.

  35. blondboy87

    I absolutely love this comic. I was wondering though…have you considered plushies of the bears? I think they would sell well. Well, I would want them.

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