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May 18th, 2015

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Because a door knob would be too easy.  And I’m not looking forward to this with our boys.  The kids at the dojo like to show me their wiggly loose teeth because they know I dislike it.  Ugh.  I’m also not giving my kids $5 every time a tooth comes out (or $10, or even some kids get new toys!  Seriously?!) because I’m cheap and they have to do more to earn their allowance then age naturally :)

Vote Incentive: the DOTA version of Vanity (I think his costume is trying to eat him).

New (old) shirt Monday: cat shirts side sale at Woot (on till May 25th)!  ‘You Weren’t Invited’ and ‘Alphacat’. Soooo many cats :)

Plus the Super Hero Clubhouse series is on special till the 20th… but they’re still out of kid’s sizes :(

Marvel version and DC version.


  1. Shenny

    Noted: Bear fur can get grass stains.

  2. madeofstardust

    They could’ve asked Death, right? He can numb Tank’s face and have the tooth extracted with Gimp’s help probably. But then it wouldn’t be fun for Evil.

  3. gomamon2003

    Poor Tanked.

  4. rugibess

    Evil is enjoying hittin dat zebra

  5. NochDguir

    Umm not vanity for the vote incentive its gimp… looks good though…

  6. Steak Day lover

    I would have asked Evil to get the tranq rifle, shot tanked with it, pulled out the tooth, done.
    But hey, this is more fun.

  7. riol

    can bears get grass stains?

  8. riol

    can you please update more often? dont get me wrong, i’ll read and buy anything you sell, but a week is too long for my schedule.

  9. MangoCheeseSauce

    Join Kik Group Chat #bearnuts

    NOTE: There will be roleplaying involved!

  10. Moxie Man

    By the time they’re done, Tank will lose every tooth, except the one that needs to go.

  11. ponyhome

    Pfft. Seriously. Cash for losing teeth? Gifts just to mark a passage of time? Next they’ll be expecting presents just for getting a year older. No birthday presents unless they can document tangible accomplishments for the year!

  12. Galatea

    Go get a roll of dollar coins. Our tooth fairy came brought a special toothbrush and a dollar for first tooth, then a dollar thereafter. Going rate around us is 20, but ours came with us from the old country and she thinks paper money isn’t real.

    Also do yourself a favor and install tooth fairy doors.

  13. Mike Conner

    Kids are getting how much for teeth? Man, to be a child again. I only got a quarter for mine when I was little. I guess inflation is hitting everything huh?

  14. Alister

    I think the most I ever got for a tooth was $3, MAX. There was one time when I popped a tooth out in the midst of a long road trip when my mom had specifically said NOT to pop it out. It was wiggly, and I just could help but mess with it with my tongue. Next thing I knew I felt a little pop, and there was blood all in my mouth. I tried so hard to cover it up, but parents always seem to pay the most attention right when you don’t want to, so let’s say there was a lot of yelling and paper towels thrown my way.

    When I was a kid with loose teeth, I’d mess with adults and other kids by especially wiggly teeth and having them watch me twist them a full 180 in my mouth and just leaving it like that.

  15. glowworm

    I think I used to get a dollar for my teeth–that is–when my mom remembered–sometimes the tooth was still there.

    Poor Tanked–I loved the zebra part though.

  16. EatingFurniture

    I might have gotten 2 dollars early on but after a while, me and my sisters just got quarters for teeth.

    @Alister; I loved doing that thing, turning loose teeth 180 degrees.


  17. soman

    tanked looks so cute with a potato in his mouth like that!

  18. YourWorstNightmare

    man all the tooth fairy ever gave me was usually a dime, I was lucky to get a quarter sometimes lol I got a dollar ONCE when I lost a silver capped tooth since it was “special” poor Tanked, that zebra dragged him like a rag doll

  19. Chuck

    $5 for a tooth?! When i was a kid I was thrilled to get a fifty cent coin for my teeth.

  20. MissyZ

    Five dollars?!? I got a silver dollar or a 2 dollar coin because they were awesome, and I never ended up spending them because some cashiers wouldn’t take them (didn’t think they were real) and I liked keeping them. That’s it.

  21. Bry

    poor Tanked…he has rug burn, well, grass burn, on top of his toothache… ^~^”

    @ madeofstardust you’re right, that’s the best they could do…but you have to remember the other bears are petrified of Death. remember back when Nerd was going to talk to Death about his comic before the Evil Twin arc? he goes to talk to him, and Death looked like he was all ears, but he says “nevermind” and hastily leaves. I’m sure Death would gladly help and a tooth should’nt be a problem for Gimp to handle. numb Tanked, pull out w/ pliers, and give Tanked some beer…he’ll be fine!

  22. Cara

    The tooth fairy here gives a gold dollar for every tooth. You don’t see them often, can get them at the bank on request, and my kids keep them because they are more special.

  23. dizzie

    jeeez. inflation hit hard in the toothdepartment huh?
    it was always silver dollars or 50 cent coins when i was young…. was the same for the kids at school too. heck, we’d call them faerie’s coins since these were so rarely seen or even used for that matter. heh. the cashiers always looked so confused when youd pay with them which, to a little kid, was “proof” it wasnt normal money…they were coins made by faeries. yes.

  24. Caveman

    I have a few questions for Alison or if any of you guys can answer them

    How do the Bears get there embelem
    Whene did evil belch his fur
    What did he look like before
    The next new bear can it show him get his embelem
    How many bears do you think there will be

    Sorry for the spam I just had a few questions that I never really asked that I kinda wanted answered…

  25. Caveman

    Actually wouldn’t Suprise me if evil drew his own

  26. EatingFurniture


  27. Caveman

    I’ve red it but it kinda had a lot of holes like frome the fair to the zoo …

  28. Plain plenty

    @caveman: they all didn’t start from the zoo, some where along the lines they all where taken or found as cubs and put into the zoo, he might have been taken when he burnt down the fair lol found him just a watching @w@

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