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July 20th, 2009

Page 102

I’ve never actually been to a circus, but I’d love to see a Cirque show some day; I prefer the lack of animal exploitation… though I did see an unfortunate doc once about how the performers who got injured or too old weren’t treated that great either.  We live in a very disposable society.

That went kind of dark so how about a big sketch page vote incentive: bright colors and happy pictures! :)

Monday the 27th is the last day for pre-orders for vol 1!  Books should be shipping by then.  If you’d still like to order the book and get a free sticker you have until the 27th (free stickers will still be included for Artist Edition books).  Go here for more info.


  1. CyberCorn Entropic

    If you check out “The Origin of Prozac Part 1”, you’ll notice that baby Prozac (and his mother and siblings) also didn’t have tummy symbols. I’m guessing, like the Care Bears, the bears aren’t born with their tummy symbols but “earn” them in some manner somewhere along the line. In Evil’s case, the horns were probably thrown in as part of the deal to complete his outfit.

  2. Kitmit

    ring of fire eh? that explains his love of it? somehow XD maybe he takes revenge on everyone in the circus hm

  3. dreabutt0o0

    you moved! and i just now found you. i missed you, and all your evil-ness ^_^
    evil is adorable as a cub- look at those big buggy-wuggy eyes! hes not even evil yet- no horns or stamp of the devil. awwww

  4. Gaara1357

    @tony: u aren’t the only one

  5. Ray G

    Oh noes… poor evil, i think i can see where this is going, cant wait for the next comic

  6. Silverblob5

    1 – The big, reputable shows don’t abuse the animals, so don’t paint all circuses with the same brush.

    2 – Prozac didn’t have the symbol as a cub either, so it’s unlikely that Evil’s is the result of some sort of accident.

  7. Oddiccus

    Death Bear is like the Big Brother of the bunch… :]

  8. Evil2.0

    Thank you

  9. Nightlyre

    Huh, apparently being near Death makes your life flash before your eyes…

    Sorry, I had to.

  10. Jess

    This is really great,
    my friend told me about BEAR NUTS just a few days back and I have to say, so far i’m loven it.

  11. Gottmorder

    @Oddiccus I wish my big brother was as cool as Death Bear. Lol, that would be awesome

  12. Christina

    bwahahahaha! I’ve been a Death fan for a while now, never would have guessed that he was so popular! That poll made me really happy. XD Gimp too, I think he’s my second favorite xD
    Anyway…I never knew that was a scar on his stomach. But awwwww, he looked so adorable. With those big shiny eyes in the 3rd to last panel…you can just tell he was looking back and forth between the trainer and the fire as ideas slowly began to form…XD
    also, have you ever heard the Happy Song by Liam Lynch? It like, needs to be Prozac’s theme song. *random* That was actually what reminded me to come here once I heard it on a video XD

  13. theleast

    I saw cirque perform Dralion in Sydney last year and absolutely loved it – it’s just a shame they seldom tour down under.

  14. Masha

    Aww. That explains why he was trying to roast the kid, I guess… other than to eat him.

  15. John

    Noo… He was trying to cook him to remove parasites.

  16. sneakers

    Poor baby Evil.

  17. RHS0

    I think evil is a horned albino bear.

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