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October 20th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for October 20, 2008 – 18 Bear Nuts


  1. qtsushigirl

    I find myself adoring both rage-a-holic Prozac Bear and drugged-up Prozac Bear. <3

  2. paula

    I definetly prefer the rage prozac bear
    cuteness comes in hate bottles

  3. Kristen

    So, I’m assuming you have siblings, because only someone with siblings can understand the true rage that comes from being pushed around by the sisters and brothers.

  4. Letheyann Elethendyl

    omg!!prozac looks like a mad demon!!excellent work as usual,and the story is absolutely awesome:D

  5. Katie

    Oookay, now we know what happens when he’s without his pills.
    oh my god.

    he he

  6. Peter

    Haha, that face of his is priceless.

    One thing to mention though, I noticed there was air in the syringe when it was injected into prozak Bear. That is actually a big nono in the medical world because air injected under the skin can cause an air bubble which can travel to the heart and cause a heart attact, or block blood flow which can lead to necrosis.

    The more you know~

  7. Jen Mathis

    I’ve looked like that (pre-injection) at the office a few times…

  8. £Ø§Ð

    He he. (prozac) “Yes, Im a Rage-a-Holic. I just can’t live Without Rage-a-hol.” And I would DEFINATLY buy the first pannel of Crazy Prozac, if it was a poster or something like that. Maby a button or a patch…

  9. Anubis

    Frame 9 prozac bear is absolutely adorable.

  10. Michael

    @Peter: Not true, in the least. I had an IV in my arm a few months back, watched about… 20 air bubbles go in before I stopped counting. Plus I asked the nurse! :D It just diffuses in the blood.

  11. admin

    This one’s turning into such an educational page :) I’ll admit I wasn’t thinking about air embolisms when I drew this, maybe it depends on where/how the air gets in? I could swear there was a CSI (or whichever) where the method of murder was air injected into the victim’s eye…
    Kristen – I have two younger brothers, and they’re both bigger than me now :(

  12. £Ø§Ð

    Air injected into the Blood Stream can cause Blockages, Strokes, Heart Attack’s, Seizures, Embolisim’s and Terrible Intestinal Pain/Abdominal Pain. But, It depends on how BIG the bubbles are. Anything the size of Bubbles in your soda is Safe. Anything bigger then 3mm is considered unsafe. But, Medical Professional’s have enginered equipment to compleetly Eliminate this Risk. Which is also Why you see Dr.’s hit the end of a needle, in-order to get all the air out. Which is also why they put the Plasma/Blood/anything els bags above the subject that is being operated on. This also eliminates and air bubble risk. Because, they CAN be deadly. And just because they CAN be deadly, they do the best they can to get rid of the risk. — (TO Michael)– Yes, An Inter Veinus Cathitur Tube (IV) sometimes can get bubbles in it. But thay usualy depends on what you are haveing put into you. Knock Out Drugs, and Vitamins/Minerls, with ther sticky nature, tend to have the highest risk with bubbles. Which is why they only put them in during surgery, or directly after surgery, with someone monitoring you 24/7, or on a 10 minute schedual. And you really dont have much to worry about though. The air usualy comes right back out of the injection sight Immediately…. WHEW! That was a mouth full. So…yea…not to deadly… :)

  13. anzuhana

    I’m certain the artist is aware that air in the injection is very bad. I’m also sure he knows bears aren’t actually rainbow-colored and don’t grow horns no matter how anti-social they may be. It’s a COMIC, people!

  14. £Ø§Ð


  15. Nastee

    …………………whoa. O_O little guy has issues. …Loving it!

  16. alecho

    ROWR—-!!! Prozac Bear is a wild one! ;)

  17. Evil2.0

    Ah, so they are not born with the pictures on their stomach but…earn them…somehow, I know I’m trying to put logics to pictures weird huh.

    Ad Prozac is such a cute baby, are ya gonna show the rest of the bears as cubs?

  18. BrittBrat93

    Lol Frame 4 x3

  19. Smoketrix

    Rage Prozac Bear is officially the coolest lil thing eva. I will definitely buy a baby rage prozac bear t-shirt

  20. zombie matt

    no fair i like him evil

  21. FlashXX

    @£Ø§Ð : o0;…and TA-DA! He was reborn as…Prozac !

    But on that side note…his siblings were JERKS! >=D Another chunk of fur&skin and they’d have lay down and let him use them as stools during feeding time!;) *looks up at author & Artist(s)* I’m I right?

  22. sneakers

    Prozac puts up with a lot.

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  24. Alex

    prozac should beat them to a pulp

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