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October 24th, 2008

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Sorry guys, image size fixed!  Hopefully our first Friday update is viewable now :P


  1. HeBD

    wowa!!! mege res bearnuts!!! lol nice. only problem is the right 3/4 is chopped off :( just right click and save as ;D

  2. HeBD

    aww i liked the 2877×1950 more than the 960×651 oh well still a great comic :D

  3. Meister

    i love this comic… and thanks for the early update =D

  4. Julie

    Panels 1 and 3 are great, haha.

  5. Nastee

    I wonder why he’s not like that all the time. Everyone will definitely be kept in check all the time. :D

  6. £Ø§Ð

    O…crap… This won’t turn out well… HA HA HA! YESSSS!

  7. Colleen Sheehy

    Oh yeah, been there, done that…. Now take away my Topamax and we’ll really see some fireworks! Wonder how the little guy would react to some warm milk?

  8. qtsushigirl

    I gotta get around to finishing my tribute piece to your comic, it never fails to please. :3

  9. Seacow

    Ooooo! Face fisted!

  10. Xu-kitty

    Took me forever to recall what panel 3 reminded me of: have you seen/played with the Super Scope? The Mole Madness game, the sprites looked like in panel 3. ^_^

  11. G-man

    the first twitch was hilarious my favorite charecters are the ones that twitch (uslly means they r abot 2 kill some1)aint my grammer perfect?

  12. Smoketrix

    I panel 3 the bear with the stick reminds me of Evil, perhaps evil and PRozac are closer than they think

  13. Mara

    Awww, the mama bear is cute.

  14. iknewthat

    first-time poster. this is like, my 5th read-through in 2 days? lol. i can’t get enough. thank God we have tomorrow off at my university, i can sit on my ass and wait for the next update XD

    but i’m commenting here in particular because i for one LOVE how the sky darkens and reddens as Prozac gets progressively more and more evil… >D

  15. Rockah12

    His mom in the second and third panels is sooooooooooooooo cute!

  16. Rockah12

    I meant first and second…

  17. Looc64

    When was the last time Lech bathed?

  18. >8SCISSORS8

    i call all the bears unwanted carebears!

  19. FlashXX

    o_0;….Fffuuuu–!! Too.many.represted.RAGES!!

    ‘iN other news, the bear that was once dubbed PEACEFUL ALPHA of this humble zoo. Has now flown into a rage that has decimated the city and nearly laid waste to any rookie hero that tried to stop him. Citizens and heroes alike, reluctant though they were, were sorely temped to call BACK the Hulk. But thanks to our nations iconic heroes, some clever/wise thinking and the zoo’s store of prescribed pills… further damage was averted. Now back to you Tom!’ *Tom… jaws drops*

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