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July 24th, 2009

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That first panel of wittle Evil screaming always makes me giggle.  Can anyone guess my favorite ice cream flavor?

STICKERS: now available at the DMF site !  We had a few requests for the chance to get more than one sticker so now all nine are available.  And Monday the 27th is the last day for free sticker pre-orders for vol.1 of Bear Nuts (the Artist Edition book will still include a free sticker if ordered after the 27th.)

Canadians!  DMF comics will be at Ai-Kon in Winnipeg this coming weekend and Otakuthon in Montreal the next so stop by the Punchbrand/DMF booth and say hi to Jason, he’ll have copies of Vol 1 and maybe some stickers too :)

Today’s vote incentive is one of my favorite images from our MAK website (something a little non BN to keep me sane.)


  1. CyberCorn Entropic

    Proto-Evil wouldn’t be able to get a recent jump off that small ramp. Did that circus want him to incinerate himself? Also, children can be cruel, but at least they have the excuse of youth.

    And the obligatory guess – peach?

  2. Dorks of hazzard

    Y is every one here hate kids i think there yummy

  3. E. M. DuBois

    Even the best cubs can only be pushed so far. This would make even Foamy the Squirrel cry.

  4. Sarah

    Wow I was behind on these!! I missed this comic!
    I have to say Death is STILL my favourite – but poor Evil!

  5. admin

    Orange Sherbet it is! Though “light orange colour” is also an awesome answer :)
    @ Farler: Nice! I’d love to get to a con out that way sometime; which one is bigger- Winnipeg or the one in Edmonton?

  6. Peach

    Poor Evil, that almost makes me cry. T_T :(

  7. Farler

    Well If Im going to be honest probably edmonton is bigger since it’s a bigger city. But the people in Winnipeg tend to be very very nice.

  8. Silverblob5

    Makes a lot of sense, really. He saw a kid holding an ice cream cone, had a semi-deranged flashback to these events, and thought “I’m gonna light the little &$@*er on fire, just like they did to me!”

  9. Mr.Giggles

    poor evil, if i could i would give him a hug Q.Q

  10. hwyla


    Are you sure his name is spelled ‘Evil’ and not ‘Evel’ (as in knievel)?

  11. Neko

    I think that the bad food they were given was reason enough to eat that kid >=D

  12. Bosn C Otter

    Ok, look some of you are naming ice cream flavors that no child on earth would eat, butter pecan, Pistachio. The flavor is of course all children favorite Black Walnut. Poor evil…. God! how many times have we seen this story. A poor youngin gets forced into the circus and forced to ride his little tricycle through a ring of fire. Then they grow up and start eating children. Every week in the news we read a story like that. Obama needs to do something!

  13. Tom

    I’m a say somethign otu of hte ordinary-chocolate is your favorite.
    Since no one would think that beacus of te orangey glob that’s on evil’s wittle face, so cute. This is how he became evil, isn’tit? he’s so cute, turning to slee nd runnginf rom the whip…<3

  14. Mr.Giggles

    Children are evil…



  16. WraithPaladin

    Did anyone else notice the kid picking his nose WITH HIS MIDDLE FINGER?!?! Also, I feel sorry for Evil because of the corrupt, twisted mean little bear he becomes because of his warped and childhood.

  17. PTM


  18. Anaiyah

    aw! ):

  19. Kitsunekage

    Dear Evil,
    In Light of the recent revelations of your past life, I, Kitsunekage, hereby presentunto you a licence to roast and devour little children – provided that they have thrown sherbert at you- and evil circus masters who abuse their animals.
    Use it wisely.

  20. looc64

    I blame the parents. Who lets their kids throw stuff at a bear cub?

  21. sneakers

    What jerky little kids.

  22. Trolldrool

    All children are vicious malevolent little devil-spawn. We just like to think it isn’t so because we don’t want to believe we were ever like that. This is the proof. The evil of evil children turned Evil evil.

  23. Nila

    Things like people, like these kids & the circus… The cruelty is too realistic..
    That’s 1 thing all these bears have in common… They have been broken by life’s cruelty one way or another~

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