Page 104
July 27th, 2009

Page 104

TODAY is the last day for pre-orders of book 1!  The books will start shipping this week :)

After today, the free stickers will only come with the Artist Edition.  For more info check out our distributor:  DMF Comics.  And all the stickers are now available if you’d like more than one! :)

I’m also seriously sick of painting fire…

Today’s vote incentive is some of the BN sketches I did for the AE book orders- that was fun!


  1. Snow

    It probably just has something to do with their personalities. Though I can’t wait for Death’s Arc to explain his character.

  2. Brother of the TF2 Pyro

    “I knew it! An OMGWTFBBQ moment, just like I predicted two pages ago! WHOOT-WHOOT!”

    OMGWTFBBQ (Oh My God What The F&%$ BarBaQue) is right!

  3. Gozed

    I’m curious to how long they let the fire to go for the tricycle to be messed up like that.

  4. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    I’m totally putting this page as my wallpaper.

  5. Queery

    DDD: poor evil!!! in panel 3 he was SOOOOOOOO CYOOOOOOOOOTE!!!!!!!! but then he went all fwoosh and it wa sso sad and DDDDDDDD: @.@

  6. Angela

    Oh no! Poor little guy! And just when you thought he made it too…

  7. Puffles

    LOL poor Evil hehe.

    This is comic is pure gold,I stayed up till one in the morning laughing my tail off at these little guys.Keep up the awesome work!!!

  8. Silverblob5

    I believe this is the first one with a colored background, no? Will this be a trend for emotional flashbacks?

  9. MoriKen

    FWOOM! lol Poor Evil. Wait. Poor Evil? Doesn’t he kinda deserve it? His name IS Evil after all. lol He wasn’t named that for no reason.

  10. mimim

    your comments makes me wanna kill kittens

  11. PTM


  12. la

    I’m debating how to express my feelings. O___O or XDDDDD or <333333333.
    Fearless bear cub.. D”x

  13. Kitsunekage

    Hey! I just got an E-mail from Evil!…… Oh, f**k! Nobody make a joke avout smores!If anyone makes a joke about smores, Evil will send Death after you……. I’m screwed already! Save your-!

  14. Elkian

    Baby Evil is- WAS – soooo CUTE!

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