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May 11th, 2015

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Not so subtle ‘Fire Fly’ reference (soooo looking forward to ‘Con Men’ though!)  I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in high school (two days before picture day, it was well planned :P) and I don’t really remember much, before or after.  Jim had his done much later, after college and I think we’d been dating a couple of years at that point.  We hadn’t made the step to combine bank accounts yet so when I went to pick him up I was pretty miffed that they expected me to pay for it ($1000 on MY visa?!  No thank you!).  I was grumbling at the nurse why didn’t he pay up front, make him do it now, then they wheeled him in and he looked totally drugged out of his mind, drooling blood all down his front.  Fine, he probably doesn’t remember his pin right now.  Gross.  Then I got to listen to three days of complaining/bring me a popsicle.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  You can “celebrate” with this new design on tees or prints (I am a terrible person).

Plus “Tough Princesses” is available on Shirt.Woot (kid’s sizes 4 and 6 are still sold out though).  I’m loving the fact that that shirt is staying high on the chart despite only selling a handful of men’s sizes (usually men’s L and XL sell the most units per design on my Woot stats.)  Sam said he wants one too, I’ve noticed he’s partial to blonds… I don’t want to be one of those gender militant parents but I have talked him out of sparkly purple leggings at Old Navy once, and steered him away from a Barbie book he wanted.  I then felt guilty, but I seriously can’t stand Barbie.  If I had a girl I wouldn’t buy any Barbie crap.  Fortunately he loves ‘Tangled’.  None of them got into ‘Frozen’ though.

Vote incentive: Gimp’s turn to get DOTAized (I feel like I’d get splinters in my cheeks from that costume)


  1. Xilex90

    Teehee, I do so love evil.

    nerd, you will have to team up with your newest shipping partner to cure tanked’s rotten tooth! try not to fall for his randomness!

  2. madeofstardust

    And bring in the Evil. :D

  3. rugibess

    evil is too adoorable with the hallucinogens

  4. mugiwara

    Two by two, hands of blue…

  5. EatingFurniture

    @Xilex90: Shipping partner? I just thought they’d be friends, I haven’t seen any shipping between them. I don’t have any problem with that ship, I just haven’t seen it with anyone.

  6. Constance

    *clap* Called it! Evil is involved! XD

  7. Michael Sirius

    @Xilex90 Shipping partner? Ooh, I like you. I too ship the two after the whole “two Evils” incident.

    And oh my goodness, Evil is adorable in Panel 7

  8. YourWorstNightmare

    hahahaa yes totally called it on Evil coming in XD I can’t believe Nerd willingly asked him for his help O.O poor Tank…bad things are coming…but what would be funnier is if while we are all thinking of the horrible things Evil might do he just helps and gets the tooth out like a normal person no malice at all lol would shock the crap out of everyone

  9. Urago

    Tanked is acting like Crack in Panel 5 onwards.

  10. abowden

    Why ask Evil? Why not ask… literally anyone else? I mean I get he probably has access to anesthetics (for reasons), but wouldn’t gimp be a better person to involve in this?

  11. kfsofronas

    Honestly Death and Gimp would be best in this situation. c;

  12. Caveman

    I am totally shipping nerd and evil btw evil is adorable but I swear if it involves a door and a string I quit. Evil is way to evil and to brilliant to let a chance like this just slide by… Can’t wait to see what happens

  13. Cam

    Evil and Nerd sitting in a tree, P-U-L-L-I-N-G. First comes the tooth, then comes Tank, then comes Evil stealing from the tooth fairy’s bank.

  14. Bry

    Evil’s face in the 7th, 8th and 9th panels r so cute~ poor Tanked…I think he should go w/ the keepers, not Evil. Evil’s method might be much more painful… ^~^

  15. EatingFurniture

    @Caveman; I remember reading something about a string and cars driving by… Was that a comment or was it one of Alison’s messages?

    @Michael Sirius; Any other ships you got? It’s not a ship but I think Crack and Gimp would make good friends. The doctor and the one who always wants a doctor’s attention.

    @YourWorstNightmare; He’s asked Evil for help before, plus they’re becoming friends anyway. Did you see the Star Trek symbol on Lech’s teddy bear in Girl Power?

    @abowden; Gimp would be good. Tank’s stink breath may be clouding his mind. Then again, Nerd may not know how bad this is, either.

    Also I got a few friends in a Skype group to read Bear Nuts and the 3 of them that did are obsessed. The other people in the group chat are getting used to the BN spam :P

  16. EatingFurniture

    And they also will probably know who I am now if they read the comments. I guess I’ll find out when/if they mention it.

  17. EatingFurniture

    @abowden; Oh, and Tanked is afraid of the doctor, but Evil’s probably worse and he should know it. His mind is currently focused on the needles.

  18. Steak Day lover

    Evil is the face of “innocence”.
    This is going to be FUN.

  19. Alister

    Gimp would be the best choice, but I don’t think his first aid kit involved a pair of forceps. Evil on the other hand? I wouldn’t put it past him to have a whole chest full of what he’d feel are “super cool” aka “awesome for torture” stuff. I’m sure he also has all sorts of drugs to knock Tanked out for a while so he can “help”.

  20. EatingFurniture

    @kfsofronas; First of all, I think I know who you are, second of all, I didn’t see your comment before because I know I would have responded to it, and third of all, Death would be helpful. Despite his loner nature, I think he’s willing to help someone as nice as Nerd. He was absolutely pissed at the end of Girl Power 2, though, and I don’t think we’ve seen him since. I’ll probably be proven wrong though.

    And Nerd already has Evil’s attention.

  21. Caveman

    @Alister: wouldn’t gimp be the one with all the torture stuff lol

  22. Noche Juan

    Evil is my favorite

  23. Caveman

    @Alison: are there any conventions you are going to any time soon would love to meet you Miami is nice this time of year hint hint

  24. Michael Sirius

    @EatingFurniture Well aside from my obvious shipping of Glech (see previous posts) I also ship Death and Gimp because of the one scene after Death got off his caffeine rush. Plus I think they would go well together.

  25. admin

    @ Caveman: I’d love to but I have 3 small kids and cons are expensive, especially travelling to the US. Maybe some day though… we did do Mega Con once.

  26. Chris

    Why Nerd? You’re supposed to be the smart one.

  27. MangoCheeseSauce

    Death is his own shipping. He needs no one…

  28. Death

    Do you guys to chat about Bear Nuts?

    Join our Kik Group Chat #bearnuts

    There is roleplaying involved, so know best about Bear Nuts!

  29. DeathSage

    Do you guys like to chat about Bear Nuts?

    Join our Kik Group Chat #bearnuts

    There is roleplaying involved, so know best about Bear Nuts!

  30. MangoCheeseSauce

    Do you guys like talking about Bear Nuts?

    Join our Kik Group Chat #bearnuts

    There will be roleplaying involved, so know a lot about Bear Nuts!

  31. Eating Furniture

    @Chris; He’s not the one with drugs and a diabolical mind though. Besides, he’s good with robotics, not medicine.

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