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May 4th, 2015

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Still working on potty training with the boys, probably for all summer I imagine.  Sam did the same thing to us: 2 steps forward, one step back… usually into a puddle of pee on the living room floor.  Anyway, Owen had a busy week.  He declared diapers are “weenie jails” and was excited about underwear, but rebelled against pull ups.  He came down stairs naked with pull up in hand and wet socks.  When pressed, he finally showed us where he had peed: on the carpet in the playroom, hidden under a pillow.  Devious little bugger.

Tanked is in need!  Maybe some more alcohol would dull that pain.

New shirt Monday again!  All shirts 20% off at Neatorama from today till May 10th, including a new ‘Jurassic Park’ design (my kids are really into “dinohors” right now).  And Link’s bad idea in the olive tees side sale at Woot.

And, in honour of the nearly National Holiday May the 4th, all kinds of Star Wars tees on sale here till May 11th!  Including this rather silly set:

Vote Incentive: Tanked in DOTA form (and pants!)


  1. madeofstardust

    There is nothing worse than tooth pain. Nothing at all.

  2. Shenny

    I love how only Gay uses a napkin.

  3. Boris

    I love how Nerd eats the beer covered tomato

  4. EatingFurniture

    I can’t believe Gay would take a shower. I thought it would be exclusively baths with a mud mask as well. Also, Nerd is definitely babysitting Tanked, making sure he doesn’t get in trouble, all that. Such a nice bear :3

  5. Plain plenty

    @EatingFurniture ~ if he took a bath after that he just be sitting in hit own filth .-. of mess lol

  6. Nicole

    Poor little Tanked!

  7. abowden

    Well I was wrong. somethings wrong with his tooth. I wonder if gimp can help?

  8. NAZF

    Told ya, people, tooth issues. Also, love the derp of panel 8. :)

  9. Vausch


    Poor Tank. All that drinking would wreak havoc on your teeth and breath as it is. Doubtful he’s much for dental hygiene outside of drinking his mouthwash.

  10. Michael Sirius

    @EatingFurniture Really? Because Gay definitely seems the shower type to me. I see him taking daily, or at the very least every other day showers to stay clean and then baths to relax.

  11. Steak Day lover

    I KNEW IT. Poor poor Tanked, I know nothing more painfull than a rotten tooth.

    Of all things in the body, why is the teeth so vulnerable, bunch of duchebags.

  12. Sterling Rodd

    Nice camera angle swap there. I was under the impression Tanked was alone. Finding out he wasn’t made it even funnier. This is one of the most evocative strips in some time. The mind sparkles with possibilities… :)

  13. Sterling Rodd

    @Steak Day lover: “Of all things in the body, why is the teeth so vulnerable, bunch of duchebags.”

    Because they’re basically bones jutting up through flesh. Think of them as permanent compound fractures. :)

  14. Alister

    Ouch, poor Tanked! That’s one serious bum tooth!

  15. Bry

    aww…poor baby has a rotten tooth… :(

  16. Evilbob

    Clearly Tanked has not been having strong enough alcohol and has only been sticking to the sissy stuffs. If he were a TRUE boar, the stuff he drinks would have taken care of this a lonnnnggg tiimmmeee agggoooo.


  17. Mary

    I almost expected a super-detailed grotesque close-up of the inside of Tanked’s mouth–a-la Ren and Stimpy.

  18. YourWorstNightmare

    @Sterling Rod lol ‘Permanent compound fractures’ I will never look at my teeth the same again. I thankfully have never had the displeasure of having a bad tooth and my wisdom teeth coming in has given me no pain either XD I’m sure glad my teeth like me. Poor Tank, I get the feeling he is gonna have a big adventure trying to get that tooth fixed up, maybe Gimp or the Girls could help? Idk why but I just think the girls might could help O.O also I have a bad feeling Evil might come in somehow lol

  19. Caveman

    I love how gay takes a shower while nerd magically becomes clean :)

  20. EatingFurniture

    @Caveman; Nerd eats it all

  21. Constance

    @YourWorstNightmare – I’ve got all four wisdom teeth, didn’t hurt at all thank goodness. :p

    As for Tanked…. I assume it’s gonna involve Evil, a piece of string and a highway full of busy cars… You thought I was gonna say ‘a door.’ :p

  22. Cam

    Aww, poor Tank. He needs to start brushing.

  23. TaggertShare

    Aw Tank, you need to swab some Scotch Whisky onto that Tooth. Then take a glug. By the way I actually tried swishing with Scotch for Sore Gums and it worked! (My Gums were sore after visiting the Dentist!)

  24. MangoCheeseSauce

    I wonder when the The Origin of Death will be made, I bet everyone is dying for that, especially me.

  25. riol

    I am hoping this solves his beer problem, because if it doesn’t, he,ll eat the tooth [gross].

  26. riol

    you all know [I know you know.]

  27. MangoCheeseSauce

    @Shenny Gay never even used a napkin…

  28. chase

    Are his teeth so worn down from such bad dental hygiene that he has no pointy teeth anymore? Or do these bears not have pointy bear-teeth? I mean, I see Nerd’s teeth all the time and other bears’ teeth when they smile and they don’t look like they have pointy teeth either. I suppose it must be they have more human-esque teeth.

  29. Bry

    @ chase keep in mind, most authors/artists for stories and comics like to make their non-human characters as human-like as possible so sometimes they don’t have animalistic features like pointy teeth, sharp claws, etc. I personally think they should keep the animal features-mostly for identification purposes-and make the characters’ personality more human. Alison’s family of bears for example, aside from Evil, I don’t see sharp canines among our furry friends

  30. YourWorstNightmare

    @MangoCheeseSauce IKR!!! I’ve been waiting for like ever XD I bet she is doing it for dramatic effect

  31. Veritas

    @madeofstardust: I’ve been through some pains, and the worst three are dental, the fourth pissing out a jagged rock the size of a pea. The tooth was a simple root canal procedure couldnt be finish due to deep infection and offshore work kept me from two more appointments so for two and a half months I had a hole straight to the bone, exposed. After that, 2 days ago infact he cleaned the rest of the root and the anesthetic wasnt doing shit cause the abcess got so bad so when he was filling it the anesthetic was gone. My abcess is still there and the swelling is unbelievable.

  32. Veritas

    @EvilBob I tried jack straight to homemade moonshing (basically kerosene) and that dont do squat, my best mix was a few beers and hydrocodon-aceteminphen 10-325.And sometimes oxycodone. (Friend of mine has blepharospasms that cause crippling migrains and cluster headaches) Word to the wise if you dont want agony take care of your teeth I apparently wasnt benefiting from dental floss and got myself a water pick. Do yourselves a favor and spring for one.

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