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April 27th, 2015

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In honour of the…return of cold weather??  (seriously, this week/weekend was horrible) get “Melting” at Woot!  Plus a bunch of other fun/funny/ridiculous food related shirts (on sale until April 30th).

Vote Incentive:  These commissions are from some time last year and they were a blast to do!  I was only passingly familiar with DOTA but there were quite a few fun characters and design details that matched up well with the bears.  Plus it’s always fun to draw them in clothes every once and a while :)  And ProHulk is always fun to draw.


  1. madeofstardust

    A beerwich? Sure :D

  2. rugibess

    whats rotten

  3. Urago

    Is Tanked swearing? But I thought he couldn’t talk.

  4. NAZF

    Aww, poor Tanked; I know that feeling all too well… :(

    Poor babby got a messed up tooth. D:

  5. Shenny

    Anything can be garnish.


  6. Nabexis

    I honestly thought at first he was swearing because he bit into his hands when overzealously biting into the sandwich. Then I read the title and figured it was a tooth or something.

  7. NAZF

    @Shenny: …True, though, I think the way he’s using the beer counts more like a condiment, or infusion, or something… :I

  8. abowden

    I am guessing one of the ingredients was off, rotten enough to literally knock him off his feet. Bleh. but I can’t actually tell which…

  9. Vausch

    Oh dear. Tanked with a cavity! Guess all that booze would keep it numb enough to never notice until it got beyond help.

  10. Michael Sirius

    And here I thought that was some kind of actual dressing. Now I feel dumb

  11. Trolldrool

    Stars in comics usually imply pain. And as someone who’s had to remove a tooth because the roots were infected and rotten to the core, I’m going to assume that’s what’s happening.

  12. Bry

    yea I agree w/ Trolldrool…Tanked must have a cavity or one of his teeth is beginning to rot from all the junk food, alcohol, and whatever else he puts in his mouth

  13. YourWorstNightmare

    Aww poor thing :( either that BLT’s cheese was bad or he has a bad tooth. Lets hope Evil doesn’t get a hold of him lol

  14. Jane

    Yay! A Tanked arc!

  15. Nicole

    I thought he bit down on something hard in the sammy. But I’m guessing y’all are right about a cavity. Poor Tanked!

  16. Mazz

    Oh know tooth pain. The worst thing ever. Poor Tanked. D:

  17. Alister

    Excessive drinking can cause absolute havoc on one’s teeth and oral tissues (wheat based anything, especially beer, breaks down into simple sugars that are broken down even further and turned into acid by bacteria in the mouth), so a bad tooth isn’t out of the question. Plus, with all the times Tanked has stumbled around and fallen flat on his face drunk, I’m sure there’s been a bit of physical trauma to his dentition as well.

  18. EatingFurniture

    Did my comment not post? Huh.

    Tanked is adorable as always, especially in the CHOMP panel. The panel afterward conveys the emotion pretty well. Great as always, Alison.

  19. Thwaitesy

    I love Tanked. Also looks like the poor guys got a bad tooth.

    I can’t even begin to contemplate the Hi-jinks that will ensue from this LOL

  20. Caveman

    @Alison: Please draw or sketch a map of the zoo or the cave were the bears live i would love to see it :)

  21. admin

    @Urago: it’s extremely rude grunting :)
    @Caveman: The overall zoo is pretty nebulous in my head, but a map of the bear’s place is do-able… or at least added to my giant to-do list… sounds like a fun book extra too :)

  22. Shpee

    Alchemist Prozac
    Doom Evil
    Anti mage Lech
    Keeper of the light Nerd
    Brewmaster Tank’d
    Crystal maiden Gay
    Silencer Gimp
    Necro Death
    Queen of pain Sara
    Enchantress Cara
    meepo/courier Vanity

    Not sure if you’re this familiar with the games hero’s, but after that pic I just couldn’t resist. Hope I didn’t miss anyone haha.

  23. corvuscorone68

    ah man this reminds me of the time Mom made me make my little brother a grilled cheese sammich and then he smothered it in ketchup, cuz he was in a big ketchup phase, and then refused to eat it; i still grouch over that even tho i’m 31 now and he’s 25 and that happened when he was like in preschool and i was in elementary

  24. Faiz

    @Shpee, I am actually. It was brillant of you think of it except lech’s.

  25. ertusafgjfgj

    I think the bottlecap went into the bowl, and he chewed on it.

  26. GodoBola

    @Shpee: you got 4 out of 11 correct (you forgot about Crack).

    I tried to match every bear with a hero that had a related appearance and/or bios, and in the end they all looked pretty Awesome! *thumbs up* (when I had the idea I couldn’t resist in asking for this commission).

    Sorry though, I can’t show any of it… they are Alison’s copyright so anything related to it is not with me.

  27. Caveman

    @Admin: you have no ideas how much it means to me that you read my comic can’t wait to see it thx. Love the comic

  28. Caveman


  29. Project_Demise

    I want that shirt so bad, but I don’t get paid until the first! FATE IS CRUEL!

  30. Ice Raven

    And The line from the star to his jaw is ah SMALL clue! :P

  31. YourWorstNightmare

    @Ice Raven lol right XD

  32. Steak Day lover

    Sounds like a toothache to me

  33. S.P

    Maybe the beer is what’s rotten? XD

  34. Alister

    @ S.P
    With as much beer that Tanked drinks, I doubt there’d be any left in the fridge long enough to go bad.

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