Page 470
April 20th, 2015

Page 470

Woot, steadily approaching 500 pages!  A milestone I though I’d reach a loooong time ago, but then my uterus played a nasty trick on us :)  Speaking of nasty, double potty training is SOOOO much fun you guys!  Evan keeps peeing on his socks.

So Sara is finally “accepted” into the group, or has come to “accept” that herself.  Cara is merely tearfully adaptable.  But who knows how long they’ll stay??  They’ve lived a very transient lifestyle… or perhaps the Discount Zoo is the obvious end of the line.  Hope they like gruel and fish heads.

Forgot to update the link on this one:  you can still get Zombie Carebears here.  And everything else in Woot’s Dooomcat back catalogue which recently changed a bit when Woot revised their price system:  all back cat tees were $18 each and are now $11.  I’m not entirely sure if that’s a permanent change, or if they’re just experimenting, but hopefully that sticks around for a bit.  Great time to collect all the Unstealthiest Ninja tees :)

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  1. Shenny

    Looks like the elephants did just as much to her as the polars. Why’s Vanity there though, are they in his room?

    I guess it’s good to belong.

  2. madeofstardust

    You’re not part of the gang until you’ve gotten the shit kicked out of you at least once. Welcome to your new home, girls.

  3. rugibess

    adorable last panel

  4. Boris

    Why’s Vanity looking back?~
    Either he has a crush on her :D….OR he’s very surprised on how beat up and bludgeoned she is -_-

  5. abowden

    she bought the second half of the damage inflicted on herself. What an idiot. I suppose it does make her part of the group now though, everyone has had SOME horrible injury.

  6. EatingFurniture

    I missed you, Prozac <3

    Also, I’m curious; Alison, have you made a map of the Discount Zoo and the bears’ exhibit for your own reference while making the comic?

  7. Vausch

    The last 5 panels are the biggest reason I really love Bear Nuts’ artwork. You can completely read Sara’s thoughts purely by her emotion. It’s seriously reminiscent of the scene from Prince of Egypt when Ramses cycles through all his thoughts on what to do about Moses. Well done, very well done.

    Also, Evil: you little shit.

  8. chase

    I still want to know what was in Evil’s box that clearly started all this.
    Also, Nerd’s probably been locked away in his room addicted to naughty videos for the last few weeks.

  9. Quant

    So cute, mimimi

  10. Michael Sirius

    I think I understand what happened. Evil didn’t mean for Sara to get hurt. That was just an added bonus. I think the polar bears stole Nerd’s box and Evil was just getting it back for him. Sara was just a decoy.

  11. Bry

    @ Michael S. That’s what I thought from the beginning. It’s kinda cute seeing Evil and Nerd close, even Lech (from a few pages ago) hung out with him and Nerd. But, that aside, I agree with you. Evil said she was a decoy and that was all she was meant to be. He thought she could handle herself.

  12. Irma Vep

    ooooneeee offff uuussss!!

  13. Treequil

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I forgot the box! It does totally look like a action figure/game/cereal box though. Maybe Nerd and Evil have started hanging out with geeky torture games? There ~was~ that one part of Evil’s Twin’s chapter where they had similar interests in movies.
    I had just assumed it was the cloroform box but then he totally wouldn’t be giving it that super cute happy expression. ouo

  14. Alister

    I love Sara’s transition from grumpy to realizing what Prozac said. Those facial expressions were just GOLDEN.

  15. Andrew

    Does this mean they’re gonna get their ‘other’ names like the rest of the gang now? I think Moody would be great for Cara.

  16. Chuck

    A tip for potty training; toss a couple of Cheerios in the bowl. It gives them something to aim for!

  17. Urago

    The last panel is so cute. *Pats Cara on the head. But not Sara, because she’s injured, and that would hurt*

  18. Anon

    one of us
    one of us
    one of us

  19. EatingFurniture

    @Michael Sirius We’ve confirmed that that box looks exactly like Nerd’s from the last Polar based arc.

  20. YourWorstNightmare

    XD all my suspicions confirmed. So all the bears are pretty much looking at this as initiation…but I’m still curious about the male bear that looked to be maybe the girls brother? from Sara’s dream before the polar incident

  21. EatingFurniture

    But I really missed Prozac a lot. I know I’m always asking for more page time for less developed characters but Prozac is one of my favorites, tied with Crack for first. And Evil’s forced huge smile is great.

  22. madeofstardust

    @Yourworstnightmare: we can rule out Prozac. He had several older siblings, all boys. Nerd was an only cub,so was tanked, and vanity is a panda, so no go either. Evil spent his cub days in the circus, and his fur is too light. Unless the sibling bear that is missing changed color due to some incident later on.

    That leaves:
    Anyone wanna guess?

  23. Michael Sirius

    That’s right everyone, you guessed it. Sara’s mysterious sibling is… Bear #13! Good guessing everyone.

  24. thecowgirlkitty

    13th? What about Sloth? Wouldn’t a new bear be the 14th we know about for the exhibit?

  25. Nicole

    So cute!

    Love the “Hang in there” cat poster. :D

  26. Josh

    How big is this cave damn one room for evil Prozac vanity leach gay gimpy death crack nerd the guest room kitchen living room bath room a garden closet… There soon going to have a room for slaty and PMS Can you draw us a map of this place Cause I am really interested in the lay out of this place

  27. Josh

    Ps. Can’t wait to see what happens next

  28. TaggertShare

    Vanity looks like he is in Shock over all that transpired. Could be he has Empathy for Sara. Remember how he went from being a pampered Newbie to just another exhibit? In that Arc Nerd said “comeuppance” to Vanity. Sara just got her comeuppance. I do like her now, but still prefer Cara, she reminds me so much of a Girl I knew in College. Love the look on Evil’s Face.

  29. ???

    please tell me they are actually staying. please.

  30. EatingFurniture

    @Josh Vanity and Tanked share a room, so it’s not very unlikely that they’ll also share rooms. Perhaps instead of each moving in though, the girls will share a room, and two of the male bears will move in together? That could get interesting. Crack and Gimp forming a relationship (the doctor and the one that wants constant medical attention) or some Glech action? Maybe more hinting towards Evil and Nerd’s friendship? Lecherous Evil, since they’ve been in a “Super Macho Bromance” before? (and now that I think of it, was Gay jealous? What arc was that?) Some less predictable pairs would be nice and fresh as well.

  31. Bry

    @ EatingFurniture lol yea, so far everyone but Tanked and Vanity have their own rooms. obviously the girls won’t share separate rooms nor bunk w/ a boy, so they’ll bunk together (i don’t think they’d want it any other way, they’re sisters after all). Prozac might give up his room, he doesn’t seem to like the girls (particularly Sara) much after the “hypnosis” incident, but he always likes setting an example…don’t know who he’d bunk w/ though if he does (maybe Nerd, idk). Death won’t likely give up his room, he’s a loner and, probably for the sake of his roommate, not want to share a room. Evil probably won’t give up his room either unless Prozac forces him to as punishment for getting Sara in this predicament, and, if Prozac does, he’d probably bunk w/ either Lech or Nerd. Lech isn’t likely going to give up his room after recent events. Nerd might give up his room because, despite how things turned out, he still seems infatuated by the girls, plus he’s one of the kindest bears…childish but nice. if Nerd does give up his room, he’d likely bunk w/ Evil since they’re starting to grow close. Gimp would also most likely kindly give up his room bec he’s also one of the most kind of all the male bears. i doubt anyone could stand bunking w/ Crack due to his nervous breakdowns so he’s out. and, as mentioned before, Tanked and Vanity are already bunking together so they’re ruled out too. so the boys who are likely going to give up their room is Prozac, Nerd, and Gimpy…possibly Evil if Prozac forces him to.

  32. Bry

    whoops, left out Gay! he might not give up his room either though. if he and Sara weren’t at odds, he might SHARE his room…they did seem to start bonding a bit before Lech, Nerd, Tanked and Evil showed up.

  33. Vausch

    @Bry yeah, I was trying to figure out who’s room this could be too. The backgrounds don’t quite show what the rooms of the bears’ rooms are.

    Evil’s floor is covered in straw, Nerd has memorabilia and toys all over, Prozac’s sheets are red and black, Cracked has stuffed animals all around his bed, Lech’s sheets are brown and the only poster I’ve seen him have is a swimsuit model, Vanity and Tanked share a room and Vanity’s side is rather fancy, Death doesn’t have lights in his room, and Gimp’s walls are lined with paddles and whips. Gay’s room is a possibility but he has a full length mirror next to his door.

    Maybe it’s a guest room. All I can think of.

  34. EatingFurniture

    @Vausch; Probably the same room the bears go if they get injured. Maybe the girls will just bunk in that room, and have to share it with an injured bear.

    @Bry; I think Evil and Lech have been falling a bit further apart. Also, Prozac may join Gimpy, since he’s the most calm of them all and Prozac doesn’t really have any problem with him. I don’t see why he would, at least.

  35. EatingFurniture

    I don’t see why he would have any problems with Gimpy is what I meant.

  36. Caveman

    @EatingFurniture: BTW im josh i think maybe a bear will just sleep on the sofa or with comic magic another room will appear out of thin air *POOF* But if Prozac and gimp end up together that might be a little awk don’t you think i mean gimp still has to be a gimp so yeah…

  37. EatingFurniture

    @Caveman; He doesn’t seem like one to judge. Besides, everyone has secrets. Maybe this is his ;)

  38. D.durand

    Suprizingly satisfactory end :-)

  39. Bry

    @ EatingFurniture in the arc where Gay and Nerd found out about the girls from the elephants, it showed in a flashback that Nerd, Evil and Lech relaxing and smoking together. I think they’re still close, Alison just doesn’t show their antics as often as she use to.

  40. Steak Day lover

    Avenged Sevenfold -Welcome to the Family

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