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May 25th, 2015

Page 475

I think Nerd suffers from an overestimation of his own capacity, or he just tries too hard.  Who’s he trying to impress anyway?  This stems from a looooongstanding in joke at my house: as the oldest, my younger brothers were the constant bane of my existence and just so totally beneath me, not that they cared.  “You’re not impressing Ali” was a running joke.  That and Jeff’s pathological need to get in the shower about 5 minutes before we had to go… EVERY DAMN TIME.

Unstealthy is back at Woot, and he’s being oblivious: summer weather!  Ninjas!  Ice cream!  Violence!  Can’t have one without the other apparently…

PLUS Ironic Sloth is ironic (and has bad posture)  :)

Vote incentive:  the DOTA version of Sara turned out really nice (don’t think I could do that outfit justice though.)


  1. EatingFurniture

    Tanked’s definitely getting exhausted. Also I think he produces more saliva than the average bear.

  2. madeofstardust

    @EatingFurniture: Weird. I thought drinking beer made your mouth dry :D

  3. Michael Sirius

    @Alison Well of course. We all know that ice cream comes with summer weather, and that ice cream is the root of all violence. So of course you can’t have one without the other.
    Plus ninja are attracted to violence so… yeah

  4. Michael Sirius

    Nerd is obviously trying to impress Evil. I mean Nerd didn’t frown once at Evil the entire page, and when Evil did frown, it was at Tanked, not Nerd.
    Slowly…but surely…

  5. soman

    poor guy, but you got to admit-
    (insert lame potato joke here)
    XD LOL

  6. chase

    I adore how much Evil is playing nice right now.
    I’m wondering when he’ll just haul off and punch him in the mouth.

  7. Bry

    Evil that isn’t what Nerd meant! xD
    it’s sweet to see Evil be a bit more caring…in his own way… :)

  8. Caveman

    Tanked looks horrible and

    Nevil Nevil nevil nevil nevil Nevil

  9. EatingFurniture

    Watch out, Glech! Nevil’s in town!

  10. Michael Sirius

    And so now they too have a couple name. But Glech is still in the game. Who can forget about the chocolate chip muffins?

  11. anon

    Nerd and Evil are so cute togother, working of as a some sort of team. After seeying all that happened between these 2, I really love seeying them getting along. I really hope Nevil turns out to be something official, not necessarilly like a romantic couple, but best friends that let the other’s flaws slip by (nerd’s, well, nerdness and evil’s malice). But now that I think of it these two have been very close lately. It’s so cute and funny how evil’s malice make nerd’s good intentions, well, evil XD

    @michael I do think nerd is trying to impress evil, I mean just look at his proud smiley faces in all the panels, The only thing is that evil haven’t found out (yet), I guess.

    @eatingfurniture I am curious about how long tanked will handle this mess XD

  12. AlexBC

    They let evil handle the knives?

  13. Bry

    @ AlexBC who says Evil notifies Prozac hes taking one?

  14. Alister

    @Bry You make a very good point.

    I swear, Tank’s going to need a full set of bear-dentures once Nerd and Evil are done with him.

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    …..O.O wow XD Nevil!?!?!?! OMG thats great…well we are now all officially freaks…soon it will be a war between Glech and Nevil just like team Jacob and team Edward…only at lot funner XD poor Tank i foresee those dentures Alister mentioned in the future

  16. Caveman

    I am willing to bet nevil will win that fight

  17. EatingFurniture

    Why not both?

  18. EatingFurniture

    Although for people who ship Gay and Nerd, these two ships may be their worst nightmare, drawing attention to what they consider the true relationship, pulling the one true pair apart. Also that would leave out Lecherous Evil, who’s probably already shipped plenty.

  19. Sushirolled

    I’m a Glech shipper but I actually might think Nevil will have a chance.

    I feel so sorry for Tanked! Ahhhh—-
    The poor guy is getting beaten up left and right! Dx

  20. richard s f

    so…Evil is a “Force” user….

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