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May 19th, 2014

Page 422

Ok.  I’m fully aware those Lech fantasy panels are probably going to inspire some “enhanced” fan art on some of the furry sites… go at it guys, just don’t send me the link :)

And that last panel of Death is the same face I find myself making more and more as the twins are really talking now and all three of them are practicing the timeless art of laying all blame on someone else.  That they often forget I’m in the room and saw everything go down is either funny, or worrying?  Are they oblivious?  Are they just dense?  I guess I should be happy they’re horrible liars?  And the tattle telling!  That’s another “skill” Sam has picked up in kindergarten.  Can’t wait till all three of them are doing it :P

Vote incentive:  cute Red Panda is cute!


  1. Gallantry

    It took me a while to realize….
    He can’t touch anybody XD
    No wonder he’s so not on board with this…. aww, poor guy XD

  2. Bort

    Welp here comes the edits.

    Also, AWWWWWW Vaniety miss his mommy <3

    To bad death can’t have sex.

  3. gamehunter8

    xaxaaxaxaxxaxaaxax LoooL NOW I LOVE this comics for life !
    this was the coolest page in the whole comics LoLoLoL

  4. but what if lesbian bears

    ….actually no lesbian bears. i dont trust lech with that kinda stuff. B(
    nah but seriously those bears better be REALLY CUTE or else ill draw them cute myself! >:O

  5. Urago

    Is Vanity thinking of a female that treats him like a mother treats her baby?

  6. Blacky Blackerson

    Oh wow! This is almost reminds me of that first panel with the hippos having sex. Breaking the mold here, xD.

    But aww, Nerd’s fantasy is kinda cute. What if by chance the female [I wish I could say which, but no spoilers x.x] actually did like him.

  7. Beta

    We need more panels with Death’s opinion on things. Really sums up what everyone who’s indifferent is feeling about anything at any given time.

  8. Tara

    I hope the at least one of the girls fall for Death. c: Gotta love what’cha can’t have, it’s a rule for us women.

    Also, I couldn’t help but go “aww” for Vanity missing his mom. c: Sometimes I forget he’s still just a cub.

  9. MarauderDeuce

    I feel like this could easily be the launch point for a Death back-story. Or have we had that already? So many comic strips – so little brain to retain them if I wish to be able to keep the ability to walk and talk.

  10. Blacky Blackerson


    I bet more than anything the final story will be the death arc. It’s a fitting way to end the series.

  11. MagnuM

    Hahahhaahahahaha xDD
    Oh my god this is why I love this comic!
    Death’s face last panel is awesome ! Though I’m totally down for one of the girls falling for him, poor guy deserves some lovin’

  12. Constance

    Lol, Vanity earned an aww from me.

  13. Demigoddess

    NOOOOO. D: I want a ‘refined’ bear!!!! I mean, unless thats your plan, which I doubt because nerd mentions it… DANG IT THAT WOULVE BEEN SO KEWL she would’ve been awesome :'(

  14. Kath

    uhhh- I saw the vanity panel and all I could think was (in a british voice ) him yelling “MUMMY!” at (the) moment. is it wrong for me to think these bears will want nothing to do with the gang? (or) scare the daylights out of them for being so aggressive. (remembering that these are DISCOUNT bears) They may be so unattractive (and be built like the polar bears) or be very aggressive and not the submissive bears that they believe women to be. it would be interesting if the female bears stayed there, or at least adopted Tanked. (or be his mother) that would put a monkey wrench into their plans.

  15. Glowworm

    I do like Vanity’s idea of a female–someone who’s sweet and nurturing.

  16. Boodle

    Aww… Vanity just wants his mum. And Death just wants a girl who won’t die or pass out in his arms.

  17. D.Durand

    Okay, now I fear to come back on thios comic. Maybe next montk ?

  18. NAME

    Poor vanity, and what does death care, just wear protection!

  19. Alister

    I just love how Nerd’s face doesn’t falter at all when Death gives him that look in the last panel. For a smart guy, Nerd can be a little dense at times.

  20. RahneeHoney

    …I really want to commission a pic of Death and Gaia now, but I don’t have the money…

  21. SCyberTaz

    Death killing with a touch? Maybe I missed that somewhere, hasn’t he helped to carry the other bears from time to time. He should at least be able to turn off that ability or suppress it otherwise his mother would have died with him in her wound. And Death seems detached from the rest of the bears most of the time are we sure Death hasn’t been a female all along?

  22. Lenny

    I want to hang out with Death. I feel like he needs a buddy.

  23. MyKindOfTea

    We havent actually seen him KILL anyone yet, though i’m sure he is able if he wants to, and yeah you need to go through some pages again buddy, because he cant touch anything without causing it some sort of damage or pain, when he helped carry angry Tanked in the past he wore oven mitts just for that reason, and we dont know his origin yet so nobody knows what happened there.
    about that last part you said.. xD just go read the bio .____.

  24. chocoblue

    Aw! Death, baby, let me hug you! I don’t care if I get zapped! XC

  25. T-Shaw

    I wonder why death isn’t so thrilled about the females. I know that both Nerd, Lech, and Vanity are. I hope we get to see the origin of death.

  26. Siraj

    Death Is Not Amused. And numbness or not, I’d love to hug the poor guy.

  27. Sterling Rodd

    …Oh my goodness. :)

  28. Cam

    Poor Death… and aww Vanity is still just a kid after all.

  29. Yin

    I always assumed Death was a female and the others managed to never notice due to incompetence or what-have-you. I guess it’s the whole isolationist activities, the death theme being a more logical/meaningful choice on a female, and many of the perspectives/interactions of Death have been gender neutral at best.

    I’ll change my opinion at some point, but it’s more interesting to me to self-delude.

  30. Lawr

    The great part is that with that shade of brown fur Nerd’s fantasy slave Leia could be Gimp easily

  31. abowden

    Funny enough I think Gimp would do NErds thing… it involves chains, and he has similar fur colour.

  32. Bry

    lol earth to Nerd, Death cant touch anyone without hurting them, unless theyre willing to endure it like Tanked did a few arcs back. what would be interesting is if the concept of love helps Death control his ability or something. it’s cliche i know but itd be cute…Death falls in love w/ one of the ladies and learns to control his ability for the sake of her

  33. Draange

    With Vanity my first thought was that he wanted a female that would nurture any cubs he had with her. Mainly I throught this because from what I understand, pandas can tend to be dense with parenting, especially first time mothers. So a nurturing female would be the rarer, and his more desireable kind.

  34. Filias

    i hope for a “surprise” for death he deserve a little of romance

  35. Lexy

    Aww Death! The only way I could think of him being with someone is whoever is immune to his powers. Like a bear named Life or something. XD

  36. Becky

    Death can touch without killing or rendering people unconscious. He has some control over the amount of juice. Even if touched unknowingly, a little jolt didn’t stop Tanked from hugging him.

  37. Boodle

    I know that in one strip he was zapping flowers and killing them, and in another episode he managed to “kill” electrical feed. I imagine that he’d be able to kill an actual person if he really wanted to, but so far he hasn’t wanted to. He’s not that type of bear.

    What I’m wondering is what prolonged contact would do, paired off with Death “becoming distracted”- if you get my drift. People don’t always have the best self-control when they’re in an extremely excited or agitated state.

  38. Filias

    i think that time with Tanked he was only “low battery” but can be a good trick dispose of all “the Black doom” on Lech and Evil (a little on Nerd to just to be sure) to get a little of bear contact.

  39. chocoblue

    Am I the only one who’s imagined that Lech will try to be cool to the ladies and then totally screw up his pick up lines? But I agree with Nerd tho. They’re not gonna fall for his crap. …Or are they?

  40. Wasted

    I just love how this is the first time we see Death in a long ass time and he doesnt even say anything and like 70% of the comments are about this guy.
    -The Death effect-

  41. chocoblue

    @Waster: Ah luv Death Bear very much ( ˘ ³˘)❤

  42. Demigoddess

    @chocoblue Im with you… lech has no chance being smooth without practice… and he just found out about the girls, PLUS how long has it been since he had seen a girl bear? I hope it will be nothing he’ll expect. But it juuuuust might. ;)
    it makes me sad… death looked all wide-eyed when nerd was talking to him, surprise maybe, then just… “nerd you idiot” and “im tired”

  43. Demigoddess

    And also did anyone else notice how derpy nerd and lech looked being interrupted from their fantasies? Lol

  44. chocoblue

    @Demigoddess: I can’t stop laughing at Nerd’s little eager face in the last panel. I keep giggling and when I was at work my boss stopped by my desk and asked me what my problem was. I replied, “Bear Nuts”.

  45. Huh?

    I get the feeling at least one of them will fall for Gay~

  46. Chase

    My bet is one falls for Gay and one falls for Death… Since someone let slip the name of one of the girl bears earlier, I hope someone understands where I’m pulling this guess from. Though I think Prozac is probably the one with the most chance since he’s actually polite and kind when he has his pills… Though if the girls are NOT sweet and adorable, I can see why prozac’s out of the running.

  47. Cesar Castillo

    great you just had to ruin a perfectly good comic strip by introducing two females to the main cast. Doing that always ruins a good bit of Entertainment because the males are always focus on trying to get into the females pants

  48. Urago

    @Cesar Castillo: I know your comment is from almost two years ago, but you were wrong. Cara(The purple bear) and Sara(The pink bear) don’t have to deal with this as much as you think they would.

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