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May 12th, 2014

Page 421

I feel like Prozac every day; with three small kids I’m ALWAYS cleaning (mostly just ME because Jim is often too ‘busy’ to help).  And this is before I start to tackle the potty training x2 thing which is sure to be an ongoing debacle considering how long it took Sam to really get it.  And he still sometimes forgets when he’s ‘busy’ doing stuff, like watching a movie.  He’s totally his father’s son :P

I’m not at the point where I’m self-medicating like Pro, I just eat too much junk food instead.  I read a daddy blog where he mentions hiding from the kids in the pantry, stuffing his face with chips and trying to ignore the ever more shrill and demanding yelling.  I cried mirthful/depressed tears in sympathy.  Kids are bad for your waist line in every way.  I wish I could remember where I saw that so I could link it for you guys!


Onto other stuff:  I have blue shirts for sale today :)

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  1. abowden

    No doubt he also plans on living up to his name, if some of the previews for the female charachters are accurate, that may actually work out…

  2. Beta

    Lech at his finest. Living up to his page 329 hype of “If it has boobs, I’m there”

    Panel 8 is hilarious in it’s own right without any dialog. Evil is certainly interested in what’s on that there screen.

  3. NAZF

    OMG, panel 11 just cracks me up for some reason! XD

  4. gamehunter8

    ,,welCOMING,, did he just…..omfg LoL

  5. Lawr

    Evil’s got some pretty unexpected kinks.

  6. MagnuM

    I didnt expect evil to be this interested in the girls, i find it adorable.
    lech is being lech i suppose xD

  7. Demigoddess

    Is it just me, or is evil a bit… Disapproving on Lech’s behavior? I mean, he seemed happy in panel 8, but in panel 9-10 it was just “serisouly lech?” (Please let it be so. Evil may have a heart that’s black and corrupted, but it should stay in the boundaries of nautyness, not… Lechness. Maybe he’s just happy there two more targets.)

  8. Kath

    this is the discount zoo. they may be too old to breed, or, too bossy, or too materialistic, or well, we have already seen Vanity.. Things never end up the way they seem. While Lech may believe he may get lucky, he may discover that he just isn’t their type of bear. and, if it goes the way it should, once the bears have given birth, the boy bear will be left behind for them to deal with. if a girl bear is born, she would be traded off with the mother. on the other hand, one of them could be Tanks mother- Awkward!

  9. Alister

    It just occurred to me that Evil might not remember having ever seen a female bear before. He looked about the same age as Nerd as a kid when he worked in the circus, and Nerd was still with his mother until that unfortunate kid-mauling business at that age. Evil was probably taken away from his mother too young to be in the big top, which could account for a lot of his anti-social behavior along with how he was mistreated as a flammable circus act. While he was obviously excited at the prospect of a girl bear being introduced, he might have just been picking up on the excitement the other bears, especially Lech’s. Once the novelties of having a sample of the other gender, I’d imagine Evil will either be completely indifferent to them, or treat them equally as the other bears in terms of his antics.

  10. Glowworm

    I kind of laughed at “The description is just “bear.”

  11. chocoblue

    Evil’s face on panel 8 is so adorable <3 ||| And now I want to slap Lech.

  12. Cam

    I get so excited for this comic. I just realized “IT’S MONDAY!” and went straight here. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a Monday. XD

  13. Urago

    Now I really hope the female bears are huge like Nerd’s mother.

  14. rtlstien

    Hmm… what’s going to be the catch? Will they be big? Will they be crazy? Will they be old? Will they be lesbians? Who knows… maybe them being normal and having to put up with the diversity of the male bears will be the kicker.

  15. Beta

    Plot twist. It’s the polar bear’s sisters >:D

    But real though, probably won’t be. We shall see what becomes.

  16. Bry

    lol Evil’s face in panel 8 is adorable. <3 i still find it funny he doesnt always go along w/ Lech’s antics w/ his whole “not his species” talk and what not…i guess pranks and fires r his thing, not banging every girl in sight xD

  17. Dinosauregg

    Would love if the two females were Chatty and Bookworm XD

  18. ChocoDile

    hehe. I bet the girls would be more interested in manipulating the boys rather than “reproducing” with them. xD

    It’s been..what 5 years or something since the girls’ designs were released? I’m all the more interested if any changes happened during that time.

  19. chocoblue

    Dat mess in panels 3 and 4.
    @Allison: Btw, does Prozac have a list as to who’s turn it is for cleaning duty? Or does he clean everything himself?

  20. Mark Linimon

    So when did you drop by my house to take the picture?

    Love the dead plant, btw.

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