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May 5th, 2014

Page 420

We’ll see how long Gay can carry on the charade… and we’ll see how long this crap weather keeps up.  We’re into MAY and I had to turn the heat on again :(  It’s cold and rainy and dismal and cold out.  Blah.

The discussion last week had me laughing; so Death is a pot head, but at least he doesn’t drink cause you know… addictive personality and all.  Or Tanked just doesn’t share.  And there was like one complaint about drug use but you guys flipped out and came to my defence :)  You’re all my heroes!  Or maybe you’re all potheads too.  Now the question is where does Death get his stash…

Shout out to D who had an awesome party at her house on Sat!  Thanks for the invite, your place looked awesome and I can’t get over how much work you did!  Congrats again to S & G!  May she quickly get her ankles back post baby :)

Vote incentive: I don’t think I’ve done any Legend of Zelda fan art before.. I should do more:) DeltaTri-Force


  1. Blacky Blackerson

    Oh hey, it’s Vanity. Been a while since we’ve seen you act relevant to everyone else…

    And actually care for something other than yourself xD.

    Gimp seems way too happy too meet these girls. Maybe he thinks they’re into S&M

  2. Gallantry

    Oh my goodness. They’re so excited, it’s almost terrifying XD
    I love how everybody like, already knows he’s gay. They’re just all grinning to the side like, ‘okay, sure, we’ll let him think we still don’t know’. XD He’s going to be best friends with the girls, watch. That, or they’ll be fighting to the death over the other male bears.
    UGH, the tension is absolutely killing me!! I really want to see how this turns up XD

  3. Urago

    Gay, just come out already. There’s nothing wrong with being into guys, you know?

  4. Jim

    I can smell the overwhelming testosterone right through my monitor screen! XD

  5. pinecat

    Damn, I wanted the bros for live group to continue. Ah well, seems Gay will have some competition and Death doesn’t look too thrilled either. xD

  6. SamuelAdamsH

    For Death’s dealer Rastafarian (or trustafarian) llama is what popped into my head. Black, yellow, red, green knit cap, dreads – a total stereotype.

    Only the finest Colombian, mon. Irie.

  7. blazeitfaggot

    Why did you make them smoke weed on page 419 and then not have it on page 420? WHY

  8. BoB

    I like Gimps expression :D still though since Death’s reaction :3

  9. MagnuM

    Holy crap its been long since we’ve seen all the guys together in one room! good to see them all again :)
    Panel 5, I think Lech’s getting a bit too excited there xD
    Death’s more like “not sure if gusta”.

  10. Kath

    crack is terrified. WOMEN = COOTIES and GERMS!
    Oh, and Death is smart. The seed can be found in most bird foods. you just have to know what to look for, and people don’t know this because the birds will eat every scrap of it first before it has a chance to germinate, (and they tend to get cut when people are mowing the grass – this I learned from my high school biology teacher)

    tank and nerd seem to be the only ones truly excited. Oh, and Tank will share, at tea parties that he holds in his head… the rest of them have varying degrees of dismay to consternation.

  11. D.Durand

    D… Did Death smiled ?

  12. Max

    You had to turn the heat up? xD Down where I’m at it reached 103 only a couple of days ago, so I’m pretty much having the opposite problem.

    Huh…looks like Gay did a disappearing act in panel 5. xD Hiding from all the girl-hype, maybe?

  13. Glowworm

    They all look like a bunch of excited little kids!

  14. justacritic

    And then it turns out Gay is the girl magnet.

  15. Someguy

    I was actually really hoping it was gonna stay ‘just the bros’, too. Ah well. I’ll see how this goes before I judge.

  16. MagnuM

    (It appears my comment didnt go through)
    Its been so long since we’ve seen everyone like that!
    They all look so excited, except Prozac and gay.. Death’s more like “not sure if gusta” xD

  17. An Anonymous Commenter

    And now watch as the girls turn out to be Lesbians who will only go bi for Gay, who wouldn’t want it anyway due to reasons.

    Orrrr they’ll turn out to be fat and ugly. Either way will be funny, but I’ve been wrong before when I speculate, soooo…take everything with a grain of salt.

  18. Alister

    Vanity’s excited face is just killing me right now, it’s too cute.

    Also, I’d bet Death gets his stash from the sloth exhibit.

  19. Luka

    Man, I read that there was only ONE female on the way.

    That poor girl.

    Being mobbed by all those boys.

  20. Whitnay

    Shame you can’t see Death’s expressions in 3 and 5. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if he’s just as excited as everyone else.

  21. Sarkishark

    Lech I can understand, but the fact EVIL is exited is a little scary… (Plz plz no rated r scenes about evilly lecherous rape)

  22. Demigoddess

    I really hope that this will go smoothly when Lech tries to woo the lady. Not,”YOU. ME. BED. NOW.” but “Sup giiiiirl.” And Evils/Vanities expression is creeping me out. O-o How old is Vanity again?
    Prozac is… Normal. Or unimpressed. Or shocked. No snugly bear kisses for him, no sir!

  23. Chase

    I’m kinda guessing Gay will end up being the chick magnet but I bet they’ll like him like a friend, just the same as he’ll only want friendship too. Or the girls will be spunky or maybe even bitchy. I think they almost have to be with this group. I doubt they’d survive if they were shy little girly-girls. It’ll be a fun change to see everyone trying to act nice or impress them though!
    Also, if Gay is actually Gay, I want to know if he has a crush on any of the MANY guy bears he’s living with… Though I don’t blame him if he doesn’t like any of them. Most of them have some huge flaw or pick on him anyway.

  24. asdf

    well… i thought it was pretty chill they were smoking weed
    but it didn’t seem very realistic for them each to have a separate joint, especially since nerd is supposedly an inexperienced smoker…

    one or two would probably have been sufficient for them, and would appear more natural also…

  25. Lawr

    Even if Death was excited about the breeding program it probably wouldn’t be the best idea for him to participate

  26. MyuuMew

    So is Gimp bi?

  27. Flutters

    We here in California feel your pain, this recent weather is so bipolar I wouldnt be surprised if it started snowing one day and having triple digits the next….

  28. chase

    Now that I think about it, I wonder why they even need a breeding program for the bears to start with… there are already, what, 10? bears in that one enclosure already… in the whole zoo, really. I guess they get some grants or sponsorships or something for successful breeding in captivity.

  29. corvuscorone68

    @Flutters i have a feeling the polars are strictly hetero

  30. Sterling Rodd

    @Flutter — Seems it never rains in southern California. Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before.

  31. YourWorstNightmare

    I detect that blush on Gays face in the last panel XD he solo has a thing for Lech btw….I have a feeling one of the girls will have a thing for Lech and Gay will get jelly~ (I’m mean jealous not delicious jam)

  32. Mazz

    I had someone with a beer in their hand tell me pot was bad. -_-
    Some people just don’t get how much worse alcohol is than pot, but i digress.

    I love how excited the boys are hahaha. Well you know except Gay and poor Crack might have a panic attack.

    Haha can’t wait to see the girls!

  33. Mazz

    @YourWorstNightmare Are gay and lech your OTP? hahaha

  34. The Flaming Git

    Lesbian bear.

    And the boys will be crushed.

  35. Sterling Rodd

    Prozac doesn’t seem very excited about the prospect either. Something to the captain being the last to leave the ship… or go down—oh, okay, I won’t go there. :) But wuddupwiddat? Shouldn’t he as the effective alpha be looking forward to having the first chance to shine the girls on? :)

  36. HUNRonin

    It seems to me they haven’t really grasped the “meaning” of gay.

  37. Nicole

    I hope these ladies are sassy and smart. :D

  38. T-Shaw

    Lech looks like he can’t wait for girl bears.

  39. Jeroen

    Stash… …eh, he grows his own? What lunatic is going to go into the foilage in a bears habitat?

    Zelda fanart is awesome!!!!

  40. Raqoon

    Looks like Prozak isn’t too thrilled about it either. More trouble for him to deal with…Evil looks like he’s thrilled to have someone new to torment :)

  41. calmerheart

    Is it just me or is evil Bi? I mean he is giving gay this look in the last panel that could be interpreted so many ways and that one nail…

  42. rugibess

    Remembering when they were excited about the female bears

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