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April 28th, 2014

Page 419

Apparently Evil’s been mending some fences… So the weather is still kind of cold for this time of year.  It’s like it’s perpetually windy out so the temperature never really gets comfortable.  Plus we’re still dealing with cold/flu/VOMITING/headaches that it still feels like winter.  Are we suddenly going to turn a corner with this, or just have an abnormally short/cold summer?  Are there any predictions about this?  Can we predict trends a couple of months out?  Maybe I won’t have to buy all the boys new sandals after all :P

Vote incentive: In honour of the second coming of fall (I think we’re probably just going to skip summer myself) a left over Xmas mouse stamp, cause he’s cute.

And keep an eye out for “The Nightmare King” which will go live this Friday May 2 at TeeVillian for one day only!


  1. Juduspriest

    Deaths a junkie who knew

  2. Blacky Blackerson

    Well, that explains why he’s so mellow xD

    Also, Gay’s obviously Jelly!

  3. Dire

    It makes me so happy to see Nerd and Evil hanging out, even if there is that ulterior motive in the form of sacrificial lamb.

  4. Adelio

    At first I was like “Oh, wonderful. They started smoking.”
    Then I read the next panel and was like” Oh, so Death smokes. That’s what he turns to keep calm.”
    Then I took a closer look at those cigarettes…

    Never saw that coming buy needless to say, Death just got a lot cooler.

  5. gamehunter8

    are they smoking Weed!??! whoaa thats coool I smoke it 2 LoL

  6. DHJones

    Hmmm do we need a hyper Death or a mellow Death? I have no idea to decide on this o.o

  7. Chris

    Oh no… Nerd’s hanging with the wrong crowd:P And Lech n’ Evil are kinda cute together:3

  8. BoB

    Lol this surprised me XD ahahaha! I dunno though i think its just regular smoke. I heard those things relaxes you. I never picture death with weed Lol. Also i learned Lech’s full name :D how is Lech pronounced anyways XD.
    I got somewhat an idea who they hang out the most. Lech and Evil, Gay, Nerd and Tank, Death and Prozac. Am I missing something Xd. That bromance though! Why does gay stuff always happens manly mens.. Errr… Bears!!!!

  9. Calvis

    Sorry, if drugs are a plot device I really don’t want to be here. Good luck on your comic, it was cute. Some warning of drug usage would have been helpful.

  10. chocoblue

    Wow. Death’s a smoker? I didn’t see that coming lol. Nerd hanging out with his tormentors? Bad idea. And, Gay, are you jealous? XD

    The last 5 panels killed me XD

    Btw, the vote incentive is freaking adorable!! X3

  11. Kath

    actually, this *cold snap* is pretty much what spring SHOULD be. For too long we went from snow to 90 degrees in march and then cooked all summer with 120 days over 85. that’s really hard on the environment. spring only began March 21st. from what the almanac said, it’s going to be like this for a while, but as soon as it gets over 36 degrees at night for at least 2 weeks, we can start planting some of the colder weather plants. I know we whine about the rain as well, but, look at your water table index and see if you are below drought conditions. I know even with the colder weather we have had, and the amount of rain, we still need a lot of rain to bring things back up to normal.

    Totally loved the bromance between lech and evil and the skunk. guess the discount zoo would have a skunk just to say they had the small furry woodland creatures…

  12. Alister

    No wonder Death manages to stay so calm and collected through all of the chaos that the other bears usually cause in the enclosure. Prozac needs in on some of that “medicine” for sure.

  13. MagnuM

    Hahaha wow thats a seriously funny Death fact! xD
    Though where the hell do you find weed in a zoo?? makes you wonder who Death’s dealer is lol

  14. Sterling Rodd

    Wow, didn’t see that coming. :) From the looks of that pose at the bottom left, I’d say the girl bears are arriving none-too-soon. :)

  15. Glowworm

    The panel with the skunk made me laugh so hard!

  16. Constance

    Technically Prozac is a junky, he knocks back pills like there’s no tomorrow… I don’t see why you’re offended ‘now’ once you see them smoking a joint.

  17. Lawr

    Hey, the rampant alcoholism, violence, dismemberment and child endangerment was one thing, but smoking is a serious issue!

  18. GodoBola

    Nerd is hanging with Lech and Evil? and smoking weed?
    What happened to you Nerd? (Or should I say “Nerd 2”?)

  19. BillyMT

    Joints? Really? >____> …Really?

  20. coyoteBR

    People are complaining? Tanked, Crack and Prozac: there’s been tons of drugs in BearNuts from day one.

  21. Name

    Lol people are complaining about marijuana when prozac and alcohol have been proven much more unhealthy.

  22. Salisria

    I think Nerd hanging out with more clones of himself would be less disturbing. :D

  23. Aephius

    was gonna say “inb4 people getting on their high horses about weed” but gosh I was just much too slow on that one

  24. gamehunter8

    I personally don`t see what is some people`s problem when it comes to ,,weed/joint/kanabis,, I smoke this !HERB! and I find it supper cool and nice, it is a FACT that ,,regular,, cigars , alcohol and prozac are much more unhealthy. I`m NOT thinking like weed is less poison but at least is much less unhealthy! get your facts together before making a ,,comment,, on one of the best HERBs in the world.

  25. Sparrow9612

    Where IS Death? Haven’t seen him around in quite a while.

    Also, small error on pages 1, 3, and 6: the arms of Nerd’s glasses are missing.

  26. chase

    Okay, so I personally hate weed, relatives have smoked it and they’re out of their minds, new studies show it deforms your brain, doctors say they have no idea how smokers even function daily, etc, blah-blah-blah — but, seriously. I’d like to think I’m mature enough to not flip out when cartoon bears are smoking cartoon joints. Not mention Prozac tossing back his weight in pills every day, and Tanked doing the same with beer…. C’mon people. It’s a comic. And I love this comic! I personally think it’s hilarious that the bears are smoking.

  27. MagnuM

    you get a golden star for a well-said comment!

  28. chocoblue

    @MagnuM: I second that!

  29. Banannie

    Death went from my favourite to my least favourite. :( I will never be able to hug him due to allergies (though, hugging him might be a bad idea anyway :P).

  30. Urago

    Not to mention there was a squirrel smoking a regular cigarette, I think, in the very first pages, and no one seemed to complain.

  31. Cam

    I don’t understand why everyone’s upset about this. There’s alcohol, Prozac overdosing, and Crack is named CRACK. I don’t use marijuana, but from what I’ve read, it’s basically the least harmful illegal drug out there. And Death is one of the most responsible of the group, also dealing with never being able to physically touch living beings without hurting them because of his powers, and he has to deal with the 9 of those guys on a daily basis. I think he deserves a little doobie every now and then.

  32. Dogday

    To the guy who quit reading because drugs are now a plot device: you realize that Prozac is addicted to Prozac, right? Drugs have always been a plot device in this comic.

  33. chocoblue

    Speaking of drugs, how would Prozac react if he ever found Death’s stash?

  34. Dire

    I would smoke a j with Death.

  35. gamehunter8

    @Dire: I wold _joint_ you guys :P

  36. alicia

    Wow, people are really getting upset for the depiction of weed. Wow, really. :/ Yes a bear named Crack and Prozac don’t ring a bell, and what about tanked? He’s hammered all the time. Seriously, get a grip people.

  37. Flurry98

    Being honest, i felt confused and didn’t like this comic, i love bear nuts, but this comic just came out of nowhere

  38. Nicole

    No one but us, Lech. No one but us.

  39. chocoblue

    @Nicole: XD

  40. chocoblue

    Tanked looks so lost on panel 7

  41. Sterling Rodd

    I think some folks have forgotten the edge the comic had starting out and surfaces from time to time. Compared to deaths, amputations, assaults and concussions, the roasting of humans, and so on, a handful of guys peacefully kicking back and getting mellow is pretty low-key.

    Try to think for yourselves, folks, and not let your government do it for you.

  42. paputsza

    To all the naysayers about the drug use, saying that the prozac, beer, and crack were fine but you draw the line at pot! C’mon. Just, c’mon.

  43. Faiz

    I wasn’t aware of that. Death smokes?! Aside from his fear of water and caffeine withdrawal, I think Death has many secrets.

  44. Margret

    I don’t think Death really smokes weed, I think this is just something for a joke cause I see other artists do panels like this were a group of people are like “I can’t believe we went in to such and such’s stash”
    It’s just a joke guys..I hope

  45. Nila


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