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May 26th, 2014

Page 423

Oh good, Nerd caught on :)  I love sequences in comics that can tell a whole story or convey a conversation without any words.  They can be challenging to draw but I love pushing expressions (see nearly every face Crack makes) so it’s fun when I get the opportunity :)  And notice how those 4 jerks at the bottom managed to get out of cleaning…

I have a whole bunch of summer kick off sales to mention: Design By Humans is having a big 20% off sale this week!  You can of course get Dooomcat stuff from my page, but there’s also tons of awesome artsy/non pop culture stuff on that site to check out (I particularly like this adorable panda shirt).

And I imagine if you order now there’s still time to get “Father of the Year” stuff (they even do mugs!) just in time for Father’s Day from Soc6, which is currently running a free shipping AND $5 off all tees/V neck tees/tanks deal.  Check it out here.

Plus vote incentive! The evolution of design: this was the original version of the ‘Dragon Rider’ tee that I subbed to Teefury (here’s the final version to compare).  They thought it looked a little crowded with both characters on there so they asked if I could just put Dany.  I always like seeing how things change and progress with input, though having to make zero revisions is also fun :)


  1. Gallantry

    Aww… Prozac’s ideal mate is sweet x3

    And Gay…. Oh Gay X’D

    UGH but I can’t wait until the next comic! <3

  2. haha!

    Crack on the 2nd last panel is hilarious

  3. Juduspriest

    Angry and annoyed Death this won’t end well for Nerd .

  4. NAZF

    …Why is it the geeks always seem so dense? :/

    …Ah, well…

    Tanked’s thought sequence is kinda cute and funny though, but on the other side, I wanna see Evil’s perfect mate… She would probably be sadistic as the day is long. XD

  5. Lamplord

    Awww we don’t get to see Gimps ideal mate? XD

  6. Bry

    awww…poor Death… :( i really hope one of the girls show interest in him (for good reason too, not just bec she wants some), maybe then Death’ll see he doesnt have to seclude himself

  7. GodoBola

    Tanked’s perfect mate is the best mate XD

  8. DozerTheDozerian

    Tanked’s way of thinking is the best: “Women come and go, and the beer is always by your side!” :)

  9. Zairak

    Speaking of showers…

    If Death isn’t able to deal with water, for pretty obvious reasons, how exactly does he handle personal hygiene?

  10. chocoblue

    Man, if looks could kill. Hang in there, Nerd. We’ve all slipped up a couple of times, I’m sure :( // And now I want to see what Evil’s ideal mate is like XD

  11. chocoblue

    I’m with Prozac on his idea of a partner. He has to have the ability to put up with my moods when the time calls for it. :)

  12. Glowworm

    Prozac’s ideal mate is adorable–especially the little heart on her tummy. Tanked’s mate is kind of scary–and yet understandable. I’m pretty certain Evil’s ideal mate would be like Evil 2.0

  13. Wasted

    Well thats the angriest Death we’ve seen yet, I think.
    Also, since we actually got to see what an Evil + Evil pair be like, wouldnt it be funny if he actually fell for a nice girl and get into fights with her because they’re so different?

  14. Dire

    Aw Death, I’ll be your lady friend :( you can cuddle with my unconscious, limp body after you cardiac arrest me from a hug.

  15. Demigoddess

    @Wasted yeah that would be the great.. Evil and Sweetie-Bear fighting 24/7 (that wasnt a spoiler, im not that mean)
    But I wish I didnt know who the new bears will be… but if something happens between Prozac and [Spoiler] then I called it. :3 They just might have something in common. (And Prozac + Heart-red bear is TOO CUTE)
    Poor death… maybe destiny has plans for him beyond girls. And tanked is just creeping me out o-o

  16. Chris

    I wanna see Gay’s ideal mate :3

  17. Bry

    @Chris Gay’s ideal mate is the “opposite of Lech”… but we’ve seen signs that maybe…just maybe Gay kinda digs Lech ;)

  18. Therew

    Poor Death, I thought he could control when he ko’ed someone.

  19. chocoblue

    @Zairak: It’s probably very difficult for him to bathe and most likely takes a few hours? Idk, just my guess.

  20. Beta

    I’m pretty sure death is fine with water. If not, then he would have terrible problems drinking coffee and anything liquid form.

    I’m pretty sure Death’s normal interaction deals specifically with lifeforms. Things that live and can die. Water isn’t one of those. Plants are. Tank is; therefore oven mitts. It isn’t explained if his powers are necessarily electrical in nature either, it simply says “FZZT” when it happens, although he did destroy everything electrical in the kitchen when he was ball to the walls hyper on coffee. I guess we won’t find out until the origin of Death, but my guess is, since he needs water to live, water isn’t affected.

  21. Wally Wolf

    Love Prozac’s ideal mate.
    But what is Gimp’s?!

  22. Ferrick

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole ‘breeding’ aspect of the program was not a success, but I do hope that Prozac gets a break. Crack and Death could also be fun.

    I also look forward to seeing at least some of those 4 fail miserably, if not all. kinda hoping for all 4 of them to fail miserably.

  23. GodoBola

    @Wally Wolf maybe Gimp’s mate would probably be a porcupine?! Or something related XD

  24. Brian Hibbs

    I don’t know why Death’s so annoyed about this, her should be used to Nerd being awkward like that.

    I’d like to know what kind of mate Crack would want, it’s hard to think there’s any kind of romantic or sexual relationship he could enjoy. Maybe someone similar to Vanity or Prozac who can tolerate and/or comfort him.

    Her certainly needs a lot of emotional support.

  25. Brian Hibbs

    I mean HE needs a lot of support.

  26. Lawr

    I’m sure Crack could handle a sexual relationship if he had a few dozens layers of condoms. And a hazmat suit.

  27. Zairak

    I dunno, Beta. It was mentioned at least twice before that Death doesn’t care for water, particularly during the arc where the polar bears were seeking vengeance.

    Though I suppose that could just speak to a lack of ability to swim, technically.

  28. Wasted

    its probably because in order to save Lech at the time, Death needed to be around water and other animals.
    Death’s power = zappin’ stuff
    water + zap = not good for anyone other than himself
    so shower is okay.
    my opinion anyway.

  29. MissyZ

    Please oh please let the two new ladies be each others girlfriends. That would just be fantastic. I bet they would get along great with Gay then.

  30. Julian

    Huh, so Prozac’s gay. Wouldn’t have guessed…

  31. MyuuMew

    Still think Gimp swings both ways, but that’s just me

  32. Timni

    Has Death tried wearing gloves? I think that would work.

  33. BoB

    the way I see it, Death can save lives using his hand as a defibrillator XD

  34. Boodle

    @Timni: Who says his touch is limited to just his hands? He was able to cut out the camera power with just his eyes so… other things might be no-go.

  35. Brian Hibbs

    @Julian: How did you interpret that as meaning Prozac’s gay?

  36. Lee

    @Brian: I’m guessing because Prozac’s ideal mate is a lot more masculine looking than either Lech or Nerd’s “ideal” mates. Prozac’s girl has a really angular body type, just like the guys’ (whereas Lech’s girls are depicted with more curved lines). They’re also girly pastel colors. Nerd’s has a long braid and a lot more “feminine” traits too.

    I also wondered if it was a male bear myself…

  37. Magasek

    I’ve also seen what’s coming and I think (alphabetically and not giving things away) [spoiler1] and Death might get along just fine, and [spoiler2] and Prozac. From a personality standpoint, there should be common ground at least.

    It would be funny to see Gimp’s and Evil’s ideals. Also would be funny if MissyZ was right and the girls are a couple already. Lech and Nerds’ fantasies about that would make their heads explode.

  38. Anon

    Which is Cracked more afraid of, girl cooties or STDs?

  39. Sterling Rodd

    They can’t all shower at once? What, are they scared of seeing each other naked? :D

  40. T-Shaw

    I had a cool idea for you, Alison Acton. I know I’m 15 and all but what if you made this comic into a movie? Just a hunch.

  41. Sterling Rodd

    @MyuuMew — Given the revelation about the monkey, who was a guy, I get the impression Lech does too. :)

  42. chocoblue

    @Magasek: How do you know all the before hand? I’m sitting here anxiously waiting for the girls XD

  43. chocoblue


  44. Flerp Derp

    Am I the only one thinking that Nerd accidentally made a necrophilia joke, considering that every bear’s ideal mate is more or less an incarnation of their special personality or “power”?

  45. Boodle

    @Flerp Derp: 0.0 I never even realized that.

    So I guess that by that definition, Gimp’s perfect mate would be the ultimate dominatrix, Evil’s perfect mate would be the bear equivalent of the girl from the Bad Seed, and Cracked’s perfect mate would be a nurse bear that would enable his hypochondria.

    On a side note, I found it interesting that Tanked’s perfect woman initially looked like his mother until she turned into a glass of beer.

  46. kantus

    Awww I wanna see whats next! i can’t wait till Monday *3*..oww poor death :,I..i love you.

  47. Boodle

    @ myself: Had to look back and she doesn’t resemble Tanked’s mom. Not sure where I got that from.

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