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June 2nd, 2014

Page 424

Ladies!  I know some of you found all my old deviant art sketches so the girls aren’t much of a surprise… but then you haven’t really met them yet :)  I’ll admit I was surprised at some of the comments lamenting the fact that there would be female bears added to the cast because really??  You think this thing should stay so overwhelmingly one gendered?  I don’t really prefer that, I just had too many characters to play with… and it’s still way too lopsided.  I have been watching lots of GOT lately and we all know how that series deals with too many characters… (cue ominous cackling).  Anyway, give them a chance.  It’s not like they’re going to come in and completely redecorate or something.  Change is good!  And I have a new colour palette :)

These go live tomorrow on Ript Apparel! (Tuesday the 3rd).  And surprisingly the Powerpuff style was kind of a stretch for me.  It’s actually a bit outside my comfort zone in how limited it is, and despite my affinity for big eyes, these are goggly and creepy looking and I kept changing them.  It was a fun exercise though, I should find the time to try different styles more often… ha!  Like I have all the extra time in the world.

Super Exclusive Club is the design of the day feature on Design by Humans!

Currently working on more How to Train Your Dragon stuff as Sam and I are obsessed with that movie and can’t wait till it comes out.  Today’s vote incentive is a little preview :)


  1. YourWorstNightmare

    and seriously I can’t believe how few of you have noticed that ALL the bears represent a stereotype!!! They are SUPPOSE to be like that. It has been the way this comic has worked since the beginning so quit complaining just because you are worried it is some kind of sexist jab. Besides WE don’t KNOW that they are going to neceseraly be how we are thinking so just quit whining and wait

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