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November 19th, 2012

Page 342

I was thinking about what to do with Crack’s hand once the cast came off (as he’s not really the type to let things go) and I had a little fun coming up with some alternatives, with a little help from some of you guys :)  I left off the OJ glove thing though because, erg.  Speaking of Freddy hands, my Nightmare King is up on our Society6 page (makes a great Halloween/Christmas gift!  How many shirts are multi seasonal??) and today’s vote incentive is another fun new Crack hand variant.

So there’s a stomach flu going around lately.  I shake my fist at the petri dish that is Sam’s nursery school.  How many of you have known the special hell that is THREE small children vomiting with a side of persistent diarrhea?  I have never done as much laundry in my life as I have this past week.  I also got woken up at 2 am by a crying Sam who’d thrown up as he was sleeping and then KEPT sleeping while the stuff dried in his hair/clothes/face/pretty much everywhere.  Who does that??  Oh yeah, my kid, twice.  At least the babies had the decency to vomit while in my lap BEFORE bedtime.  Though I’m actually not sure what’s worse; the fresh stuff is still warm and that makes me gag a bit more when I’m cleaning it up.  Sorry if I grossed you out, I am now desensitized.

Happy Thanksgiving and/or insane shopping weekend to my American readers.  Be safe in those dangerous trips to Walmart.  If you dress like Freddy people will probably give you a wide berth.


  1. orca05

    On the bright side, your kids are building up their immune systems nicely so they (hopefully) won’t be dogged by horrific allergies when they get older. Don’t know if that hypothesis has ever been proven, but it does make some sense. Either way, it’s good for their immune systems to do battle with germs. Means they’ll be healthier as adults. Not that it will benefit you much when they’re adults and all moved out and healthy, except that maybe they’ll take care of you in your old age. Whee.

  2. Xint22

    HAHAHAH I AM FIRST YOU…. bears? Or uh…hmmmm i guess being first isnt that great after all.

  3. David

    HAHA I AM THE SECOND and let me tell you crack has made me crack open in laughter

  4. Laura

    Awww hope your babies feel better soon! Believe me I understand your pain-it was bad enough with just one child having projectile vomiting and the hershey squirts at the same time. Poor kid thought she was just passing gas (she was 3) and in the meantime it was running down her leg and she’s walking through her room oblivious making “muddy” footprints. :|

  5. Solario the Visored

    I never really noticed Crack’s eye color until now. His pupils are almost constantly shrunk in terror or craziness, so seeing those blue-and-purple orbs is actually very striking. :)

  6. Mort1

    Ah criminey. And I used to think the bug-of-the-month club where we deposited our daughter was bad. And, of course no parent remembers the “please don’t send your kid to day-care when they’re contagious” clause they signed. One of the _few_ advantages was that she did develop immunities and had extremely few sick days in kindergarten & elementary school. But that seems so far in your future it’s science fiction – hang in there Alison.

  7. Sterling Rodd

    You know, it’s a rare thing when the blog and the commentary top the strip for entertainment value… though I’m using “entertainment” in the broadest sense here. :)

    @Solario — you must have missed out; we had a convo on the surprising prettiness of Crack’s eyes a few months back. :lol:

  8. Guest

    An actual question that bugs me…

    What’s the thing around crack’s neck? I’ve seen it before on another bear (in this comic) but I honestly have no idea as to what the thing is supposed to do.

  9. rez_azel

    @Guest That thing prevents animals from biting injured paws / parts

  10. Sterling Rodd

    @Guest–It’s one of those plastic cones vets put on dogs and cats to keep them from licking parts of themselves that have been operated on or are infected, or to keep them from pulling their stitches out.

  11. NEWguy

    How did crack end up like that?

  12. Ryn

    Crack’s eyes are so pretty when he’s not freaking out. :3

  13. richard s f

    “WonderMom Powers Activate! “

  14. Feartheswans

    People who are Curious about Crack’s Injury, he Gets Injured here. I am sure that its not only that the batteries blew up and spontainiously combusted in his paw, but also that it was Death’s Energy that made the batteries blow up to begin with.

  15. Kate-Hedgehog

    I think the worst vomit moment was when my oldest vomited all over the damn place/himself. So we went into the bathroom to wash him off and shut the door on our dog, who is now not with us because this dog was the worst fuzzy creation god ever decided to burden the world with (we found a new home, it’s not buried it in the yard). But what happened was, when we finished washing off disaster boy, we opened the door to smeared dog shit all over the carpet, from one end of the hall to the other and around the corner. And it wasn’t “I have to poo” dog shit, it was “I’M FORCING IT OUT!!!” dog shit. It was terrible. I also like to avoid giving the boys strawberry milk now…

    Hope the minis get better soon. :)

  16. kath

    mom had three in three years. I do remember in the middle of winter that someone (had to be my sister) brought home a bug from school and every one got sick (one bathroom, 2 potty chairs lined up outside the door) and I was walking around in a diaper that was some what soggy, and my sister was yelling to my mum we were out of diapers and mum said “use the hand towels” Did I mention that the dryer broke? Dad tried hanging them outside and they froze dried, we had them hanging everywhere and my mum had a wringer washer. She placed my 2 brother2 in the stationary tub and kept hosing them down- it was the only way she could keep them clean…
    I don’t know if I agree with the day care exposure keeping kids better, my nieces went through that and even still, the slightest thing and they are laid up for days. My nephews daycare did something and it seemed like it worked pretty well. They had a policy that if you knowingly brought your kid in sick, YOU were responsible for the doctor bills for every child in the day care. (including head lice) if your kid got sick *at* day care (came in ok, then got sick during the day) you had an hour to pick them up and get them home while the kid was kept isolated. It was pretty simple, the teacher met them at the door and asked the child “How do you feel today??” if the kid looked sick, he was sent home.

    poor crack. there are some really nasty things that happen under the bandages. of course, being crack, he would be tripping on the infection. Gimp to the rescue!!

  17. HaruhiFan

    It’s official. Crack has officially gone insane with his crackyness.

  18. Bailey

    The Cone of Shame!!

    So I guess he’s not been changing his bandages since… July, or a bit later? That’s going to be NASTY. Maybe the constantly manky bandage is what’s driving him (further) around the bend?

    Also, I can handle vomit, diarrhoea, blood, pus – you name it and I will clean it up or sort through it for foreign bodies while humming or cracking jokes… but do not make me wipe a toddler’s snotty nose. This is probably why I work with animals and not children. :P

  19. corvuscorone68

    i say he should get the chainsaw hand of Ash, just cuz it would be cool, not cuz it fits his character

  20. Bladoz

    Huh, Y’know what, Crack has some REALLY nice eyes. I bet he’d be a stud if he didn’t have a phobia of practically everything.

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