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November 12th, 2012

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I’ve tried the whole spray bottle thing with the cats many a time, to no effect.  Time to try it on the twins.  They are now at that age where they know full well what they’re doing is wrong and they just tune me out and do it anyway.  Or even better they grin at me and do it anyway.  Or I pull one away from whatever the bad thing is and the other one goes behind my back and does it again while I’m scolding the first one.  I did not have this problem with Sam :(

I forgot to mention on here that I have an adorable winter themed kid shirt up on Threadless- penguins!!

And Unstealthiest Ninja 3 is sooooo close to 10 000 units sold!  Go inadequate ninja, go!

Vote incentive: inadequate ninja vs inadequate pirate!


  1. Natalie

    Oh jeez, what’s Team Lecherous Evil up to now?

  2. slasher

    gueesses to what hes gasping at? whats in evils bag? whats in leachs box? all this next time. same bear channel. same bear time. ok that was punny

  3. baloneyjustice

    How long has the little empire been there, and why does he not understand Evil is the last person you gloat around?

  4. gamehunter

    DAT PANDA!!! (\*3*/)

  5. Ketira

    Eh, Vanity will learn sooner or later that it’s not nice to mess with Evil – unless it’s a sure bet that you’re right.
    Re: incentive – don’t you hate those Mexican standoffs? ;)
    Re: twins – and where is hubby in all this? or does this happen when he’s away at work? I think if you get him into the discipline part, the Twins may get the Message. Luck….

  6. Ketira

    P.S. about Evil: The only exception is Prozac. Since Evil has seen how bad that bear can get…. ‘:(

  7. Xint22

    What is in Evil’s bag?
    A.) Dead body
    B.) Someones stuff
    C.) He is using it to do something evil!
    I really hope its A so the whole story turns.

  8. Xint22

    Or he be digging something and burying it

  9. Alister

    Looks like Team Lecherous Evil is at it again! Looks like it’s time to silence the noisy little witness…

  10. Sterling Rodd

    The Altar of Ack? Isn’t that in Alberta?

  11. raeByppilF

    Oh, boy! I wonder what he saw…
    I wonder what Lech and Evil are up to, also!

  12. Glowworm

    Vanity sprays Tanked with a spray bottle? That’s really funny!

  13. Nicole

    Panel 9 = We solemnly swear we are up to no good.

  14. NEWguy

    Who is this ack he speaks of? I think I would like to worship him as well.

  15. kath

    @ twins.
    No isn’t a word to the kids. People use no all the time and sometimes its like No, we went to the park instead. What you might try is to teach them how to play musical chairs instead. When the music is going they can move, and when someone says STOP you have to freeze, or you get put into the center of every one and you have to stay there until some one else gets caught moving when they are not supposed to. Kids over 13 months of age can figure this out pretty fast, and the word STOP has better meaning than no

    @ Evil, and the shovel, who did he bury now? or what? Firstaid kit was from Lech,

    @ spray bottle for the kids & cats. The cats get used to it if it is room temp water. Try putting ice cubes in it. (did I say that out loud??)

  16. Anonymous

    I think spraying cats with a spray bottle is animal abuse. And doing that to children is child abuse.

    I have half a mind to never read this webcomic again, animal and child abuser!

  17. richard s f

    The Almighty Ack, say not his name aloud lest ye suffer his attention for doom, ruination, and extreme embarrassment will surely be your fate.

  18. Lori

    Your twins remind me on my daughter when she was 2: very intelligent with a love of pushing boundaries. What finally taught her the meaning of “no” was a quick, hard-enough-to-be-felt-through-diaper swat on the rear or a stinging, two-fingered slap on the hand. (I preferred the slap, and I recommend testing it on your forearm to make sure you have the desired effect. If you still feel it more than a couple of minutes later, you’re doing it wrong.)

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