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November 5th, 2012

Page 340

Congrats to our first t-shirt contest winner: Cammy M!  Though no one quite got it, Cammy’s comment made me laugh with it’s slight absurdness and my own festering hatred of emus (it’s a childhood trauma thing).  Bonus points to Filipa E for creativity and deviousness, and Veronica W for likewise contact lens issues!

Cammy, email me ( or FB message with your details and shirt choice from our Redbubble or Society6 store.

I would totally show you guys some Halloween pics of my twins dressed as adorable identical skunks (and their big brother triceratops) but we’ve lost the usb cable for the camera in our efforts to clean up and pack this house.  We may be moving soonish, kinda have to sell this place first though.  The camera is sitting where it’s always been up on the desk.  I have a whole drawer of random various cables and wires… can’t find the one I actually need of course.

More Supernatural fan art:  HOW COULD THEY?!  SO SAD!


  1. kath

    Omgosh, such a sad ending for the head dress… which begs the question, exactly what are the twins teething on now??
    I did a quick google on how long do bears live, and the answer was, in the wild, black bears if hunted, live between three to five years. many are killed on the road, or, if they get into peoples garbage, and near populated areas, they are shot, rather than returned to the wild. Different species have different life spans, the oldest being a bear kept at a zoo lived to be 41 years of age.

    It did occure to me that Vanity has a streak of Evil in him- while self serving in his ideals, he hasn’t hesitated to cause another bear distress.

    Which, might work for Evil, because he is, of course, Evil, but Vanity is in no way *smart* enough to pull it off for the long haul.

    Tanked is adorable as he gums the feathers- and in a way, it’s payback for the distress the feathers , and his fellow bears have given him.

    Gay/ Vanity -0
    Tanked – 1


  2. gamehunter

    What GOES around COMES around !!! >;3 (DAT cute face at panel 4 :3 )

  3. Sterling Rodd

    Poor Prozac… he just seems so joyless all the time lately. Couldn’t he pop a few pills now and then and enjoy being put upon? :)

    I think Tanked is at his best here, though. So’s Gay, actually. :)

  4. Xint22

    Lol panel 6

  5. Glowworm

    It looks good on Tanked’s mouth!

  6. TheGnome

    Tanked, karmas little black ops.

  7. Duez

    Hehe, time for some TLC, I guess! Poor hat though, Tanked has quite the appetite. XD
    Poor Prozac to, he must feel like the White Mage / Cleric / Priest by now. “Oh NOW you need me?” and “Ugh, must I heal EVERYONE?” XD Actually, I think he’d look pretty cute in any of said outfits. XD

  8. HaruhiFan

    Payback’s a bitch.

  9. fylisfe

    Ah, the moment when your name gets mentioned on one of your favourite webcomics– such pure squee!
    I’m glad to see my mad devious ravings are appreciated haha :3

  10. NekoD

    It would be nice to see some charas in RPG outfits and beside Prozac as White Mage I could see Evil as Black Mage and Tanked as Knight/Tank(^^)

  11. Alister

    Bunking with Tanked is like always having a puppy around. If you don’t want your good stuff chewed up, keep it out of paws reach! XD

  12. mouseanderson

    Is it bad that I have an Uncle who did something similar (as Tanked that is.)
    I want to lech and Vanity as theiving brothers.
    Hmmm Maybe the Leather armor is better for Gimp and Nerd.

  13. arice

    omgg I just started reading this comic on Sunday. Since then, Sam has gone from fetus to 3, and you’ve added two more little ones to the bunch. and…I’m caught up already??? nooo

  14. Nicole

    @TheGnome: Best comment EVAR! :D

  15. AKADivya

    Tanked, I love you so much. You are an instant karma ninja <3

  16. NEWguy

    I think this is the most I’ve seen gimp in one page.

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