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October 29th, 2012

Page 339

Happy Early Halloween everyone!  I had fun and complex plans for a series of vote images of bears in costumes again, and had no time to do it.  Here’s a bat instead.  He’s upside down so it was slightly complicated to draw…

Don’t forget to enter the t-shirt contest on the Facebook page!  Check out the post from Oct 14th and comment there.  You have till Nov 1st and if no one guesses correctly we’ll draw a name from those that commented.


  1. Alexander B

    that looks more like a back eye than a blemish.

  2. gamehunter


  3. Vince Velcen

    Prozac is like, “I hate this family”

  4. NekoD

    Prozac: And again.
    Gimp: Shouldn’t we do something about that?

  5. EnviousSpartan

    Show him who’s boss Gay! :O

  6. Xint22

    This arc is so… Vanity and Gayisssshhhh i have no idea what to comment on

  7. gothbloodnightmare

    it would be funny if lech just stormed in there to break them up

  8. Alister

    Jeez…give that star on his belly a little flip and we can start calling Vanity “Evil Jr”.

  9. Tachigamigod

    I have a feeling Evil and Vanity should work together.
    Or wait, that would cause the end of the world. Or just Gay.

  10. mr. bad

    Vanity is smug evil is evil… vanity is the best target for evil.. I can’t wait for the poison… er trap… er poison… :D

  11. Sterling Rodd

    Oh, it’s nice to see Gimpy again. It’s been a while. I hope he gets a line or two sometime. That’d be a mind-blower. :)

  12. Lawr

    Gimpy knows it’s not a slave’s place to speak.

  13. Chris

    Do I need to smack a Panda bitch?

  14. Mikeyman64

    Comment on vote incentive:
    Couldn’t you have just drawn the bat right side up and then flipped the drawing upside down?

  15. Badger


  16. Nicole

    @Chris: Yes. Please do.

    *hugs Gay bear*

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