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October 22nd, 2012

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I think that’s my favorite title card so far :)

A couple of things going on now!  Sam turned 3 on the weekend.  He got a little birthday crown on Fri at nursery school and wore it during mealtimes only (?) for most of the next week.  I find it highly amusing that he still doesn’t understand the concept of presents, but he definitely knows birthdays mean cake.  He wore his crown and demanded cake all weekend but his party wasn’t until Sunday evening.  He and his friends and the twins played on an indoor gym, got hopped up on pizza and cake for dinner, then we attempted to bring them home and put them to bed…you can imagine how that went.  I just can’t believe he’s off to kindergarten next year.

I was going to mention I got my first print at Threadless (thanks to those of you who voted!!) but it’s already pretty much sold out: The Teddy Bear Picnic.  I’m not sure how often/frequently they do re-prints but if you want one there’s an “email me if this gets re-printed” button…and I get royalties if they do re-print it :)

You can however go vote for a new one I have up:

The new Threadless site is taking a bit to get used to and I don’t like how you can’t score a design and then see how it’s averaging anymore so I have no idea of this one is bombing or not.  Whatever, maybe they’ll fix that in the future… so vote 5 and I’ll love you!  In an entirely platonic way.

And lastly, MORE t-shirty news (I know I’m addicted, tee designing is really fun and comes with a roller coaster of emotions that range from “Crap, they hate me!” to “Yay! They’re giving me money!!”).  Ript Apparel accepted my “Nightmare on Elm Street Before Christmas” design so book mark their site if you like it as it will only be available for 24 hours on Wed the 24th.  Just in time for Halloween, and then also applicable for Christmas I suppose.

Aaaaaannnnddd don’t forget to like the BN Facebook page for extras, previews, and stuff.  I’ve started a little contest on there (post dated Oct 14th) where you can win a free tee from our Society6 or Redbubble store.  A couple of guesses have been sort of partly true but nothing close yet.  If no one guesses correctly (which I’m not really expecting as that would mean I’m too predictable?) then we’ll do a draw on Nov 1st and pick a winner from those that commented.

And lastly the vote incentive:  kind of Halloweeny game art from Pocket Gem’s Tap Zoo game (check it out!  It contains some rather nicely drawn animals! :)


  1. Zermel

    Oh boy,my chance to be first again. Glad to see we are finally getting some Vanity action.Blah blah love the Nightmare on Elm Street Before Christmas!

  2. Urago

    Finally a Gay vs. Vanity arc. :)

  3. Jon B

    Great comic and I adore the Baby Steps t-shirt.

  4. Xint22

    If Evil nutshots Gay that will make my day.
    If Evil nutshots Vanity that will make my month.
    IF EVIL NUTSHOTS BOTH OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME! that will make my life.
    (Nutshot = kick in da balls)

  5. Zermel

    @Xint22:He had better get to it before Prozac gets there.

  6. Zermel

    @Xint22:He had better get to it before Prozac gets there.I love it when I type in the wrong email,on the few occasions I actually ever comment.

  7. Solario the Visored

    Love the title of this segment! :)

  8. Poniker

    The title panel with their faces smooshed together looks like an angry cat.

  9. gamehunter

    I bet its going to look like Gay won this arc but in the end vanity shall fuck him up good……..or its going to be the other way around ……..

  10. Tachigamigod

    I still didn’t see the “end”.. Ugghhh.
    Also yessss Vanity action! I can’t wait to see who wins this..
    Okay obviously Prozac but still.

  11. chase

    I know it doesn’t matter much by hoping Vanity will get what’s coming to him since these comics, most of them, are already drawn out well in advance, but OH, HOW I HOPE VANITY GETS WHAT’S COMING TO HIM. I want to see Gay come out on top this time. Pun intended. ;3

  12. Beta

    Panels 1 thru 4.


  13. Nicole

    Oh, I bet this is about the headdress from the flying Tanked episode. :D

  14. HGMoney


  15. NekoD

    ‘The queer vs. the diva’ the ultimate battle :)

  16. Ciao

    hehe, they fight… kind of like my sisters as teens–taking stuff, chases, and violence. *sigh*

    I hope it is not weird mentioning this. <:D

  17. Duez

    Golly, Prozac is so cute when he’s peaceful, and then stuff like that happens! X3 Poor guy.
    Also, the panel where Gay trips there is kinda interesting, i get the effect it was going for, but the lack of muzzle still makes me go “Oh hello there!” XD But, once again some lovely expression work. <3

  18. Xint22

    EVIL is a bear PERIOD. yes that is all i wanted to say… LEAVE ME ALONE!!

  19. jayman

    heheheheh you said period hahahah

  20. kath

    ah… the stubbie legs of little kids that some how can out run, out manuver and out distance any adult- why? because- we are OLD.

    Which is why you put them in the oshgoshbygosh overalls so that when the do take off, you grab them by the shoulder straps and their little legs are going like windmills.

    Prozack has been mothers , and fathers to these bears, and all he asks for is the quiet moment to savor his cuppa, and what does he get?

    Is it any wonder that he needs medication?

  21. evil

    errp out gayed by vanity bear… oh well we can always make panda soup or crush the panda under a pile of death … er.. this or that we have in the back room… my favorite bear will not be made a fool of ..

  22. evil

    I’m not saying kill the panda … I’m just saying it should be on the drawing board, some where beside stew…

  23. Laura

    YAY! My “Nightmare on Elm Street Before Christmas” shirt arrived last night-love it! By any chance will this ever be available again? There are a few people jealous of me for having it…………

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