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November 26th, 2012

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I read ‘The Hot Zone’ when I was in high school and it scared the crap out of me.  It was also highly interesting.  If I were to bet on what ultimately wipes out humanity I think I’d have to go with super bug over nuclear disaster/climate change/giant world war for dwindling water supplies… well now I’m mildly depressed.  I think Sam still has some left over Halloween candy somewhere…

I also forgot to mention Shirt Woot has made their whole back catalogue of reckoned shirts available now so Unstealthiest Ninja 1 and 2 are on sale again!  Plus my little Kracken Jr shirt:

Vote incentive: this one scored low on Threadless but I still like it, and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to halftone the fire so yay for positive learning experiences, and dragons.


  1. richard s f

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed for zombies

  2. gamehunter

    ZOMBIE infection / and DAT LAST PANEL!!!

  3. ponyhome

    In 1883, a comet passed by Earth, missing by only a few hundred to a few thousand kilometers. It was the size of Shoemacher-Levy, which impacted Jupiter with enough force to blast an earth-sized hole in its storms. Had even a few fragments of it impacted earth, it would have been a major extinction event. If another one were heading directly at us right this minute, we absolutely do not have the ability to do a single thing about it, despite what the movies would pretend. Viruses? Funny little things.

  4. APStorm

    Aww… Vanity’s cluelessness on the matter of influenza…

  5. Duez

    That WHY?! face, priceless. XD Also I love how our panda friend dumbed down the level of what he meant to intercourse. XD At least I kinda hope that was the intention with it, I kinda get that he meant moreso the viruses combining or whatnot, but hey! XD Although with all the cross-breeding we do nowadays, that wouldn’t surprise me anyway! Breakfast all from one animal! XD Just add milk. :P

  6. All

    Last panel asks a good question. How indeed. I guess he does’nt have any idea what swine flu and bird flu is. There was that movie contagion and they did pretty much the same thing. Except it was rabies from bats, bird flu and swine flu combined into one mega virus.. pretty nasty.

    The real world always works differently then in the movies, everything in movies are not real. I doubt zombies would actually happen. ;)

  7. Tachigamigod

    I read The Hot Zone in 6th grade and it was one of my favorite books. Both my parents and stepdad were all dying over it and I was like.. Monkeys are evil and nasty…..

  8. Brian Hibbs

    Is it just me or does Crack seem a bit crazier than usual?

  9. NEWguy

    Did Crack hit his head?

  10. Sterling Rodd

    Well, Vanity certainly has a fertile imagination. :)

  11. HaruhiFan

    Crack is scary right now.

  12. gamehunter

    Miami Zombie Apocalypse – What may have caused this? [Conspiracy]

  13. jeroen

    Fire is hard. I’ve done a few trials recently and don’t know I like them. Cool dragon though.

  14. Tigerbitten

    I’m just relieved she left off the movement lines on the interspecies relationship….I’m already ROFL from Crack’s description of mutation.

  15. NoveltyFishHead

    hmm…then the statement “when pigs fly” would be invalid if that was the case in the future.

  16. Connaire19

    Love this comic, really need to get into the habbit of commenting haha and just a note on the zombie thing ever happening, I read an article saying the only way a “zombie” virus could happen is if the rabies virus mutated to sustain its host and not kill it off in the end. haha the stuff I read XD

  17. corvuscorone68

    i happen to know what will almost annihilate the entire planet…you see, i come from the future and in my time it was the common cold, that and the sneeze resulting in a nuclear missile being launched that just so happened to target an enemy city center, thus resulting in WW3

  18. Pashakitty

    The pig in that last panel doesn’t look to be enjoying it nearly as much as the bird does.

    LOL, also I remember reading a story about a monastery that let a cat have “Relations” with a duck because they were curious as to what kind of creature would be born of the union. This was of course long before they knew anything about genetic incompatibility. Apparently one of monks saw the cat and a duck going at it one day and instead of thinking “Wow those are some messed up animals” he thought “Hm… I wonder if the duck will lay cat-bird eggs?”. He showed the weird scene to the other monks and they decided to just let it keep going on to see what the result would be.

  19. Xint22

    Im waiting for Evil to come in and make everything normal!!

  20. KTrain

    Is there a possibility of a desktop wallpaper of the bird/pig coupling? I just think that last panel is hilarious…

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