BN Interlude02
April 16th, 2012

BN Interlude02

Cracken Versus the Cractopus!  I’m still at the planning stages of the Lech Versus which is unfortunately way at the bottom of my priorities right now, but I still have the urge every now and then to draw some pretty silly match ups :)  Poll for this one to come.

Just got back from taking Sammy to his third birthday party, for a daycare friend this time.  The little dude is the only boy at day care with three little girls who adore him and call him “Baby Sam”.  We walked into the play gym and the birthday girl and “Mantha” (cause saying her whole name is too hard when you can’t do “s”) each took his hand and led him away to the play structure.  Freaking adorable.  He later had too much smothering and ran away from them and they all laughed at his chocolate covered face at lunch (are all little girls so clean??) and then they each had to hug twice before they left, despite the fact that they spend all day together three days each week.  He also pigged down a whole piece of pizza and wanted seconds of cake while the girls ate about a half piece each and none of them could finish their cake…do all little girls eat so lightly??  I can’t imagine what my grocery bill for three teenage boys will eventually be :P

Floaty (and armed) Evil.


  1. gamehunter

    aww so cute <3

  2. alexander B

    hehe, like the matchup, and I hope the (hiatus like thing?) ends soon, as your life (hopefully) gets more relaxed.

  3. Zankou

    Cracken will win for sure

  4. Vince Velcen

    I will believe it will be close to a tie at best.

  5. Anthony

    I propose a solution to your “teenage -boys-grocery-bill ” conundrum: Have them eat each other. Last one standing gets to eat non-cannibal food.

  6. wererat2000

    well i’m confused…

  7. Pearl

    Girls are not all so dainty. My girls are bottomless pits. I’ll feed them a big breakfast (usually more than what I eat) and 10 minutes later they’re telling me they are hungry and what to know what’s for lunch.

  8. SadieFae

    … there is no picture of floaty and evil.

  9. N0083rP00F

    … on the teenage boys and food cost question ….. The answer is that you will never have much in the way of leftovers, or much anything else, in the fridge or freezer.
    Best you can hope for is teach them to like cooking early on and stock lots of KD or peanut butter.

  10. C. Phillips

    haha, Not all little girls are so “clean” I cannot even step foot in my daughters room before thinking I need a Hazmat outfit and I run from the room babbling about teens and flamethrowers.

  11. Sterling Rodd

    I think they’re less alarmed by the costumes than the existential crisis of wondering which of them is the clone. :) Perhaps both.

    I think Lech will defeat them both. Pirate spray may or may not be a factor.

    Please, no more talk of pizza and cake! The world is cruel. :)

  12. Zarvain

    As for teenage boys, I was one of three plus a sister. here’s some hints to help. There is never anything wrong with hotdogs and hamburgers. You CAn buy the cheap ones from the store and we’ll usually be done with the 3rd dog or second burger before we even think about it. On that note, hamburger helper was made for this reason. Microwave pizzas? Don’t worry too much weather its really “microwave” or not the ones for less than a buck nuke and roll into pizza buritoes just fine. Know a good all you can eat buffet? Maybe once a week, just be sure to put a timer on the trip, give them an hour, tops, for feeding frenzy and don’t be ashamed to wack them upside the back of the head if the forget what manners are in this. Its ok we’re given hard heads for a reason (also don’t worry too much if the start literally butting them, they’ll either stop it fast or get use to it). Salads are a filler, if no meat around they’ll never fill full and just keep eating any and everything they can find, see hotdogs/hamburgers above. By the time they are 10 begin teaching them the basics of cooking or you’ll have trouble later on. that’s when I started learning and never stopped…once I figured out how to make food I actually liked. My bothers never learned, mom could have gotten more rest if she had…and maybe they could do more than (how did lil bro put it?) make everything cajun blackened.
    You should be able to find out rest on own, good luck! =)

  13. systemcat

    Did any one get a vote incentive image after voting? This is the first time it hasn’t happened …I’m thinking maybe Firefox messed up?

  14. admin

    Sorry guys! Vote incentive fixed!
    @ alexanderB: just planning on taking a month off, we’ll be back soon!
    @ Anthony: hilarious, but potentially legally troubling.
    @ Sterling: lol… and I know what you mean! I’m trying to diet and loose all this baby weight and here’s perfectly good pizza and cake going in the garbage, hurts me on the inside.
    @ Zarvain: I really, really feel for your poor sister :) I had two younger brothers…but we did all survive. I never learned to cook either and I have screwed up KD on more than one occasion.

  15. Aflibble

    No not all little girls are that clean and delicate. I have two boys and a girl and she is my biggest mess. She also knows how to fight dirty when it comes to it. There are little boys out there that are clean and delicate too. That would be my younger son who is always neat and clean. eats only half of what his brother and sister eat and almost always cleans up after himself. As for when they are teens follow Zarvain’s advice, oh and girls are just as bad as boys we just hide it better.

  16. Ketira

    To take up where @Zarvain left off: One more thing – enforce with an iron hand this rule: “You must try whatever’s on your plate at least Once.” That way, you can give them a variety of foods and see which one likes what. (I’m the youngest –and only girl– of three. When I discovered Tuna Fish Casserole, I was wondering why my brothers were picking out the “little cubes of meat” {as I thought the mushrooms were back then}….) My Dad did this, and I’m glad he did… although never, ever put liver in the meatloaf. (Mom did, and Dad {who loves that organ meat} was the only one who actually ate dinner that night!} Another good idea: cheese & a variety of crackers. Make sure it’s the “squirtable” cheese… and plenty of paper towels! As for all little girls being clean –you never saw me when I was that age. Being ADHD in both body and mind kept my Mom thin as I zoomed through Life at Warp 5 or so…or was it Warp 20? ;)

    Oh, and I got to see the Vote incentive: anti-cupid, eh? Should make that up into a card for those who hate Valentine’s Day.

  17. LexiaFira

    no, not all girls are so clean or eat so little, either was soooo cutteeeeee

  18. raeByppilF

    So Crack will fight… himself? Dafuq? lol

  19. Blacky Blackerson

    The issue is not which one will win in a fight; the real tasking question is which one will go the longest without conking out or dying of a heart attack. I’m glad to see that the Vs. thing is not just an afterthought. Can’t wait to see another crazy combination.

    Sucks I didn’t get a chance to say this last week (the interlude was great by the way), but Alison, I’m glad you’re taking a break. It’s well deserved especially seeing how you have to look after three kids. I couldn’t do it; I have a hard enough time watching my little sister XD! Also, your comic is probably the first web comic I actually read and I discovered it by randomly typing up some stuff when I was bored two years ago. I read it, enjoyed it, and stuck to it. Two years later, I’m nearly graduating high school and I’m still reading your comics. I like to call it one of my many inspirations to do something I actually love doing: draw, entertain, and create interesting stories. This might sound a bit corny, but you made Monday mornings bearable (stupid pun intended). Thanks and see you in about a month!

    @raeByppilF: Well, Evil fought himself as well, so I don’t see why a bear going through serious withdrawal can’t.

  20. Beta

    And not all boys are bottomless pits :) I’ll bet at least one of your boys will eat all bird like. Without the hilariously marvelous eating style of course :D

    Crack has grown on me as a character. I could use more depth from him now and then, which means we all need more Crack!!!

    And Sam sounds like he’s quite the ladies man :) We need evidence of the adorableness! in the form of pictures of course :P

  21. Ariane

    I spent most of grades 1-12 dirty… Lots of time outdoors and then I did ceramics through most of high school where I would be “dirty” by 7am! I decided my jeans didn’t need washed until they could stand up…. My sister and I also frequently out-eat our male friends! Best (worst?) backhanded compliment I ever got was when I was about 17 and one of my good friends told me I was the only girl he could eat around and not feel like a pig :-)

  22. jeroen

    I can tell from experience girls are just as messy. I suspect my daughter only does it so we have to give her a bath (which she loves) She’s quickly growing out of the baby bath though…

    Cool evil pic by the way! Love the squids to, but gotta have priorities.

  23. Ian

    I am one of five brothers, and we were always hungry. My father called us vultures always hanging around tue fridge and pantry. Forget about college savings accounts, you need to start socking away in a grocery savings account. :-p

  24. Michael D. Johas Teener

    Evil floaty is wonderful. I’d definitely buy that one!

  25. kath

    coming from a family of 7 boys and 2 girls, I can say, yes, boys do eat – alot-. But not all of them. Look at their feet- for some reasons the boys with the big feet become bottomless pits. The youngest one in the family had HUGE feet as a baby, and about 15 months of age crawled up on the table when my mom was doing the dishes, picked up a spoon and finished off half a pot of oatmeal. By the time he was 9 he was well over 6 foot tall.
    the other indication if they are going to need more is the sleeping habits, alas, your’s arn’t sleeping which means they need more calories at dinner. a couple of really – good- meals are the ones that they would say stick to your ribs, Chili, Split pea soup, Corn meal mush- oatmeal, good beef stew- high protine, high calorie, good staying power in the system

    as one of two girls in the family, my sis is the dainty eater, nibbles, grazes, etc. me? they can not make a hot tea mug big enough, nor box of cookies that on a really bad day that I couldn’t finish. Not that I eat like that all the time, (mostly I eat once a day) but there are days there is Just Not Enough Chocolate In The World!.

    of course, they could be like my nephew, – a totally picky eater that would peel his peas before eating them…

    In the contest, of Kracken Crack vs the octopus crack, I think the octopus crack would win, simply because hes got the arms to hug , snug and dug his opponent.

  26. Tim

    I barely ate as a teenager. I made up for it earlier and later, sadly. ;)

  27. Tim

    But as a child and early teenager, friends of mine’s parents would wonder if I had some sort of eating disorder, as I rarely ate when I visited their homes. It was mostly because I was taught it was rude to eat other people’s food. I was an appallingly tidy eater, by the way – I used to get chastised for being so fastidious.

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