BN Interlude01
April 9th, 2012

BN Interlude01

First off, Happy Easter everyone.  Easter makes me think of spring/new life/allergies/etc. hence baby bears!  I think this was a request from someone at some point and I thought it was cute so behold, thy request is done.

And now the bad news: between life, and babies, and work, and sick babies, I long ago used up my buffer of strips and though I have one more page finished (the beginning of that Crack arc) I’m not getting them done as easily as before and I’m at the end of finished scripts so…despite some of your praise that I’ve kept up at all (well deserved I might humbly add!) now I’m taking a month off.  There will be updates on Mondays still (and some Fridays!) with odds and ends, and brain farts, and perhaps some things prophetic of plot lines to come, but I need some time to relax and write those, and maybe get a cover for book 3 done in the process and hopefully get more sleep (3 kids spiking fevers all week-fun times!).

Plus huh?

I’ll leave you with fun (for me at least) tee shirt news:

My Punkgirl design is available now on CaptainKyso which is a pretty new tee start up from India but they do ship everywhere and they even sent me a test print that turned out great!


  1. Yuan Wolf

    Who maybe the Brown one again?
    Or is that a mystery one?

  2. Yuan Wolf

    Oh yeah… duh, Gimp….
    Got a little confused cause of the lack of his Mask not being worn.

  3. alexander B

    Noooooooooooooooo! this is easily one of my favourite web comics. I was looking forward to this one :( but I understand, if you need to take time off, take it off.

  4. Paprika

    OMG Gimp without his mask! I love him!…. Turn him around please lol

  5. igan

    Such sweet, innocent little guys.

    And it was all downhill from there

  6. Zermel

    ( •_•) An entire month of no bears? ( •_•)>⌐■-■ I can’t believe this (⌐■_■) Challenge accepted.(Good Luck with baby troubles.)Baby Death is adorable as is Evil noming on Crack. I would have loved to see Gimp’s face :( And Gay…Such a lovely headpiece.

  7. Beta

    I’m glad Alison is taking a break. Not because I don’t want new comic strips, but she deserves it! Seriously. I know I need vacation time every once in a while to keep me sane. And I don’t have kids yet.

    I do like these extra’s a lot though! I think we know why Gay turned out… well, gay. I think his parents may have mistaken him for something else early, the bow tie in the hair… geez.

    The best part is Crack getting the Evil bite. Followed by Lech’s discovery :)

  8. Lisa H

    Everyone needs a break now and then :) Don’t worry, we’ll all still be here when you’re ready to get back in the regular swing!

  9. midnightlost

    It’s the arrival of babynuts, or is that pre-arrival?

    Have a good vacation, hope the babies get better soon!

  10. Bookend

    A month without Bears will be a long month. But we shall weather it! (and truly, the adorable!baby!bear pic should keep at least -some- of us happy until the updates continue) And here’s to hoping that the wee ones will recover quickly, and not decide to take turns being sick.

  11. Sterling Rodd

    Ha, that’s an awesome cheat on Gimpy. <|D Oh, hey, look, Lech is naked! What an animal.

    Good luck with the break, Alison. We’ll be here a-jonesin’. :)

  12. Revriley

    Did…did you say…Crack arc?!

    *Is excited*

    Crack! My favorite!

    …Character. My favorite character.

  13. CluelessEvil

    Aw, thats so cute! Hehehehe Lech has figured out how to get his diaper off, thats never a good thing OnO
    *looks at shirt designs* hehehehe you love drawing cones on things eh lol, can’t say i blame you ^^

    You deserve a break dude. take some well needed chill time, I know I’ll still be reading when u get back to it.

  14. amichan

    Nuuuuu! Whatever shall I do without my plot advances in Bearnuts? ;) Have a great spring break! You deserve all the rest and relaxation you can get. :)

  15. Zankou

    It took me till 3 people had said it already to relize the one in the back was gimp -_-
    I like the fact none of them have their symbol yet

  16. iamry


    While it will be difficult to go a month with no comics for a lot of the fans, I’m sure your break is completely necessary and understandable. No need to burn yourself out drawing silly bears D:

  17. mehdi

    I wish a higher resolution was provided for wallpaper use.

  18. Glowworm

    This is adorable. I love that Lech is streaking, Gimp is crawling away and Gay has a hair bow!

  19. Nicole

    Enjoy your break, Alison! I will patiently await Bear Nuts whenever it comes back.

    So much cuteness! Would love to see Gimp turned around, but I understand. :) Love Tanked’s little baby curls. So cute!

  20. Dubael

    Alison, take all the time you need, you are more important than your work, even if you only did it monthly I’d still follow this strip, but I’d rather you were alive, and well and happy, than working yourself to death.

  21. Starkittens

    I’ll miss this comic, but, take all the time you need. everybody needs a break, even if it’s just from one thing.

  22. kath

    Take as much time as you need off, and do not worry about us! Honest- we will still be here, and maybe you can get some guest bear nut strips while you take the time to get rest- IMHO you have been pushing too hard even since the twins became an item, you deserve to have the time to sleep, and DO NOT worry about your fans, we will NOT abandon you. (hugs) Goodness knows it took me almost 6 months after I got ill before I picked up my pencils again. Take care of yourself!

  23. Ciao


  24. Sidero

    I can only agree with all the other people who have commented. Everyone needs rest, especially with babies who do not want to let you sleep, so take your time and when you manage to keep a certain rhythm starts again but do not overdo

  25. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Well this stinks.

    Not only is Ends ‘n’ Means on hiatus, but now Bear Nuts is on break!

    Baby Crack accurately sums up what I feel about this set of events…

  26. Blueclaw Wolf

    Wow, i became a fan of yours last saturday and read every comic (315 more or less) in one night … you deserve the break and you’re awesome!

  27. Brian Hibbs

    Take all the time you need off. Those babies are adorable enough to stare at for a while without any updates.

  28. jeroen

    Have a good and well deserved vacation! I’ll keep checking in from time to time.
    Hopefully you’ll be back with more Bear Nuts later this year.

  29. Apophis

    Hey if you need a break take a break :) You’ve given us years of entertainment, take care of what you need to take care of, we’ll still be waiting when you get back.

  30. Draco

    Again I say I hope your kids feel better very very soon.

  31. raeByppilF

    Blank Flanks!
    Oops, I mean Blank Bellies! XD
    Seriously, this is so adorable! :D Evil noming Crack’s head, look at Crack’s face X3
    I also love that Lech wants to be naked XDD

  32. Aps

    I simply love the little glimpses into their personalities, even in baby form – the pastel blue bow in Gay’s hair, Evil’s need to cause pain…and yes, as others have mentioned…Lech’s perversions starting early. Glad you’re taking a well-deserved break although of course your regular updates will be missed! I hope it’s a refreshing time with you, filled with many happy family moments…and may the twins soon sleep through the night…every night!! :)

  33. Sterling Rodd

    You know, it occurs to me that Gimpy will probably be the last one whose backstory we get to see… simply because it will essentially require that we get to see what he looks like. :)

  34. Gomamon2003

    There all so awesome!

  35. Zukibat

    diggin’ Vanity’s onesie, thing i had one juuuust like it

  36. JiG

    @Beta Agreed, she is the best artist i know making the most addicting fun comic i know and with the kid stuff and everything she more than deserves a month off :)

    And my comment to the pic? AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! >w<

  37. Name

    Awwww! Death is already so chill. I really love how in character you made them!

  38. changaming98

    How do they get their lil designs on their bellies? is it like MLP? or like carebears?

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