BN Interlude03
April 23rd, 2012

BN Interlude03

Floaty Evil was rather fun to color, and he’s available as a print/skin/tee on our new Society6 site.  Their tees are printed with direct-to-garment which only really works on lights, but it does allow full color spectrum images and I don’t have to worry about ink limits.  I hope to do some special edition BN tees on darker colors in the future but for now I have this to play around with.  They print on AA tees for those that prefer to buy local(ish).

I do have a new screen printed tee available now at Captainkyso: my old battery cat didn’t get printed at Woot but he’s available for a limited time from Kyso (my cyberpunk girl is also still available).

And Tilteed also has a logo shirt available right now with my Melee guys on it.

The babies are finally turning a corner on the sleep issue!  The last week has been pretty good, only two bad nights overall.  Oddly enough if one has a bad night, the other tends to as well, just not at the same time.  I had to rock one back to sleep around 1:30 last night, then the other one went off at 4.  Unfortunately he didn’t go back to sleep for an hour, even when I lay him beside me.  He just babbled and scratched my face and pulled on my hair for awhile.  And he still got up before 7 like usual.  At least we’re seeing progress.

They’re also pretty fast on their bellies (they can’t true crawl yet but they’re very mobile).  I do have to follow around behind them and mop up all the spit up they spew and then slide through but they’re getting adventurous, Owen in particular likes to get around.  He started squealing this morning while I was doing dishes and I looked over the counter to find him on his back with Evan on top in a pretty effective cross body… can’t wait to get these guys on the mat!

Got to draw some people (ladies!) recently for game icons, glad to see I can still do it.


  1. Gomamon2003

    Awesome Floaty Evil.

  2. Zankou

    I really like how well shaded/highlighted the ribbon is

  3. Sterling Rodd

    Wow… that’s… kinda hot. :oops: Ahem. Temperature-wise, I mean. Manly! I meant manly! :cool:

    Seriously, that’s a particularly striking image. I guess Crack was right. But E doesn’t seem to mind. :)

  4. Valpin

    Goddamn, he’s cute sometimes. He really is.
    And as Zankou has already said, the highlighting and shading effects on the ribbon is magnificen. Really nice, but I also quite like how the ribbon etc. blends with the colouring / effects of the background, which is a beautiful touch.

  5. iamry

    Evil with cupid’s bow…. that explains my love life as of late (ZING) Evil there is no string on that bow what are you doing D:

  6. Dubael

    Awesome pictures one and all, I wish I was a millionaire so I could not only buy them all but pay you a weekly stipend so you wouldn’t need to worry about money but could just create to your hearts content. I love your work and I hope things are going well for you.
    All the best

  7. Richard

    So is evil the cherub of divorce (you get hit by the arrow and all of a sudden you arent happy in your arrangement) or the cherub of insane mismatches(infatuation between completely incompatible people)?

  8. mehdi

    Excellent, I’m ecstatic with this pic.

  9. igan

    I can think of few people worse to have Cupid’s Arrow in their possession. Maybe Lech.. pffhh

  10. Dawid

    Ho ho, evil with a cupid is just asking for trouble.
    See his eyes sparkling and that malicious grin?
    One word; RUN.

  11. Beta

    Evil don’t need no stankin’ string.

    I always liked battery cat.

  12. Halbean

    Haha, Evil’s gonna be aiming at more than just hearts with that~!

  13. gamehunter

    <3 aww super cute and….stuff :3

  14. FoxieDragon

    Evil with a bow and arrow is a combination that will end with devastating results…and I love it.

  15. richard s f

    sounds like the kids have learned to share mommy

  16. oz

    Well love is demonic

  17. Geardog

    Anyone else hear Final Fantasy boss music?

  18. Faiz

    I think Evil Bear enjoys this despite the opposite fact about him that he’s REALLY Evil. He can just shoot down whoever owed him big or small time XD

  19. qwe

    Is there an HD-ver? Like 1920×1080 or other?

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