BN Interlude04
April 27th, 2012

BN Interlude04

I am so excited to finally show you guys these!  We’ve been playing around with some merch ideas with CrazyHeads as I really wanted to create something a bit more original than just a t-shirt (I totally want to do tees as well but we’re starting big!)  But these are a complicated custom design so we’re going to do them as pre-orders and we need to presell 100 to be able to manufacture them.  Step 1 might as well be to find out which bear we should do first.  I have a feeling Death is more popular (but who wouldn’t want to wear a giant red pentacle on their chest??) but we’d like to get your opinions before we undertake this so, new versus and new poll.  Comments welcome as well of course.  The poll will close midnight on Monday so let me know what you think guys :)

I’ll have more details when we start the pre order but these hoodies will be a light weight sweatshirt fabric with a slightly fleecy inside and the hood will be lined with cotton.  The bear emblems will be screen printed.  There are other examples of hoodies on the Punchbrand site to check out as they’re similar.  These ones will be pullovers though (with kangaroo pocket) and will run $45 each.

Vote incentive:  a bit of a preview for Crack’s upcoming arc… my poor little Crackers…


  1. Beta

    Gah. Monies is kind of on the tight right now. I Like them both, but I have a feeling people will question me rocking a pentagram more than a funny skull. So if I did preorder I would be forced to side with that one.

    Friday update. Nice.

  2. Zankou

    ill buy both

  3. Nicthalon

    Hmm, I DO need a good hoodie to replace my 6 year old one that’s starting to fall apart. The 2 big problems I have with a lot of hoodies, though, are hoods that aren’t deep enough and sleeve elastic that gets permanently stretched out after pushing the sleeves up 2 times. The ONLY hoodie I’ve ever owned that didn’t have one or both of those shortcomings was my Reebok Chicago Bears one. If I knew these would be as good, I’d definitely buy, and I’d go for Death, just cause white would not stay white long with me, lol.

  4. Thomas

    Ah, I would go for Prozac or Nerd, since grey clothes have a habit of looking ugly in person.
    Personally, I would also only actually buy if it had a zip up the front – but if I could get a Prozac pill hoodie with a front zip, I would.

  5. alexander B

    Sorry, won’t buy a hoodie with ears.

  6. iseldomlycomment

    They both look nice, but the death one is better. Not all would understand what the left one is about with the pentagram :P

  7. Jeroen

    Cool! I might consider buying one, depending on the overseas shipping fee (those tend te be killer).

  8. Sterling Rodd

    You have to start with Nerd, of course. Now it’ll be interesting to see if you can sell any blue ones with panties on them. :)

    The preview–I see Pro is back to his usual role… though he seems increasingly disenchanted with it. Seems to me that guy used to enjoy being the bridge over troubled waters. Maybe he needs to get back on his meds.

  9. Sterling Rodd

    @Jeroen: Move to Canada. Problem solved! :)

  10. Redpurplemoon

    want both

  11. Raningwind

    Id go with the death one as a gift. not sure if my friend that loves a certain kind of satanism would wear something with ears

  12. Mike D

    Death, but I don’t care for the (ears?) on the hood.

  13. Beta

    Sterling, It’d probably be much cheaper to just pay the shipping :) Also probably less taxes .

    I would totally buy a Nerd one for someone I know. I personally would probably get slightly annoyed by people asking “why do you have a hotdog on your hoodie?” But I’m pretty sure many wouldn’t mind it at all.

    I didn’t wanna start or continue any craziness of comments about what they don’t like about hoodies, or designs on hoodies, or any of the aforementioned hoodie dislikes, but someone said something about the hoods being too small. I’ll be a hypocrite and say that’s my only complaint about most hoodies, other than sleeves being just a tad too short so when I reach for something the sleeves go up the wrists and it’s all wah?! I used to scoff at those hoodies with thumb holes in the sleeves, but after getting one as a gift. My lord all hoodies should have those. Never have to push down sleeves. Ever. Kangaroo pockets are my favorite.

    If I buy one, it will probably be a gift. I’d like to think that I’d enjoy a hood with ears, but so far that hasn’t been the case :( Will probably still buy one, just not for me.

    Also, vote incentive is awesome.

  14. igan

    Would someone like Nerd or Gay be an option?

    I like the idea of a hoodie, but living in the Bible Belt means walking around town with Evil’s symbol might not be a good idea. Death’s the better of the options available, but I don’t like him all that much

  15. Zinc

    Yeeaaahhh… I’d have to agree with igan. Living here in the greate nation of Texas, XP, I’d have to say you’d get many strange looks with a giant red pentagram on your shirt… goths and emos already do btw. But of these two I’d go with death and of all of them I’d go with Prozac. I think it might even be better if you had the bear the shirt represented over the left breast area with “Bear Nuts” under it. or maybe on the back? That’s my feedback. :3

  16. Ky'e

    A Death hoodie would absolutely be my choice :D He’s my favourite, and I think the skull and ears would be awesome fun to wear. Also, I have to agree with Beta; thumb holes would be perfect! This a great idea; I’m in if this goes down :)

  17. wooshra

    a Skull might be easier to explain than a blood red pentagram

  18. MetaPope

    Looking at the Crazy head website, they all appear to be for women. Is that the case? Otherwise, can’t wait to order one.

  19. mehdi

    Having a pentacle on the chest might be annoying, some people might think you are a satanist or just a weird guy.

  20. Brian Hibbs

    Good teaser for the cracked arc

  21. Revriley

    Yeaaahh….I have to say, I don’t think Evil hoodies are such a good idea. Y’know, with the pentagram and all. I wouldn’t wear it, myself. Death’s seems fine, I think some would happily wear a Tankard hoodie. Vanity’s and Nerd’s would be the safest bets. (Though, again, I don’t know how many people would wear hoodies with actual ears).

    Also, I really, really am looking forward to the Crack arc. Crack’s character is endearing to me in that although he can be very irrational with his fears, some of them are entirely justified due to Evil instigating them. And he has shown efforts to overcome those fears, which is brave in itself. He’s also shown a reasonable side at least once, and showed himself capable of great things (such as kidnapping Evil).

  22. Terry B

    Oh my god! I’d totally get the Death Bear one! X3

  23. Thelittleprince5

    Oh my god! Where do I preorder? No seriously, I put in my email, send me a link. I don’t care how little money I have. DO WANT!

  24. admin

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! This really helps, though I can’t say I’m all that surprised by the results, poor unpopular Evil hoodie.
    @Beta: Yay for Friday updates! I’ll pass along the thumb holes comment but I don’t know if it’s doable.
    @Nicthalon: hmm, I’ve never had a problem with hood depth, I wouldn’t have thought of that.
    @Thomas: we might try zip ups later, but they cost more
    @alexanderB and Mike D: thanks for the feedback, I totally understand
    @Sterling: who wouldn’t want to wear panties on their chests?? Come on!
    @igan: ha, I understand. If Nerd or Gay were popular enough we could try. It’s all about getting enough pre-orders
    @MetaPope: I think most of them are actually unisex; they just need to get some male models on there!
    @Revriley: Yeah, I kind of expected that. Too bad, the Evil one is my favorite :P
    @Thelittleprince5: :D

  25. silverfang16

    Don’t make me choose. :(

  26. Kommiecid

    I honestly see them both selling REALLY REALLY WELL
    however, Death is absolutely my favourite (and least seen) bear next to Prozac.
    I think you guys should do a FULL CLOTHING LINE OF BEAR GEAR!

  27. Mikeyman64

    I would go for the Death hoodie out of these two for sure. Although, if there was a Tanked hoodie that would be my first choice. :)

  28. Sparrow

    I like Evil more then Death. But I would rather be wearing a cute looking skull on my chest then a pentagram. Would love one of Crack though :P My favourite bear and my favourite colour. That would be an awesome hoodie.

  29. Sparrow

    Actually I don’t even think it’s the pentagram. It’s the white that’s not as appealing to me :/

  30. Zermel

    I would love to get both but as unfortunate as my impatience is,I am expecting an Cupid Evil hoodie and t-shirt already.I voted for both,but if I had the choice of only one it would have to be Death,I would be questioned just for getting anything with an pentagram on it.There is no doubt that I would get them both if the opportunity presented itself. (3 cheers for this Friday update)
    @admin: I will let you know how much arse the T-shirt and Hoodie kick ;) and continue to enjoy that break of yours.You are enjoying it right?

  31. meow

    aww no horns on the evil hoodie?

  32. RahneeHoney

    Want, want, want!!!

    @ meow: There are; they’re the black triangles on the ears.

  33. Sterling Rodd

    @Alison @Sterling: who wouldn’t want to wear panties on their chests?? Come on!

    Well, maybe at the right parties, but it’s been a long time since I got an invitation like that. :)

    TMI? Prob’ly. :D

  34. JiG

    evil hoodie? O_o

    WOOHOO! Dreams do come true! >w<

  35. Banannie

    I’d want a Prozac one… It’d match my happy blue attitude! ^^

  36. Silverxphoenix

    I’d have to say that the Evil one can’t do as well due to the awkward nature of fan vs. world because the whole pentagram thing. It’d be cooler with eyes up top and the head of the bear with its name on the back, so its easier for people to discern its fan wear.

  37. xHSBZxKingPanda

    I would love a death hoodie. Or prozac. Or tanked actually! How has no one mentioned that? (just make sure its been scotchguarded). Tanked hoodie would be boss as hell.

  38. Moe

    would you be able to get the death hoodie without the ears?

  39. T-Shaw

    I like the Death hoodie better :)

  40. MangoCheeseSauce

    Are these even made now? Because I want to buy the Death Hoodie so badly!

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