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August 9th, 2010

Page 197

Everyone knows someone who over-reacts all the time (those are the best people to tease).  And on an unrelated to BN note (stop reading now if you don’t care about babies): Sammy is walking, barely.  He can stand up on his own and take a couple steps before landing on his ass but I’m impressed.  A few months ago he could barely stand holding on to something and now he can stand straight up and sit carefully back down all on his own.  Watching the learning curve unfold is so amazing.  I think part of his balance problem is his very large head (he’s in the 90th percentile of big headedness).  He totally gets that from his dad’s side.  His doctor was quick to tell me it doesn’t mean he’s extra smart or anything… and I had visions of my giant headed baby using his incredible telekinesis powers!  Mostly he just bites.

Today’s vote incentive is another preview from the bonus chapter 20: A Gimpy Day that’s in the new Bear Nuts vol. 2!  Between this and today’s update, Crack is having a bad week indeed…



    Apparently, Crack has not forgotten or gotten over his last experience with a muffin…

  2. TJ YZ

    How come Nerd has peas in a *hem* certian area? Did he get hurt?

  3. Luka

    He got bashed in the knee/leg or something by Gay a few pages ago lol

  4. Luka

    Or not! LOL I totally must’ve imagined that, what the heck. XD

  5. Wolfger

    In 190, while Nerd was claiming “firsties,” Evil tripped him, and he landed on his Bear Nuts.

  6. coyoteBR

    I guess Evil’s marker was around Gay’s apron, eh?

    and, as they say… plot thikens.

  7. Sora A.K.

    Um, Gay? Your apron’s been vandalized.

    Poor Crack just randomly screams. Maybe he’s remembering the last time he had muffins?

    For some reason I love how Lech is munching a on muffin in that last panel; it might just be that I’m hungry.

    Man, I always find myself wanting to comment on everything little thing in a page, but that would make for some annoyingly long comments.

  8. Kiggy

    Where’s Death?

  9. Militant Bibliophile

    Uh oh, a NEW exhibit? I foresee sabotage… Also, my daughter is about a month or so older than your boy, so I sympathize with the toddling and biting thing. Best of luck and wonderful work!

  10. Likeacupcake

    So… was it Evil or Lech that wrote on the apron? Could be either… though Evil usually guns for Nerd these days by the looks of things.

    But hold it… where’s Death? He’s not er… “solving” the problem by any chance (getting meat)… or he could just be on a coffee run =)

  11. Hex

    All hail Gay!

  12. Irma

    hmmm I sense a disturbance in the force…I sense evil or death “dealing” with the new exhibit….

  13. Topazert

    All I can say for the vote incentive is, that looks painful.

  14. grimreaper92

    i love how every one is like used to crack screaming and whats in the new exhibit i want to know!

  15. wererat2000

    okay, you mentioned a female bear, so NOW you’re going to have all the guys fight over i’m guessing a group of them?

  16. woopa

    Why don’t they just eat the peas xD?

  17. Kurobara

    Because peas are gross, duh.

    Ah, Evil’s muffin sabatoge has not been forgotten, I see.

  18. reccaman

    the hairball evil put on gay’s head is funny and gay’s expression at that is funny as well

  19. FTS

    FUUUUUUUUUU..!!!!! my F/A got ruined, new f/a on the way… also, prozac doesn’t seem to mind the laptop nerd seems to have on his person. @Sora alllllll ur comments are long anyway so comment away, and @ wolfger ,really? di…did you really just say that?

  20. forestenchantress

    @woopa would you eat peas & carrots that have been thawing on Nerd’s crouch?
    After the two separate muffin tampering, I agree w/ Crack. How could Gay even tempt fate by making muffins? Then again btwn a growling stomach and the need for mischief is a hard choice for Evil but I think he could muster enough willpower to leave the muffins alone just this once.
    @fts Are you off your prozac?

  21. Susie

    Sammy boy is going to need XXL hats at Lamood Big Hats. (

  22. ChrisSs

    This is turning into quite the build up!

  23. Shadow

    I’m still confused on the name of the chapter

  24. Nicole

    @Shadow: I’m assuming the interloper has something to do with the new exhibit, maybe?

  25. wererat2000

    you can tell a comic is good if you can’t decide who you favorite character is. i’m stuck between evil, crack, and tanked.

  26. kate

    Aww, I wanna give nerd a hug and some cake! He’s so cute!~

  27. Girl

    Thats a good point, I have noticed a lack of Death lately…

  28. Glowworm

    I bet it’s a panda–cause pandas are freakin’ cute! BTW–no I don’t know who our interloper is

  29. lanysmiles

    eee! excited to read the next comic! :D
    and congrats on sammy starting to walk! :)
    Oh and on the second book being published! :D

  30. thdud

    lol kick the cook

  31. JS


    “Why don’t they just eat the peas xD?”

    Because Nerd’s been wearing them on his ‘nads? :D

  32. fierce

    “kiCK the cook”

  33. Kitkat

    Kick the cook lawl

  34. DarknessShallFall

    @TJ YZ He got tripped by Evil and fell on his nuts. (I know this is a late reply but oh well)

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