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August 6th, 2010

Page 196

That elephant thing is from personal experience (so huge!) and I repeat all of my previous hair ball rant with the addition of half chewed grass bits because it’s that time of year again.

Bear Nuts Volume 2: The Book of Evil is now available for pre-order. Click previous for a bonus Wednesday update from Evil in case you missed it. The books should ship mid Sept but all pre-orders will receive this exclusive post card inspired by pirate evil (whose jig is up according to those poll results).

The new collection includes all the strips from chapter 14 on, an extended Evil bio, sketch and development pages, a couple of reject bear designs, and a bonus comic all about the Gimp.

The Artist Edition is also available and includes a free sticker of your choice and sketch of your choice just like last time.  We also have books 1 and  2 bundled if you’re looking to get both.

Today’s vote incentive is a small preview from the bonus chapter 20: A Gimpy Day.



    I take it that the recent lack of wavy scenes means that we are back in the present?

  2. Heart of Blades


  3. wererat2000

    without context that hairball could mean alot of things…

  4. Sarita

    You don’t know gross until you shovel an Ox’s diarrea and then try to dump it down a drain but instead have it splash all over your legs and feet.

    Trust me on this. I work with animals. |D

    I love the interaction here lol. This is getting to be one of my favorite chapters. :D

  5. Sora A.K.

    THIS IS NOT THE WHOLESOME FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT PROZAC ORDERED. I kind of want to make a “OMG!” icon out of his face there and use it on LiveJournal or something.

    Wow, how many times did you lick Tanked, Evil? That’s a lot of red fur.

    And yay for a Gimpy chapter! I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  6. KWCarlson

    Gah, sadly I’ve also had that experience with animals at the zoo. Worse when you have your kids with you and they start asking questions you don’t want to answer.

  7. Hex

    AHAHAHAhaheh At first look i thought Evil cough up is heart

  8. stalker

    First I thought what the hell is Evil puking, concentrated evil? :D

    “It works for the elephants” – gross, but true. eww.

  9. FTS

    O.O wh…why would he pick it up?! Also girls pile up when evil licks tanked, and boy pile up when Lech takes a sh… uhhh… dump?

  10. FTS

    Also, I wonder how the zoo-keepers fail to notice the abnormal abdominal markings they bear(ha ha……bear.)

  11. admin

    @Yippee: you are correct.
    @Sarita: do you work in a zoo then? I’d love to do (parts) of that!
    @Sora: the poor thing tries and tries… :)
    @KWCarlson: and what were the animals up to at that time I wonder… :)
    @Hex: that’s kind of hilarious… and fitting!
    @stalker: would concentrated evil be pinkish red? what’s a good color for that? It’s an interesting idea though, that Evil can secrete his essence…
    @FTS: I think the keepers are blessedly ignorant, for the most part :)

  12. TC

    THE funniest comic I’ve ever seen from you. “…Works for the elephants” and the last panel. Pure gold. I’m still laughing while I write this…oh my god is that funny.

  13. Tonka

    Bathroom humor. You just can’t go wrong with bathroom humor. Very funny installment!

  14. Heart of Blades

    Oh, that was a hair ball from Tanked’s fur….I thought it was like, an orange or something Evil tried to yet *puts on dunce cap*

  15. Harry Baulsak

    just read your comic front to back, got the link from J. Grant (Two Lumps)
    this is 39 flavors of awesome, bonus points for being Canadian

  16. Dylan J.

    this was the one of the best parts of the comic :D good job!

  17. Pepper

    aughaugfghhhbjfgds For a second I wasn’t aware we’d crossed from the past to the present and thought Evil was holding something else altogether

  18. Wolfger

    lol Pepper, I though the same thing… I finally noticed the lack of wavy lines and was “whew”

  19. Elijah_Blu

    I…I gagged a little.

  20. Other Furry

    This comic is very cool, the bears are very cool. Everything is cool.

    Theyre almost the oposite of care bears… Actually. This even made me curious about something.

    If there is an evil bear there is an good bear…. So if the two meet could be an problem…

    While the evil would like to do bad things to everyone, the good would try to force everyone to do right things (No taste food, no television because its violent, no beer, no battle betwen thenselfs, no drugs, no stealth, no lies, no gay things, no bondage, no rock roll, sleep at 10, only vegetables, wake up at 6) I think that an good bear betwen these could be even more irritating than evil himself. And of couse seing he doing an Awesome Face would be very scary.

    And in the end of course the two start an inevitable fight until the death, which ends with the death of the good bear. (This is the only comic where i think that is funnier if “evil” wins)

  21. Kaos

    Hehe hairball. xD

  22. forestenchantress

    @otherfurry I think for the most part Prozac is Good Bear. Since ‘Good triumphs over Evil’ Evil usually ends up doing what Prozac wants. Think about it; who keeps the peace, makes people apologize, took tv from Tanked, takes their stolen credit cards away, won’t let them take contraband outside, advocates for wholesome family entertainment…

  23. Jackex

    I think its more like they are slightly scared of Prozac more than anything, I wouldn’t want to be around him off his pills. I have known someone who takes large amounts of prozac/mood enhancers, and they didn’t stay on it all the time like they should. Trust me, if they said or asked something, usually you do it. Little bit of fear there.
    Not to mention some people just have the leader personality.

  24. Sarita

    @ “admin”: I’m an animal handler for Sight & Sound Theatres. I’d like to work at a zoo someday too, just gathering some experience first. :]

    On a side note, more gross things happened this week as almost every single animal had diarrhea. I think this comic may have jinxed me. D:

    And I also want to know why Evil picked that terd up. :|

  25. Jordan Bickimer

    BAHAHA, man I’m dying here. The typography on the “FART – DUMP” bit is just brilliant. I’m still fighting not to laugh. Excellent!

  26. tsophies

    books books books! <3

  27. Rahnee

    Isn’t Evil supposed to be hiding anyway?

  28. S.P

    Oh, what have they done to deserve Lech’s diarrhea?!

  29. Tocho

    I could barely keep from squeeling when I read the title for Chapter 20. I think you may have just forced me to buy it.

  30. Sterling Rodd

    Ah, Lech, what a trooper. A born entertainer who really understands his audience. :)

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