An Evil Interlude…
August 4th, 2010

An Evil Interlude…

Hello everyone!  Today’s bonus Wednesday update is all about Evil and the release of the second Bear Nuts trade… also mostly about Evil.  The book is up for pre-order right now and should be shipping mid Sept depending on how quickly they get to us.  All pre-orders will also get a bonus exclusive post card and the Artist Edition comes with a free sticker (of your choice) and a sketch of your choice like last time.

We should have a few advance copies at Fan Expo in August so if you’re localish I’ll be there with both books, and probably a bored, whiny baby.

Here’s a small detail from the back cover: a (not so) happy day at the park!

Back cover preview


  1. Kavukamari

    Interesting :o I do like evil xP

    Yay, Death bear in the park :D

  2. Super author

    That was kinda creepy…’cause I was in bed as I read it…It’s like he was looking through the computer screen. I fear I may have Evil dreams tonight.
    That would be awesome…:D

  3. Cheesen8r

    hello, i was wondering if i could post this page on facebook with a link to the comic/shop.

    i own the first book, and i have pre-ordered the second and i keep telling everyone of my friends who will listen how great bear nuts is and to buy them.

  4. jamison

    hm, Ive always wondered if evil’s horns are real or fake. part of me thinks he super glued them to his head to be a badass ;D

  5. Sora A.K.

    I should be asleep right now… I’m not even sure how I ended up on this site…

    I will pre-order the book in the morning, Evil. Are your eyes a brighter red than usual or is that just me… Also I am not afraid of you because I’m pretty sure my sister’s cat is way more dangerous than you and… Uh… I forget where I was going with this good night.

  6. admin

    @ Super author: what an Evil coincidence :)
    @ Cheesen8r: I would much appreciate that , thank you!
    @ jamison: That really does sound like Evil…
    @ Sora: I have a good scar on my arm from my cat (closed a door on her tail while I was holding her)

  7. Hex


  8. alicia

    Well I know what I am getting for my birthday in next month :D!

  9. Some Person From Toronto

    *sigh* I hope my parents let me get the book; if I even get to go to the fan expo…

  10. Nicole

    What a delightful surprise! Love his expression in panel one with his lil’ fang.

  11. slasher

    we can all fell safe in the knowledge that we all now where evil sleeps as well. so that threet goes uncared for here

  12. the evil one

    i love evil

  13. Heart of Blades

    AHHH! Death in a play tube!!!! CUTE!!! I don’t know what I’m looking forward to more, the book or the postcard, lol

  14. Benjamin

    Ben the Pocky Fairy is totally going to be at fan expo offering pocky to you Alison! maybe even getting merch!

  15. Sora A.K.

    I pre-ordered it! Now I have to save money so I’ll be able to pre-order Little Big Planet 2…

  16. Paloma

    Well, I’m bummed, I wanted to buy both of them but you don’t deliver the books to Argentina! :(

    If and when you do, I’ll be happy to buy them… :(

  17. FTS

    Don’t underestimate him, he does know where we all sleep. I didn’t order the book, and to my dismay, came home to an electrified bed sheet. Don’t be a victim ORDER the book

  18. Ryoji

    I hope to pick up a copy at Fan Expo >< I have money for more than just buttons this time!

  19. Kaos

    “I know where you sleep!” Evil reallt wants everyone to buy it.. or else! xD
    good work. xD

  20. beaufleur

    I LOVE his face in the 7th frame! I can just hear him say “The book of ME!” ….. ^^ VERY cute ….. ^^

  21. MegaHentai

    No combo pack for the Artist’s Editions?

  22. admin

    @alicia: happy early birthday!
    @Nicole: thanks!
    @Ben: looking forward to it :) and I mean the con in general and not just the pocky.
    @Sora: I had no idea there’s a sequel coming for that game.
    @Paloma:I’m not sure why that is, you can try emailing Jason the publisher directly and he may be able to do something about that. His contact info is jason(at)
    @FTS: lol
    @MegaHentai: I think the publisher didn’t figure anyone would want that. You can email jason(at) and I’m sure he can accommodate you.

  23. forestenchantress

    Oh, he looks so utterly cute in this whole page. I like how up until the last panel he seems like an innocently sweet child especially in panel seven with that ‘look what I have’ face. Strangely in the second panel he reminds me of a recently medicated Prozac and panel six like Gay or Wile Coyote.
    I was just teasing last time; I didn’t except him to stop the plot line for a commercial break. I guess if he has to be cute he wants it to be on his own terms or he’s avoiding what ever else Prozac and Nerd are cooking up for him. Have fun at the Expo.

  24. Ayla

    Panel seven is so adorable it’s insane. I really wish I could order your books. Unfortunately I’m studying in la France at the moment, and live permenantly in England, so I dunno if there’s a way to make that possible. I guess I’ll have to look at the site and send emails (annoying, badly-typed emails… but that’s just me) like everyone else when I have a spare second.

  25. Kisara

    Lol. A lovely display of the many faces of Evil. :D He’s so cute~<3

  26. Unknown

    The last pannal was hilarious.

  27. ZitroneAaron


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