Page 195
August 2nd, 2010

Page 195

I think this is my new favorite page (they sucked me in with the cuteness too).  I’m not much of a hair ball fan though and I have two cats so inevitably one of them is working on one right now.  The fun (not really) thing is that when the orange one pukes, I run and grab him and usually I can hold him over the toilet and catch the worst of it.  When the grey one pukes we have to run and find them both because the act of Toaster heaving always makes Neko puke too.  I can understand that cause it’s gross but seriously… when faced with the choice of tile or carpet it’s always on the carpet, or my bed.

I’ve been reading this comic and never remembered to throw it on my link list so now it’s there and if you’ve never read/seen The Meek you should check it out.  It’s a much more mature comic then mine of course and I don’t mean xxx, I just mean less juvenile :)  Be warned there are boobies, if you’re at work or on the bus or something, but the story is intriguing and the art is gorgeous (I adore the color palettes!  So much more sophisticated then the primary mess I spew out on BN).  Hooray for awesome comics on the webs!

More sketches from the Artist Editions of volume 1, got to get started soon on sketches for vol 2 :)


  1. okami

    well it could have been gay bear he licked 8U

  2. Puck

    I ADORE the fact that I can honestly imagine that shiver sliding up Evil’s body after that one little lick. Every single time I see that panel it’s just …. there.

    Poor guy, really.

  3. sneakers

    Can it be made into poster?

  4. Hikaru

    I really want a Tanked right now D:

  5. PlayingPossum


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