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July 30th, 2010

Page 194

I torture my cat like this all the time but he’s got a long tongue so it doesn’t take him long to figure it out.  Now I have a baby I could try this on except he’s usually the one mushing the food all over his face, and mine if I get too close.  When does the ability to lick your lips clean develop?  That would be immensely helpful.  I’ve also discovered there’s nothing more fun then trying to get dried rice cereal out of a squirming baby’s eye lashes (Sam has loooong eyelashes, way more girlier then mine…so not fair.)

The extras section of Vol 2: The Book of Evil has a new page of reject bears such as zombie bear.  They were never in the running for the final cast but some of them were really fun to draw.  I suppose if I’m going to pander to popular themes I better draw a sparkling vampire bear too…


  1. DoggyGal

    HAHAHAHA!!!Can’t wait for Monday!:D And I love the looks of Prozac’s face at the first panel!So cute.And I wonder what we have in store next for Evil…MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Shada

    Cute! I feel bad for tanked, he just wants the peanut butter!!! XD

  3. WootInCahoots

    Oh tanked…..we love you so

  4. wererat2000

    man i hate it when that happens… um… to my friends that is. it’s so sad to see them act like that. ya… it never happend to me!

  5. ikemaster

    AWWWW poor evil

  6. Sora A.K.

    I love Prozac so much. Srsly, you have no idea. HE’S SO PLEASED ABOUT MAKING THEM DO CUTE STUFF, ISN’T HE? I LOVE YOU PROZAC.


  7. Theodore

    Why Evil? ‘Cause every bear love to see “cute-approach” Evil in exchange for their revenge.

  8. Kikren

    I see the tie in between the incentive and the next page 8D

  9. Angel

    5th OMG TANKED

  10. Lody

    man that was funny.
    poor tanked. he went crazy trying to get that peanut butter off his nose.
    tanked’s so confused as to why he cant manage to lick off the peanut butter.
    I wonder what evil’s gonna do though… won’t be as funny as tanked’s performance though.

  11. Likeacupcake

    Reminds me of when my niece (two years old now, she was one when this happened) had a bit of sticky tape suck to her fingers, so she peeled it off, but now it was stuck on the other hand. Rinse and repeated. Watched her for about ten minutes before I felt sorry for her and too it off for her.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Evil! Oh, and if you do make a sparkly vampire; have the others beat him/her to see if glitter comes out. Twilight has disgraced vampires, so now we need a Legacy of Kain move to even the odds.

  12. MuchachoNL

    That ability will develop around the age of 4 during the winter… and then they’ll overuse it which will make their lips seem twice the size, yet they’re chapped… and that burns.
    Then try to talk some sense into them that they shouldn’t lick their lips all the time :)

  13. Bosn_C_Otter

    Alllright, a little male Bear on Bear action! Bow chicka chicka bow wow wow….

  14. Glowworm

    Zombie Bear reminds me of Crack Bear.

    Tanked and the peanut butter!

  15. Larissa.

    I can’t wait to see what else they try xD

    by the way, my brother asked me to read the Book of Prozac to him this week when we where camping, now him and my dad and hooked!

  16. Topazert

    If your doing a vampire bear please do a werebear, Please…..:-l

  17. Saddust

    Awww… Tanked !

  18. alicia

    Ohh man I loved the Zombie Bear, it’s design reminds me of the zombie bears in the Naughty Bear game. Have you heard of it? Also, I can’t wait to see what Evil is going to be doin!

  19. vwolfe

    I just pre-ordered your book LOve LOve love your comic.
    I saw you had full set of the stickers, Do you think you’ll ever offer a set of the buttons ?
    What ever happened to your cave women comic?
    Anyhoo Keep up the great work

  20. Myanimeworld149

    you should make a mini comic of sorts, just poking fun at alternate bears you could have used. like your zombie bear, or even a mummy bear!(stereotypical Mexican/Asian/American/ect bear?)

  21. TJ YZ

    Please no sparkle bears. Seen enough of that to last several lifetimes.

  22. boyob

    It seems Tanked’s extra-long tongue from the last strip failed him. :D

  23. doodpeal

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that most boys have longer eyelashes than girls. It’s kind of strange, but it’s something I noticed…

  24. Anulazuli

    For some reason, I’m mildly afraid of what Monday will bring.

  25. admin

    @ wererat2000: you do this to your friends frequently then? :)
    @ Sora AK: YAY PROZAC and YAY CAPS
    @ LikeaCupcake: That’s so cute. Reminds me of a youtube video where they gave a baby a lime wedge to suck on… poor things must have goldfish memories or something :) And lol to the glitter leakage test.
    @ MuchachoNL : Seriously? Not till 4?? Well luckily for us he just learned to screech, loudly.
    @ Larissa: Yay! Love the conversion stories :)
    @ alicia: I saw a trailer for the game awhile ago (I think someone here sent me the link). I didn’t know it has zombie bears though.
    @ vwolfe: You mean you ordered number 2? The publisher hasn’t finished posting all the details (like the page for the Artist Edition books) so I haven’t mentioned the availability yet. I’m sure if you emailed Jason about getting all the buttons he’d work out a bulk discount for you. He was actually thinking about putting them up as a set but we haven’t sold many online yet so it didn’t seem pressing. They sell well at cons though.
    @ doodpeal: I’ve noticed that too, it’s just wrong :)

  26. Shadow

    O o why afraid? if evil doesn’t want to do it…. XD then it’ll be great lol

  27. FTS

    Good comic, s’kind of like a Reality T.V. show where celebs are forced to live together in a house. -Keep up the good work. -Drew some art for ya- i’ll try to submit that and hope ya like it.

  28. Zakurei

    Revenge for the Reverse Mohawks! and garbage feedings! and being a hypocritical tattle tale! Evil is gonna get that pesky peanut butter for poor tanked :D

  29. Hex

    I am Evil Homer! I am Evil Homer! I am Evil Homer!

  30. chris wainwright

    did tanked have a stroke ? ….. LOL !!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahah !!!!! gawd !!! that was funny !!! :)

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