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July 26th, 2010

Page 193

At least they included Tank; he’s likely the last one picked for every team… but if you give him a six pack I don’t think he’d mind.

I don’t know if we want to get into a Star Wars debate here but I’ll admit the only thing I liked about the newer trilogy was Ewen Mcgregor (I mean what does that man NOT improve?  “The Island” was awesome!!  Ewen times two!).  The dramatic turning point for Anakin that they’d been building and building up to was kind of truncated and unbelievable (“No! No!…Ok, I’ll murder children”) and, yeah.

The “Robot Chicken” spoof was more entertaining.

So another SDCC has come and gone and this year brought some hilarious photos of the counter protestors.  Apparently that rather un-Christian pastor (or whatever he is) Fred Phelps was there with his typical hate mongerers and the nerds were ready for them!  I particularly like the “Is this thing on?” sign.  Kudos to you guys!  Kudos!

This preview from an upcoming update is one of my favorite panels ever :)



    A cute approach? Which bear(s) is/are going to fill that role?

  2. Heart of Blades

    LOL, out of all the thing I guessed we’d seen in this update, THAT was the last thing. I’m actually in the middle of an emergency room right now, and had to stop myself from just laughing out loud for real. Star Wars meets Pirates, I like it! *nodnod* And Evil! You tattletale!

    Aw, the prequel trilogy, raise your hand if you were someone who didn’t want to re-wright those atrocities.

  3. ikemaster22


  4. GN

    …Is it Gay’s fault that Tank is wearing the earring on the right?

  5. Sora A.K.

    Hey, is that the same tire swing from the second chapter? I dunno, I just randomly thought of that.

    For someone who’s complained about “whiny tattle tales” in the past Evil sure seems happy to tell on them. XD Since he gets in trouble so much it must always be nice for him when the others get in trouble instead.

    Poor Prozac looks like he’s about to explode in the last panel. Yet again, I want to hug him.

  6. Christina

    Whoa whoa whoa.. just.. slow down. What do you mean they blew up the death star!? $@## @#$@#$ $#@$@ Who’s they!? What the he** is an aluminum falcon?

  7. jjmblue7

    Crossing the genres is worse than crossing the streams!

  8. wererat2000

    if they make death do cute…. i have no idea how to end that…

  9. Dubael

    I have to concur, there was little to recommend for the newer trilogy and the final episode felt extremely rushed. Lucas forgot to focus on directing and story telling and got side tracked into the technology instead.
    It didn’t even qualify as Space Opera in my books, just high test video game movie, which frequently disappoint more than they entertain as far as I’m concerned.
    I don’t mean to detract from anyone’s enjoyment of the franchise, my step-brother and one of my friends are both big SW fans and I’m glad they enjoyed it.
    However for my money, Serenity beat the pants off of Revenge of the Sith. I could make a crude joke about that title being a typo but I won’t go any further than I have.
    Regardless Alison, I’m enjoying your comic and I vote as often as I can.
    All the best

  10. Likeacupcake

    Once more, I’m just amazed at how well you do the facial expressions of the bears. It’s pure epic. Though I think the tongue was a bit too long in panel 4.

    As for crossing genres; if done right, it’s more awesome then the sum of its parts. Let’s see:
    Super soldier killing many enemies (Meh)
    Human-alien war (Yay)
    Zombies (Yay!)

    Halo (Awesome)

    Cute, Drunken, Cyborg, Ninja, Pirates would make the universe implode from pure win. For mentioning a CDCNP this website will now crash.

  11. Bosn_C_Otter

    Fantastic! I dont care if your repeating a theme, outstanding! I about spit my coffee when tanked swung into the scene.

  12. Chiara-Wolf

    aaaaaaah epic WIN. this has to be one of my favorite pages ;) “force push!” – “Wooah!” lol

  13. Littlethorn

    Is it just me, or does Gay seem oddly…Cute, for lack of a better word, in the second to last panel?

  14. Ad

    I really like this page, and the way each of the bears is involved in it. Gay getting caught up in Nerd’s interests; Tanked the inappropriate pirate; Evil delighting in getting them into trouble; and poor Prozac trying to maintain some semblance of reason. :D

  15. Kraal

    Well, yeah I have to agree with the comment. While Anakin’s change is somehwat too quick, I think it’s still understandable. But I highly recommend for you to read the novel version, it gives way more character develpoment. It’s a great book even on its own.

  16. Topazert

    Heh, Gay saved Nerd’s life with a force push.

  17. Glowworm

    Tanked–absolutely adorable.

  18. Nicole

    Agreed…Tanked is so cute and I love how he’s unfazed by Nerd’s rebuke. :) Go for the grog!!! :D

  19. beaufleur

    First of all, your comic, as usual, is AWESOME!!! Then, a note to >ahem< a slightly older nerd here, The first trilogy royally sucked, you’re right, Anakin’s change was WAY too quick, and too uneven. Than … color me shocked and confused that Westboro Baptists shows up to a COMIC-CON?????? WHY???????? Those people are insane, and I AM a Christian …. what in the world are they protesting there? Frankly, they should be jailed for protesting at funerals …. idiots …..

    Ok, I’m done now. Gonna go play Farmville …. ^^

  20. Anaiyah

    Someone looks like they’re about to go all crazy on their arses….

  21. Kenichi340

    I loved the newer trilogy. I don’t understand the hate it gets.

    Also, on Anakin’s turning point, considering the Dark Side of the Force influences you and affects your judgment with how powerful it is to a Jedi, that had a role to cloud Anakin’s judgment once he stepped into the Dark Side when he severed Mace Windu’s hand and helped Palpatine. That caused him to lose focus and corrupted him, and made it very easy for the Dark Side to get him to murder even the children.

    They’ve mentioned it several times, you lose yourself to the Dark Side and it influences you to cause such things. I thought they were very clear with this and makes me wonder how Star Wars fans missed this to give major thumbs down to the new trilogy when it comes to Anakin’s downfall.

  22. ...

    Oh lol, I can’t wait for the next update.

  23. Meeeehhhhrrrrr

    Can we get a girl bear? O.o

  24. Zakurei

    As someone who used to live in westboro….seeing that embarressed me a little lol >_> but yes…thumbs up for the “is this thing on” sign. AS for the comic…i’ve been a reader for a few months now but never posted sadly. I love your artwork and creativity i especially LOVE the dialogue between all your bears, and i BEG that you keep up this amazing work for this is the only reason i wake up on mondays and fridays lol. (needs moar death bear :D)

  25. Shadow

    well they put a female elephant and male elephant in the same cage….though something tells me it’d be to smurf for the comic, one girl nine guys…..well minus gay since he’s closet bound, and neard, and tank, and lech, and crack, and gimp…3 guys one girl

  26. K

    blarg the vote incentive

    Someone who vomits on himself as much as Tanked can’t taste very good

  27. Heart of Blades

    May I suggest Jedi Gay vs Nerd Robot/Grievous?

  28. BlueNight

    Why, it’s almost as if Anakin suddenly, magically, turned evil. As if there was some sort of mind-controlling “dark force” that an experienced telepath could use. As if an emotional attachment, let’s say a mentorship relationship, could be strengthened and turned for evil in a moment of crisis.

    Why, it’s almost as if SWIII suddenly, magically, no longer sucks! As if there was some sort of mind-changing “logic” that… okay, I already did that.

    (But seriously? The novelization is miles better than the screenplay.)

  29. Shada

    I laughed out loud when Evil yelled ‘CONTRABAND!!’

  30. Denoyelle

    I have tons of stuff to do these weekend, but I can’t drag my sorry ass away from these pages!! LOL

  31. JS

    I love how sensibility went out the window for style… a few panels ago, Gay wouldn’t even risk raising eyebrows appearing with a bow tie on. Now they’re out in front of the world in costume and shouting at each other in English. At some point, steak seems to have become a secondary consideration… I think it’s more about “ham” now. :)

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