Page 192
July 23rd, 2010

Page 192

Pages like this make me miss animating :(

I also had to dismantle my office and drafting table and turn the room into a giant playpen (our house has three bed rooms and Sam now has two).  So I miss that as well.  Now I sit on the floor with him and try to get stuff done on a lap board (which is very tasty apparently) when he’s not crawling all over me.  The little monster will be walking soon and I can already foresee myself not doing so well when he doesn’t need me to untangle his legs for him anymore.  He also has two teeth!  Which he uses to bite me with!

This was a commission from Anime North; I don’t draw cat girls very often but I did like how this one turned out… and it’s not a bear!




  2. Sora A.K.

    Ah ha ha! I imagine that if you can tolerate loud screaming Crack can provide lots of sadistic entertainment, seeing what he screams at and whatnot…

    Prozac looks so cute and worried in panel 5 I want to hug him. And give him a steak so he won’t be so upset.

    Oh jeez, the fighting. XD This page is so hilarious.

  3. Lop

    ewewew Gay is naked D’:

  4. moloko

    I took a stroll back through the beginning pages of this wonderful comic earlier today, and you have come so far! Everything is so clean and the expressions are priceless. They were good in the beginning, but they are astounding now, and you’re ever-improving! You’re also constantly hilarious, but that is aside from the art. :D

  5. Artis.K

    this page had my ribs hurting from laughing soo hard. whew….lemme collect myself… hahahahahahaha. Love it!

  6. Likeacupcake

    LOVE the first 3 panels. Epic.

    And the last 2; pure awesome in BN form.

    Wonder what Crack would do if you took him for a walk through the Ozy bush…

  7. DemonofDoom

    Unlike some other posts, Sam sounds like a puppy in this one.

  8. DominicanKing614

    3rd panel was frikkin hilarious … also … Grooo ? lol

  9. EvilRabbit

    aww gay can’t wear his bowtie outside

  10. DirtyLittleSecret

    Nerd with no glasses???? D’:
    It’s disgraceful! :P

  11. lanysmiles

    cant stop laughing :D

  12. Herpderp

    I love their fighting expressions. So fierce. Also, someone needs to try to draw the gang as realistic bears. XD I demand to see that.

  13. Bosn_C_Otter

    Wait, didn’t you do this angle already? …. lets see.. scroll scroll scroll …ah yea at

    What up with that? (not that I really mind, the staged fights are great)

  14. FlyingFOX

    Gay looks like a bunny in the bottem panels. XD

  15. Topazert

    I think the word the captions had in mind was “cheesy” like a triple decker burger with three kinds of cheese, cheesy.

  16. Adekii

    Voting incentive pic is awesome! Also the comic is great too =:3

  17. Kurobara

    The fights became more…Stoogish, perhaps?

  18. Jen

    Before reading your statement, I couldn’t help but think how wonderful this would’ve been animated.

    *SIGH* If only.

  19. Shadow

    I’m excited to see who the new bear is XD O O maybe its a girl………….

  20. akinokaze

    Oddly the catgirl reminds me of charley from BikerMice ^_^

  21. Heart of Blades

    That’s some bad fake fighting. Maybe they should take lessons from Tanked, he could probably teach them all the moves *nodnod*

  22. Nicole

    @Bosn_C_Otter: Clearly they had let the staged fighting lapse otherwise they’d still be getting steak. ;) Although, if memory serves, previously it was REAL fighting, not faux fighting.

  23. Oso

    love the bears, but catgirl=Dayam!!

  24. Kiggy

    Oooh. Tribble Effect™

  25. Akimaman86

    ohhhh lech is gonna have fun

  26. Kamino Neko

    They chose Gay and Nerd for this job?

    That’s like trying to hammer in a nail with a noodle!

  27. VVV

    It is just me so did we already have this ark? Or something similar.

    Wasn’t there a arc a few months back where they took turns to go outside and do fights, they had like a schedule or something…

  28. Wolfger

    Yes, this is referencing that story, not starting it anew. Notice that the fight montage has the wavy border.

    Maybe they lost their steak because someone pulled a switch on them, like Evil did in 49

  29. Bosn_C_Otter

    Wolfger ……. ohhhhhh you know that makes allot more sense.

  30. Mew :3

    I LOVE THE LAST PANELS! when they’re fighting! Groo? lol! xD

  31. TJ YZ

    You should totally come to comic con next year! Went on Friday and it would have been amazing if you had a booth there, even though it’s a bit far from canada.

  32. boyob

    Lol, I love Gimp’s face in the fourth panels.

  33. Glowworm

    Silly Gay-bringing a stick to a rock fight.

  34. Foxman

    Speaking of animation, hit me up if you ever think to make Bear Nuts shorts. I’m an amateur voice actor and I’d love to audition for just about any part. :3

  35. sneakers

    This fight is highly entertaining.

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