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July 19th, 2010

Page 191

Hopefully those are paper plates or Crack’s gonna need his stomach pumped… In making a comic I find I sometimes run into things I never figured I’d need to draw.  Then I’m trying to paint rotten fruit and being disappointed in my ability to render mold.  Good times!

Today’s vote incentive puts poor Tanked in a happier place:  preppy Tanked does tennis! That’s one sport I’ve tried once and have zero aptitude for; I think I need meatier wrists or something.



    Tanked’s turn to pick? He probably couldn’t pick his nose without help!

  2. ...

    I’m really loving the fact that you’re expanding on Tanked’s expressions more.

  3. Sora A.K.

    Oh my goodness Crack sweetie what have you done to your plate?! I- I’m getting all those maternal feelings like when one of the cats or the bunny eats something they shouldn’t. Yes, I really hope those are paper…

    All the bears are so cute (as usual). Lech’s epic rage face in the second-to-last panel makes me laugh. XD

  4. poco

    Ugh…even Tanked won’t eat that.

  5. Tony

    A most disappointing steak day indeed.

  6. peninmyhair

    Worst steak day ever. oO What’s the reason? Does the zoo think it makes them more aggressive?

    Tennis!Tanked is adorable! Tennis isn’t all that bad once you figured out the coordination part where your arm and racket become one limb. But it’s kinda bad for your joints (knees, elbows) if you’re not in good shape – which most casual players aren’t. :/ I once ruined a knee playing. It’s almost as bad as skiing.

  7. Hex

    AHAHAHAHA Over this dead body that’s pretty funny.

  8. Mischief Bear

    lol This is cool stuff. Right on.

  9. Lody

    oh noes, its not steak day without the steak, and what’s worse is that it looks like its been replaced with fuzzy vegetables.
    poor tanked, his luck just seems to get worse.

  10. Kamino Neko

    I suspect Cracked’s going to have some sort of terror-fit, now…

  11. Larissa.

    I think you did pretty good at the mold!

    Poor bears, i know i’d be dissapointed if my steak got replaced, expecially with moldy fruit and veggies!

  12. Kurobara

    Jeez, that zoo should be sued. The stuff they serve those bears cannot be healthy!

  13. Nicole

    Well…it IS the Discount Zoo…maybe the recession has finally hit their pocketbooks. Not that it matters to the bears. STEAK NOW!!!

  14. bloodydeckjr

    i think you should reveal the new bear
    thoughthe mold is white is it just me or do other people see white mold

  15. bloodydeckjr

    and were is death he needs to get steak to

  16. bloodydeckjr

    hey i bet the new bear ate all the steak and then replaced it with the moldy fruit

  17. Kaos

    … fruit?

  18. Theonewhoisodd

    This comic makes me laugh more than any other comic out there.

    @Bloodydeckjr: He doesn’t need steak he has coffee. Oh wait we already saw how that turned out… He probably eats from people’s fridges…

    @Admin: Would you mind if I have one of your bears make a cameo PWEASE 0_0

  19. Lolscamosh

    Crack shouldn’t have that plate, that’s not safe.

  20. QueenOfTheDucks

    awww what a disappointment…. think your gettin a nice steak and you just get some moldy fruit =[

  21. Bosn_C_Otter

    Looks like the Zoo has hit on hard times. They could do what the zoos in China do, Feed the over breeding animals to the other ones. :)

  22. Greencheese

    Does this mean they’re gonna shove Prozac into the wardens’ room? Without prozac?

  23. Topazert

    I’d pay money to see that.

  24. CatzCradle

    Man, I just love preppy!Tanked~ <3

  25. bloodydeckjr

    Theonewhoisodd no death is going to get the new energy drink

  26. EvilRabbit

    crack won’t eat corn, bread crusts or almost everythign else, but he’ll eat PLATES?! >.> please say they’re paper

  27. Jazz182

    Are you going to sell both volumes of bear nuts in a bundle for less money, or are you going to have to buy them separately.

  28. Bruudwin

    I’ve always wondered.
    do you store the incentive pages?
    (I just found this website today, and read everything. today)
    so I never got to see the old vote incentives!!!
    I love how tank’s hair seems to be like he gots lots of lumps over his head (courtesy of Evil or some other)

  29. Some Person From Toronto

    Damn, this is bootleg! >:(

  30. admin

    @ peninmyhair: I’ve nearly concussed myself skiing…
    @ Larissa: thanks :)
    @ Theonewhoisodd: a cameo where? I suppose so as long as they don’t do anything horribly smutty… and you link back here.
    @ Bosn_C_Otter: seriously?? that sounds so not right.
    @ Jazz182: that sounds doable. I’ll talk to our publisher and set something like that up for after the pre-order.
    @ Bruudwin: a lot of the older vote incentives are images from my gallery and DA pages or BN related stuff that may show up in the extras section of the collected books. I’m also thinking about making up a Facebook page where I can post some of that stuff as well. If there’s any particular image you want to see right now let me know and I can look to see if I still have an active link for you.

  31. Kitsunekage

    I Think Crack’s food paranoia is justifiable in this case…

  32. Kitkat

    Since when does Crack eat meat?! Let alone a plate!

  33. Ryu

    illegal. bad zookeepers.

  34. Nila

    Someone needs to help with this Zoo’s funds…
    Even to the newer pages days, the Zoo is still being as cheap as Mr. Krabs…

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