Page 198
August 13th, 2010

Page 198

In which Gay bakes with lightning speed!  I’d love some homemade muffins myself but my mother won’t make them for me anymore… hint hint, nudge, nudge… the apple ones… but not the low fat kind… because I’m nursing… do it for Sammy!


Here’s another preview detail from the back cover of Vol. 2!  And you can now check out The Bear Nuts Face Book page to see the whole thing.  I’ll be posting comic news, convention info, and old vote incentives so if you miss any that are BN related you’ll find most of them there.  I’ll also be posting the VERSUS! pages and images there after they go up here.  If you like it please do us a favor and tell everyone you know who you think may appreciate the comic… Sammy needs new clothes… again.



    What’s a Xena?

  2. ...

    Oh sweet, we get to see -nospoilers- Bear next page? :D

    And the kid on the leash amused me for some reason.

  3. Martino

    Xena: Warrior Princess! She was the coolest warrior princess back in the day. I liked her sharp weapon thingies.

    Where does Gay’s “ugly reptile” comment come from?

  4. Kelly

    Xena was a crazy chick (played by lucy lawless) who’s main attack was screaming loud and throwing a circular blade that somehow acted like a boomerang after knocking out 5 different guys without cutting them.

  5. Scott

    I hope its a tiger exhibit! That is always my fav at the zoo.

  6. Sora A.K.

    FOREVER. I imagine that with an echo.

    Ha ha, one of the kids has one of those backpack leash things. XD

    Noooo, not Facebook I harbor a deep hatred for Facebook. At least it looks like I can see the stuff without registering… I still despise having anything to do with Facebook, though…

    I have most of the the vote incentives saved to my computer but I have missed a few, so it’s nice to see them.

  7. Heart of Blades

    Awwww, now I have to get a facebook. I HATE facebook, but I’m getting one just for Bear Nuts, so I hope you’re happy.

    I don’t know what it is about this page, it seems simple and yet I really really love it.

  8. tsophies

    I AM LIKING THAT VERY QUICKLY! :D also love the back cover! eeeee so getting the books for my birthday!

  9. Ponyhome

    Oh, god. If it’s a panda, they’re DOOOOOOOOMED.

  10. Angel

    10 bucks on some kind of female bear exibt

  11. Trip

    I’d put money on it being a female panda.

  12. TJ YZ

    Free the Leash Kids!!
    *Fickle Little Snots* made me shoot poppy seed muffin out my nose.

  13. reddy

    Any chance, you will post the Cave Pat Comics anywhere? I had no internet in the middle of the series, so I missed some strips in the vote incentives. :/

  14. Topazert

    Aww come on, the tensions nawing at my ribcage i want to see what the exhibit is!!! I also found Evil’s explanation “I’M A CARNIVORE!!!!!””Glomp” very funny.:)

  15. Kikren

    YAY! All of the other comics I read use Twitter (WHICH IRRITATES ME GREATLY) so I’m glad that someone finally decides to make a facebook!

  16. Nicole

    Heh! Love Lech’s eye in the corner of panel seven. :D

  17. Kurobara

    Yeah, it looks like Lech is staring right at Gay’s butt. xD

  18. Celestialchaos

    “I’m a Carnivore!” GLOMPF

    LOVE IT! =D

  19. Jello

    My god… A leash on a child, never thought I see it! XD

  20. Watanuked

    Hmmmmm I’m going with a Panda Exhibit. Whose inhabitant is a cowardly bear whose father shunned him because he comes from a long line of mighty Panda warriors whose train to be ever vigilante and strong willed.

  21. Rahnee

    Is it okay if I call them Vice bears? It kinda makes since to me.

  22. Laura

    Totally thinking it will either be a panda or a polar bear.

  23. Draconi

    wow i havent read this comic in too long. im back nao though :D

  24. squeakybunny

    Interesting. In the panel with leash-boy, the girl in the center appears to be missing her balloon. ;3

  25. Sarita

    I was thinking Panda too

  26. Benjamin

    good news alison! I’ve confirmed the funds and I’ll be going to fan expo! pocky ahoy!

    in comic news I like that evil is like “No steak? this new exhibit must die!” <3

    Hopefully I’ll see you in two weeks and get a book from ye :D

  27. FTS

    I’ve got the F/A drawn out. I split the bears into 3 sets of 3 each in their own genre of music groups. Including a parody name of existing bands and musical groups.

  28. KimmQuinn

    I <3 Bear Nuts.

  29. Artis.K

    this comic makes my day i tell you! Alison you are just simply amazing! I wanna be like you one day, soo inspiring!

  30. Ratapoil

    Actually, bears (except the polar bear) are not carnivores. They’re omnivores, and they seldom ever eat meat.

  31. Stitchpunk

    … I just noticed Lechs line of sight. It doesn’t look like he’s looking at the guests

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