Page 199
August 16th, 2010

Page 199

I’m starting a mental list of all the places I can’t wait to take my son when he’s old enough (and his little friend Tommy/Amelie!) and the zoo is pretty high up there.  It’s been years since I was able to go myself so it’s going to be fun for all of us.  I imagine he’ll get royally spoiled and I’ll take too many photos.  I also really want to go to the Biodome in Montreal as well, which will probably happen first as it’s much closer.  And then since we’re in Montreal he can go shopping!  I think little boys should learn shopping patience early, it will help a lot when he starts dating.  His father sucks at it.

Technically it’s tomorrow but happy birthday Bear Nuts, two years online now!  I can’t quite believe it’s been two years already, especially since these characters started out as random sketches drawn while I was laid off from a studio and never intended as anything more… I think the best ideas come out of nowhere and grow and change and turn into something else (and take lots of hard work too) but my brain fart is 199 pages and going and I guess we’ll see together where it goes from here.


Here’s another preview from Chapter 20: A Gimpy Day available only in BN Vol 2: The Book of Evil.


  1. Kaos

    I agree with the others.. gotta to be pandas. female for sure. xD


    China? …aw fuck, we got us a panda up in here! Nerd, get your light saber, Evil, I know you got them damn tasers sittin around! Death, front line with Nerd, go go go! Letch, Gay, hide Prozac’s meds and play fome hard rock so he can’t meditate and shit. Gimp, take Crack, you’re on medic detail! Tanked… uh… just keep drinking with that squirrel. Go go go! God help us if there’s more than one. And if they’re female.

  3. Lea

    Yay, happy birthday, BN – now I’m late, but that’s okay, since I’m always late, which makes me just in time.
    However, if it’s a panda, it has to be a gay one. I’ve always thought a white bear who dresses in black pants and sleeves can’t be quite straight. Please assure me of my beliefs, dearest comic author! (in return I could help you explore your own inner gay… jkg)

  4. Finni

    i bet it’s the fat bear dressed up like a panda

  5. iSpazzyKitty

    I love your comic so much so faR!! It rocks my socks! Expect fanart. ^^
    And you are right. The best ideas come from absolutely nowhere…


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