Page 200!
August 20th, 2010

Page 200!

So two years and 200 pages (227ish with the bonus comics and buffer) and fittingly this page is the last one of Book 2 and the first one with our newest Bear.  I know his tummy symbol and meaning aren’t clear but give it some time (and if you already know DON’T say anything you spoiler!)

Here’s the last preview from chapter 20: A Gimpy Day

We’re onto year three so we’ll close out the Book of Evil by pitting Evil against himself.  I guessed ninja Evil might be victorious but I didn’t think it would be by such a wide margin… poor pirate Evil.

PAGE ONE from the first VERSUS! Ninja Evil VS Pirate Evil!


  1. TDG

    :D this little guy looks like a reference to my childhood..

  2. GBeans

    My first thought was that as his/her name was Ping Pong, the star on his/her tummy was meant to be like the star on actual Ping Pong Balls.
    “Depending on the bounce, roundness and consistency of the ping pong ball, single star, two star or three star ratings are marked on the ball. A ball with a three star rating normally implies highest quality ball.”
    I’ll go and sit over here now..

  3. Jordan

    Is it bad that I’m really hoping that this Panda will stick to the “Pandas are useless” thing? You know, what with their weird way of not wanting to … live. “Bamboo is all I eat, even though my teeth and digestive system is made for eating meat! I wonder why I’m so lazy all the time? And gee, don’t even get me started on mating. I don’t want to have ANY of that. Except maybe if you catch me at the right time, which is only three days out of the year. And even if we DO get it on, I might eat the babies. 8D And predators? Welp. I can’t run very fast (because of all the not-very-nutritional bamboo I eat) aaaand camo isn’t really my thing, either. Yeahhh.”

    Oh Pandas. You are adorable… but are sort of logically dumb. And humans are like “Oh, we’re sorry for hunting you. …Now we’re the only thing keeping you alive because you’re just so darn fluffy.”


  4. Sam


  5. beans

    Is ping-pong from the robin williams stand up? or is it just a coincidence? Love the comic btw

  6. Kitsunekage

    …..Their screwed…..

  7. zombie matt

    lol thats fun

  8. blackbevil

    panda, i love pandas there soooo cute! tobad there mean and they bite.

  9. That_Guy

    NINJA!?! seriously. Pirates win every time.

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