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August 23rd, 2010

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Plushies!!   I vaguely remember my parents having a hard time getting me out of the souvenir store at the Toronto Zoo.  I love animals and stuffed toys so that place was a danger zone indeed… and probably a bit overpriced as well.  I can’t wait to take Sammy there!  I can blame all the impulse shopping on him!

Ninja Evil VERSUS! Pirate Evil PAGE 2



    I wonder what Gimp and Death’s opinion on this is…


    I just noticed that you did not put Ping-Pong on the bear bios yet…

    Evil is taking this better than I thought he would. Most of the others are raging, but Evil is just leering!

  3. ...

    Lech has a point, the last time I was at the zoo, everyone was saying how majestic the ‘cool’ animals were even though they were majestically staring at the inside of their eyeballs. I spent most of the time in the gift shop. :D

  4. Sora A.K.

    Man, I want a panda plushie… I want a Prozac Bear plushie more though. I also really want that kid’s hat.

    My dad pointed out that the panda bringing in more money should mean better funding for all the animals (including the bears), but then again we’re talking about a zoo that serves moldy rotten fruit to bears…

  5. ...

    PS, totally love the last panel of Token Asian Bear stuffing his face. So drooly.

  6. Tasha

    I’m surprised that Ping Pong doesn’t have the black patches around his eyes or blue Panda eyes. It’d add to the cuteness. Unless of course.. he isn’t really a panda! O:

    Eitherway, look forward to seeing how he develops. xD

  7. Kookabura8su

    They’re PANDering to the Panda? unBEARable!

  8. 13yaroza

    NEW CHARACTER NEEDS CATCH PHRASE PLEASE! >:D Anyway… lol, I was reading the comments of an older comic, #28 or something, and someone said that there should be catch phrase for the bears. Since it’s a brand new character there is still time! :D Would you think of wanting doing something like? If so how about his/her (the panda) thing is to say “bonjour”?

  9. Michelle

    But… He looks cute while eating that stupid plant. xD

  10. Likeacupcake

    @Yippee: *shrug*

    And thought so: Vanity. This should be good: PP vs Lech vs Gay. Let it begin.

  11. Calbeck

    Oh no! Bear is driving sales margins!


  12. Heart of Blades

    @Michelle Aw, that was going to be my comment, lol

    Poor little Tanked looks miserable. Seeing all the bears so ticked, this could be bad, all of them having a common goal, being aginst the new panda. I have a theory on what may happen, I just hope nothing too unpleasant happens to Ping Pong

  13. JCH

    Bear Nuts plushies!

  14. The Origami Guy

    heh- that quote of Lech was reminiscent of Nottingham’s speech in “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves”…
    “Let me get this straight- Robin Hood steals money from my pocket, forcing me to hurt the public, and they LOVE him for it? “

  15. Wererat2000

    i love lech flipping ping off, but why hasn’t evil burned down all the bamboo at night? it seems like something he would do.

  16. Flute

    Omg…mutant kids with four fingers! D:

  17. Lea

    I wrote this yesterday, but then my internet broke down, now I’m kinda late, but maybe you like it anyway.

    In an attempt to un-spoil the panda’s name, I’m giving you a poem adressed to his zoo alias.

    _A poem to Ping Pong the panda_

    Panda! I’m not quite sure what to write,
    as delighted by your vended splendor
    as your buyer and your splendid vendor,
    you are so much more than black and white!

    Kidnapped from your motherland with might,
    but so what, for you could never stand her.
    Now the sweetest flowers bloom in sight,
    tasty twigs, true tongue tickling to tender.

    What is in your name, or a bamboo’s?
    Does it flavor, say, of veggie goose?
    Can you capture each crumb’s atmosphere
    in the whiteness of your coated rear?

    We can’t tell all this, it’s not our play,
    you’re the new character of the day.


    Yeah… now the name’s official, so what. It’s a splendid opening page however! “Ping Pong” is just adorable and I’m really excited about what the other bears’ attitude towards him will result in.

  18. EvilRabbit

    Never seen Nerd bear so pumped with rage (well, maybe when he mauled evil…)

  19. FTS

    @Lea…Okkaaayyy…. anyway Vanity was imminent. Great job allison keep upthe good work.

  20. admin

    @Kookabura8su: Nice.
    @13yaroza: You think the panda should speak french? I suppose it would be good and odd.
    @Calbeck: lol, best part of that whole series!
    @JCH: someday!
    @The Origami Guy: I love that actor too! Especially the bit about cutting out hearts with spoons.
    @Lea: lovely, my fav line is “the whiteness of your coated rear”.
    @FTS: thanks!

  21. CocotheRabbit

    all the kids love him, ’cause he’s so cute~<3

  22. Kaos

    that panda is evil more evil than Evil! D: (and too lazy to reproduce)

  23. Nicole

    What a cute new bear. :) Looking forward to what’s coming next!

    OMG…I’m in love with Pirate Evil. He is TOO COOL.

  24. Ben

    oh great, now I want a evil plushie and a death plushie.

    also I can’t wait for fan expo! I wants a book! I be COUNTIN DOWN ZEE DAYS!

  25. squeakybunny

    @admin: Wouldn’t it be something if Ping Pong is the one thing Crack Bear isn’t freaked out over?

  26. 13yaroza

    @admin… You could say how as a baby panda he was separated from his mom and shipped to France’s national zoo. But then he was given as a gift to the USA, but when he was in France another panda taught him English! hua? what ya think? :D

  27. Renan

    Pandas suck. If it werent for us they would be dead already, natural selection wasnt able to get them yet D:

  28. Sam

    You should gather all the fans and go to the Toronto Zoo together! Good excuse to get Sammy out of the house =)

  29. beaufleur

    Where’s Death these days? I miss him …. ^^ the panda’s cute though …. ^^

  30. Scott

    I love that Lech is flipping the bird. Hilarious!

  31. EvilRabbit

    I love how lech is like ‘wheres the justice?!’

  32. tanner

    Hahahah man i love how the kids always seem to have these square beefy unchild like faces!
    expecialy the black/mexican/whatever race kid. Frikin awsome ^^

  33. Tigerbitten

    I bet young sammy was used to draw that perfect drooling in the final panel. :)

  34. ciao

    lol, big time jealously.

    @Ben, lol yes the sales would hit the roof like this comic. (my shelves would be stuffed) XD

  35. Xaien

    Man… having an even number of fingers and still being able to stick up your middle finger at someone is AWESOME

  36. Lea

    @admin: Glad you like it. =D I was less lucky with another poem I wrote that day, probably because it’s real depressing and people don’t like to read depressing things, since it’s summer and all. I should probably collect all the depressing stuff I do now and publish it in winter when people enjoy being depressed. Also, I ramble too much. I should get back to doing something useful.

    LET’S GET READY TO end the ramble… ! Now. Regards.

  37. trashcanblowtorchmarshmallow

    i love how the kids are little more than gaping maws of crooked teeth on a bobble-head

  38. Aki

    Kinda hoping there will be some funny plot twist informing the actual bears that pandas aren’t bears.

  39. Hex


  40. mistervale

    Asians, always taking our jobs XD KIDDING! Maybe it’ll turn out like that baby polar bear, he gets older and less cute ^^

  41. admin

    @Kaos: I was interested to read that their young stay with them for 18 months. That’s a pretty long time when your life span is limited, probably why they don’t mate very often!
    @Nicole: I like Pirate E too but steel yourself because he’s going down!
    @Ben: I can’t wait! I’m a total shut in at home!!
    @squeakybunny: even Crack could take him out perhaps
    @Sam: that’s an awesome idea :)
    @Tigerbitten: he seems to be mostly past that really drooly stage, now he’s just mildly drooly
    @Xaien: he gets his point across :)
    @trashcanblowtorchmarshmallow: that’s the most awesome description of my creepy children EVER
    @Aki: actually I looked into this before I finished this arc and apparently some recent gene mapping confirmed that pandas are a species of bears, the rarest one I suppose

  42. Cokekitty

    So this brings up a question:
    Ping Pong is, I’m assuming, going to be referred to as Vanity Bear in the future (I’m guessing this from the title of this arc, I don’t honestly know). Does this mean that the other bears – Prozac, Evil, etc. – all have “names” as well? Perhaps something the zookeepers refer to them as?

    *Edit* I posted this on your welcome page too. Whoops. Hurrrr.

  43. Saari

    yuck! that panda bear is.. yucky! :<

  44. Aki

    Admin: “… some recent gene mapping confirmed that pandas are a species of bears, the rarest one I suppose”

    Yeah but the Ursi Moroni don’t know that, do they? :3

    I’m just intrigued by questions of identity and silly critters arguing over the same. X3

  45. Dylan J.

    i love jock’s face :D

  46. Nicole

    *steels herself*

    I’m ready. *sigh*

  47. Some Person from Toronto

    LOL I love the 4th panel where Lech is flipping the bird! XD

  48. Ratapoil

    how come he doesn’t have black fur around its eyes?

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