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August 27th, 2010

Page 202

Even Gay’s upset… could it be PP has more fabulous hair??

Ninja Evil VERSUS! Pirate Evil PAGE 3 (if you’ve missed any of these I’ll post them all when they’re done!)

Fan Expo is this weekend in Toronto!  I can’t wait to go and see everyone!  And get out of my house for longer than a few hours!  SO EXCITING!

I’ve gotten a few emails about joining/submitting stuff to Patch Together which looks like a fun site, so I uploaded a Dooomcat design for fun.  I haven’t done any toy designs before so I think this will be a bit of a learning experience, but now I’m itching to work on some BN ideas :)

I think you have to be a member to vote and rate the designs but if you like Dooom then I’d love the feedback.  I have this image of Tanked perched on his cooler and wearing his beer helm that I’d love to see on my own desk…



    Is that a voodoo doll I see in Evil’s hand? Is Lech telling Evil not to use voodoo on Ping-Pong? What’s gotten into him?

  2. fluzee

    not only is this my first post, it THE first post. also, love the comic! but you should really put a backlog of bonus comics.

  3. Two_Twig

    Heehee, sneezing Panda…

  4. Wererat2000

    return of the voodoo dolls!

  5. Lody

    omg ping pong is so cute still.
    and gays expresion in panel 7 is funny.
    and how old is ping pong? i find it surprising the bears think he can talk, cos to me he looks like a cub still…

  6. Likeacupcake

    I think I prefer Evil’s solution =)

  7. cheezedog

    Ok… this is really bugging me.. I im not sure if I can talk about this… but I will only ask this question… if the kids think it’s Soooooooo cute, and all the bears know that the kids think that panda is soooooo cute…. whats not to say that Ping-Pong Also knows it is soooooo cute and playing it up like some kind of rubber faced brown star for royal treatment from the zoo staff?

  8. Sora A.K.

    I was actually thinking of mentioning Patch Together to you just recently. XD


    I love how my tendency to burst into all-caps increases as I get more tired. One day I need to try commenting on Bear Nuts during the day instead of late evening.

  9. Heart of Blades

    I think PPP does have better hair than Gay, lol. Just don’t tell Gay I said that. BTW, I’m very proud of Lech for tacking such responsibility, looks like he’s cleaning up his ways *nodnod* Poor little Nerd looks so cute all sad and sad like in the second to last panel.

  10. TheRatKing

    Truly there are few things so worthless as pandas.

  11. FTS

    Well, like always I can’t say i’m disappointed, great job once again.

  12. Gothfish

    I voted for the doom cat. I hope it gets made into a toy. It would be like owning a piece of the bear nuts comic. ^_^

  13. Topazert

    Something tells me the bears are going to get lip from ping pong.

  14. Glowworm

    Will there be subtitles for Ping Pong? After all he does come from China.

    Those top panels of Ping Pong are adorable.

  15. doodlerjeff

    I’m betting that Ping Pong will be nasty, demanding and self-centered once the adoring crowds are gone.

  16. BoredStiffy

    Hmmm, I took the panel with Evil holding the Ping Pong doll, that he might have a secret crush on Ping Pong (assuming PP is a Girl). I guess that would be out of caracter for him, but I thought we were going to see a rare evil soft spot.

  17. Ketira

    I have two whole boxes of cat-related objects. I can easily see that (& some of the other facial designs) as a “floppy” kind of plush (like the Beanie Babies), while the drooling facial design, the pose where s/he’s licking his/her leg would be great in resin. (And if you’ve seen the segment on how resin figures are made from the How It’s Made TV show, you’d know that details would get copied over.) Either way, where can I get my copy? ;)

    But T-shirts? Nope. I don’t wear them anymore as they make me feel as if I’m choking. Tote/messenger bags, maybe….. or even just as an iron-on so people can put it on any fabric item they wanted to. (Heads up, ladies: embellishments are IN for Autumn/Winter this year!)

  18. Mehdi

    This panda , and jealousy from the bears is too funny. The panda is not doing anything special, and the bears don’t understand how to compete with him. Maybe they need to pain themselves in black & white ? Also, I like how the the children are drawn, how they are enthusiastic, ( or even dumb, in previous pages).

  19. EvilRabbit

    Evils definetly got the right idea :]

  20. Sarita

    Love Gay’s RAEG face in panel 7. XD Can’t wait to hear what the panda has to say.

  21. forestenchantress

    When I first saw Evil with his little dolly, I thought he was turning as bad as the kids by buying into all the hype. Especially with that estatic brain-washed look. It took me a moment to realize he was just excited by having an answer for Gay’s question. You got to feel for him; he was all happy because he thought for once everyone would agree with him. I got a feeling if Lech and Nerd had agreed, he would have his pyromania face on in the last panel.
    Actually it looks like Nerd was disappointed that Lech said no. Nerd wouldn’t ever admit he approved of the voodoo doll just this once but looked like he hope Lech would have.

  22. Saiyza

    I respect bears as a fellow intelligent species, but those darn pandas are completely unreadable! I don’t trust Ping Pong….>.>

  23. Shadow

    I say let evil go wild on him.

  24. peninmyhair

    I think Ping Pong will turn out to be quite the intelligent, calculating…. panda. I have no hope for that talk and I’d like the bears to get their evil (Evil?) plans going. *muahahaha*

  25. Dylandoublec

    Am I the only one that thinks Ping Pong will be tough as nails despite his appearance? It seems like a cliche’, but to see Evil have a rival in cruelty would be quite a sight! :D

  26. Cokekitty

    Glowworm makes a very good point. Ping Pong is Chinese…does he even speak English?

    I’m also still curious about the name situation I mentioned last update. If Ping Pong has a name, do the other bears?

  27. Jello

    Don’t worry, Nerd could probably translate it. xD

  28. Dragon

    Hi great comic! Does anyone know where the Bear Nuts comic booth at the Fan Expo is? I’m going tomorrow!

  29. Smurg

    Would a little boy really say “the cutest?” Seems like he’d be more inclined to say “the coolest” or something like that. But hell if I know how little boys think.

  30. CocotheRabbit

    Can’t wait for the next comic, Ping pongs so cute~~

  31. Xaien

    The children’s reactions to Ping Pong remind me of when I first got my chinchilla.
    “Aww! He’s eating, so cuute!”
    “D’aww he’s sleeping!”
    “He’s biting my finger! How adorable!”

  32. Kurobara

    For some reason I get the feeling Ping Pong will turn out to be a really big jerk…he almost seems TOO nice. >__>

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    Soft Spots Sarita Black…

    […] ong (assuming PP is a Girl). I guess that would be out of caracter for him, but […]…

  34. blackbevil

    awwwwwwwwww! he yawned.

  35. Kitkat

    I would totaly buy a Crack, evil or Tanked plushie <3…. I would probably buy them all!!

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