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August 30th, 2010

Page 203

We have this service around here called Welcome Wagon.  I think it’s pretty common across North America but I don’t know about globally.  Anyway, when you move they come to your door and bring you a gift basket with coupons for local merchants and etc. (they have one for new mothers as well).  I think Prozac would enjoy that sort of thing.

Big thanks to everyone (Pocky Fairy!) who came by and said hi over the weekend.  I used to go to cons with my husband so I’d have him to help with the table and keep me company.  Now we don’t get out to cons as much and he spends most of it at the hotel sitting on the baby so it can be a bit lonelier stuck behind a table by yourself all weekend (not to mention harder to take pee breaks, thank god I’m not pregnant anymore).

Ninja Evil VERSUS! Pirate Evil PAGE 4


  1. ikemaster

    ha i got first comment anyways,,,


    This is a rather anti-climatic page…

  3. FTS

    I already want to kick him, little ping pong panda prick. Anyway, awesome work once again.

  4. Dylan J.

    i wonder if poz is going to do something evil is going to do has poz takin his pills?

  5. Wererat2000

    anybody ells want to kick ping-pong in the ding-dong?

  6. Kamino Neko

    Talkative little chap, isn’t he?

  7. Xaien

    Hmm…it looks like either Evil created a voodoo doll of Ping Pong or he’s being sucked into the cuteness and buying overpriced plushies from the gift shop! (Although I’m going with the voodoo doll theory)

  8. Shadow

    evil riding a shark…..epic XD lol

  9. Sora A.K.

    Poor Prozac, no one ever seems to appreciate how nice and cheerful he is. They would probably appreciate it more if he ran out of pills again.

  10. Stig

    I love how biologically correct his behaviour is.

  11. Ketira

    1) Heh….. looks like Ping Pong knows he’s hot, and isn’t afraid to let it go to his head. Just wait six months….. ;)

    2) AUGH! Incentive pic link is broken? That’s what I got here with Chrome….

  12. cheezedog

    What do you know… I think I called it on him begin a prick… but I have no clue what the other bears will do about it.

  13. Flute

    @Ketira…I use Chrome too and nothing was wrong :/

    Ping Pong sure feels like the star of the show ;b

  14. Topazert

    A man of few words I see.

  15. Cherry B.

    I sense a Diva bear here. xD

  16. Lody

    that panda sure has a wide and varied vocabulary I see. The second word he said added a whole new letter which is a pretty big step =P
    But ping pong seems to be turning out to be one of those characters who knows he’s cute and is obviously using his cuteness on purpose in the zoo to make everyone love him. he must be some kind of evil genius…

  17. Kurobara

    I knew he was going to be a little prick, I just knew it. He was just TOO cute to be nice.

  18. Tigerbitten

    I can soooo see this going the wrong way really fast. Should have sent Gay first…

  19. Lea

    That bear sure is vain. Watch every step you take, Prozac. Now KICK HIM IN THE NUTS! D:<

  20. Glowworm

    A bear of few words.

  21. Artis.K

    @Wererat2000 ..ha ha ill kick ping pong in the ding dong too! LOL. Poor Prozie

  22. Nicole

    Oh, man…you couldn’t have picked a better bear to contrast Ping Pong with. Prozac is so good it just amplifies Ping Pong ‘s arrogance. Though I am a sucker for PP’s bright shiny cute eyes.

    Oh, gawd…Ninja Evil riding a shark. As much as I love Pirate Evil…that’s pretty dayam cool. :D BRING ON THE KRAKEN!!

  23. Heart of Blades

    Lol, PPP is just a little prick! But he’s a cute prick, lol. Well, BN vol 2 came in the mail today. I absolutly love it. The bonus comic was great and I loved all the sketch extras :D .

  24. Bosn_C_Otter

    ok, that was quick, I already wish him harm…… Evil! sec em!

  25. 13yaroza

    I think he will be really nice :D! But he just only uses like one word responses for everything!

  26. ...

    @Page 203- I really do love Prozac cheerfulness but I love seeing him irritated as well. :D (Aww, the panda’s apathetic!

    @Pirate vs Ninja Page 4- Heh, Ninja just jumped the shark.(Yeah I just referenced a idiom. I’m so lame) And is that a Pirates Of Caribbean reference I spy?

  27. Likeacupcake

    and so it begins =)

  28. Kaos

    Well. he is a prick i think. He isn’t showing Prozac any respect. he didn’t even stand up to greet properly.
    Perhaps we will see Prozac going… amok again? xD

  29. Cokekitty

    I STILL WANNA KNOW ABOUT THE NAME SITUATION. D: I keep hoping if I spam your comments enough you’ll see it someday. Do the other bears have names like Ping Pong? And where did Ping Pong learn how to speak English?

  30. S.P

    What do they mean by “half” a bear?

  31. Heart of Blades

    @ cokekitty

    He’s not speaking english, their all speaking bear *nodndod*

  32. S.P

    Wait, why doesn’t PP have rings around his eyes like pandas do?

  33. WolfeMasters

    I have no idea why everyone seems to hate the panda already. His whole amount of dialogue this entire comic thus far has consisted of “hey” and “yeah.” No way to make any kind of determination off of such little dialogue. Personally, I like the “bear of few words” motif he is going with.

  34. Benjamin

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to be there allison. I heard you met up with Lar from licd and I tried to find you but I couldn’t find you at all, your name and stuff wasn’t in the magazine that had all the info and I roamed artist alley to find you. If it was with DMF comics and I missed it I feel bad.

    I’m still ordering a book though. I wants!

  35. EvilRabbit

    guess he didn’t learn much english in china huh…

  36. admin

    @ikemaster: I LOVE YOU TOO
    @YIPPEE…: it’s building! Patience!
    @Wererat2000: lol, nice.
    @Stig: he’s a lazy bum
    @Heart of Blades: Oh good, I’m so glad!
    @…: which part is the ref? Totally unintended, but I did really like the first one.
    @Cokekitty: lol, sorry. I figure the keepers have names for each of them, maybe along the lines of ‘Pigface’ and ‘That Yellow One’ perhaps. Name the bears could make a fun contest someday…
    @S.P.: pandas are smaller then most bears, PP especially. And the ring thing would just compete with how big and goggly I wanted his eyes to be.
    @WolfeMasters: A new view on the situation! That’s very refreshing but unfortunately…
    @Ben: lol, no problem. I also had to leave early every day to take care of the baby so you may have walked right by my table and I was mia. We were with DMF in the AA over near the giant T-shirt vending tower.

  37. Doodlebug

    Prozac’s tail is missing.

  38. Valancia Girl

    heey alison,
    there is a new bear and it fit’s the bearbios empty spot.
    maybe after this arc an updat of the bearbios ?

    hugs Valancia Girl

  39. Imp oster

    Ping Pong is pretty chill… eating leaves all day. Maybe he’s in some sort of euphoric world right now :I

    But he’s a pretty wicked new member of the cast :D I wonder how Evil will take to him.

  40. ...

    The Kraken part. I swear there was a “Release the Kraken!” line in one of the movies but my memory is totally inaccurate and I could be thinking of something else. Still POTC still comes to my mind when montsterous cephalopods mixed in with pirates. ^^;

  41. tiki carol

    Ya know,
    not ALL pandas are smug.

    Some of us are arrogant too!

  42. Nicole

    @… I can’t remember if Davy Jones actually said, “Release the Kraken!” in the POTC movies–it would make sense. But I know Zeus did in the latest “Clash of the Titans” movie. :) Mmmmm…Liam Neeson.

  43. Benjamin

    well that’s good to hear that it may not have been my fault. now I am wiser for knowing. next con that we both go to I’ll especially look for you :D

  44. Michelle

    Maybe he’ll be a one word answer bear? I can’t wait to find out.

  45. trashcanblowtorchmarshmallow

    no speak much engrish maybe?

  46. Dainty

    Well hello Token Bear, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you :D

  47. Dekaar

    Why the hell do I have the feeling that Evil will look like a cute littly babybear compared to ping pong.. I mean hey.. it’s always the same.. the cuter they are, the more badass they are

  48. Cokekitty

    @Heart of Blades: …Alright, I’ll buy that.

    @Admin: Eee! Holy shit you said something to me! Thank you for satisfying my persistently annoying curiosity. xD That WOULD be a fun contest. If you decide to do it, count me in!

  49. Kitsunekage

    I say, let Evil poke the dolly a bit, then set it in fire…. no wait last time he did that, gay got torched, and they got attention. if he does that now, then ping will get even more attention….they’re screwed…..

  50. asakisaragi

    Did you know that pandas are not bears?
    They are giant raccoons

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