Page 204
September 3rd, 2010

Page 204

I’m having a lot of fun adding a new permanent cast member!  I just have to get used to drawing him; I keep forgetting that his design is a little different and every time I flat (lay down the base colors) one of his pages I end up doing it wrong the first time and going back to fix it.  And yes there will be girl bears eventually, I just wanted to continue the sausage fest a little longer!

Ninja Evil VERSUS! Pirate Evil PAGE 5


  1. Michelle

    I bet he’ll get all angry!

    “I’m sorry.” … Next comic:

    I may be wrong.

  2. rtlstien

    I’m expecting the first panel in the next comic to have PingPong say “Not!” and smack Prozac with the bamboo he’s holding.

  3. Drali


    Maybe the cliche will be subverted!

    Instead of the response we’ve all come to expect, PingPong is actually a nice guy, does his best to help the bears get more food, and everyone is happy!

    …Yeah, I don’t think so either.

  4. Dave

    I can taste the insincerity dripping off of Ping Pong. It’s vaguely peach flavored.

  5. viper

    i bet you were gonna see a hulked out prozac in a couple pages here….

  6. DominicanKing614

    i foresee a bamboo smack on Ping Pong’s part …. followed by an angry transformation and subsequent mauling on Prozac’s part lol …

  7. SRS_Giraffe

    Why do i get this feeling that he will do something violent on the next page…

  8. DizzyV

    He’s about to be a total bitch, I just know it

  9. S.P

    I don’t know about PP, his angel eyes are a bit suspicious . . .

  10. Enigma

    *loads a 30/30 with hollow points and looks for a good sniping spot* I’m sorry but Ping Pong has invoked my T.C.T.L protocol I just hope Evil don’t get to mad at me for going first mehehehehehe

  11. mistervale

    I predict something bad…never trust anything cute that comes from Asia….prediction long down the line: This panda will break Prozac of his optimism

  12. Cheesen8r

    umm, i noticed that recently prozac looks different, maybe his posture, but i can’t put my fingure on it. am i right?

  13. minion

    I can’t wait for prozac to go feral on this little guy

  14. HybirdZerro

    Somethin’ ain’t right about this bear…. I swear it, under all that cute and quick to apologiseness (I know it isn’t a word!) lurks a sadistic little panda plotting something…

    I’m on to you!

  15. tsophiekins

    I hope this works, I had to get an avatar of him! Cannot WAIT to buy the comic books <3

  16. Shadowdram

    Why do I sense a new main antagonist?

  17. FTS

    BTW what studio do you use for this comic?

  18. WolfeMasters

    He seems almost nice.

    And then I read the next page…

  19. Eacus

    Voodoo him Evil! Vooooooooooodooooooooo!

  20. blackbevil

    his eyes lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  21. Camolot the Creator

    First time I read this page:
    “I hate him already.”

    Well, I wasn’t far wrong, and he DOES indirectly compete with my favorite character, Death, making him a permanent pariah in my mind.

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