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September 6th, 2010

Page 205

Here’s my theory on why pandas don’t mate very often: they can’t get over themselves long enough to listen to someone else.  Though in all seriousness the plight of endangered animals like pandas sucks and I feel guilty every time I click away from one of those WWF programs pleading for money and showing actual footage of smugglers killing pandas/tigers/rhinos/etc.  I just can’t watch that stuff and besides donating, there’s not really anything the average person can do to help, is there?  I mean I already cut way down on my ivory, panda pelt, and ground tiger penis powder purchasing… say that three times fast.

I have seen that Whale Wars show a few times and despite the dangerous (and illegal?) way they’re doing it, at least they’re doing something.  And here I’m drawing cute panda a-holes.

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  1. Krey

    I don’t blame the male pandas for not wanting to mate. Even scientists can’t tell a boy panda from a girl panda without reaching into the fur to check out the genitals. Would you want to bang someone who looks JUST LIKE YOU? (Gay-bear is excluded from this rhetorical question)

  2. Puck

    God, I LOVE this because it totally reminds me of the polar bear videos on Youtube.
    “She’s a total exhibitionist! All those so called ‘nature documentaries’ she’s been in.”
    “Small wonder he can’t get it up. He’s probably too busy looking for the film crews.”
    “Stop it!”
    “No wonder he’s got circles round his eyes…”

  3. Elkian

    Injure him.

    No one wants to look at a scarred panda.

    Or switch the feed – wait, the guys won’t want bamboo.

  4. blackbevil

    he’s evil evillllllllllllllllllllllll>.<

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