Page 206
September 10th, 2010

Page 206

Poor Gay.  I don’t know if wrinkle creams work on bears but I’m sure he’ll give it a good try.  Speaking of wrinkle creams, Sammy’s giving me grey hairs and I never have time to moisturize.  Okay generally I forget but I’m trying to do that at least once a day.  I’ve had a total of two facials in my life and both of the technicians made fun of my skin, politely of course, but they could tell I didn’t use much product beyond soap in the shower.  This question is open to everyone of course but if any of you ladies can recommend an inexpensive product that actually works I’d love to hear about it.

Ninja Evil VERSUS! Pirate Evil PAGE 7 That’s it so if you missed any of these pages you can find them in the VERSUS! album on the BN Facebook page.


  1. Saiyza

    Hmm. Gay does have wrinkles.

  2. Tamara

    Oh my God, I LOVE Nerd’s facial expression in the first panel. Classic!

  3. Shada

    Go get him Evil! You too Lech! Double team the little jerk!

  4. Kenichi340

    That VS comic page just ached to look at. Breaks my heart to see Evil getting killed. lol

  5. Ketira

    You guys are making me giggle about skin products. I had oily skin in my youth (no blemishes ’til college, thanks to two bouts of tonsillitis & the anti-bacteria treatment), but now it’s going towards the combo (oily in T-zone, dry on cheeks) type, so I’ve had to try things out. Olay’s “regenerist” line made me break out all over, so I’m trying Aveeno’s & am liking the results so far. (Although if their eye cream doesn’t de-puff my eyes soon, I’m going back to Avon’s version. I know that worked!)

    But the past two comics were just classic; I never thought the panda would be such a snob!

  6. Ketira

    p.s. @Summer – if you’re getting your info from PETA, then I’d question the source. Those terrorists ruined my childhood! (Email me if you want details.)

  7. Cat

    This damn Panda is more evil than Evil Bear himself.

  8. Lupinseesyou

    I absolutely LOVE Nerds’ expression in the first panel, it makes me happy inside.

  9. beaufleur

    I LOVE the reactions of Lech and Gay …. somehow they were just SOOO appropriate!! ^^ Been using the cheapest Neutragena, light blue bottle of face wash and toner. They’ve been working very well. I usually only use soap too and figured that it was time to actually use real stuff. ^^ You know, the big girl stuff? :D

  10. ahaha

    i haven’t seen gimp in while…what’s he up to?

  11. Jooshbox

    you know what i like about this comic? well the answer is simple. this comic never fails to update with CONTENT THAT IS NOT ONE PAGE OF THE SAME THING AS LAST WEEK (so to speak) instead i find myself checking this site franticly for an update just in case due to the simple reason of it’s funny. there is always at least one thing to give me a good chuckle in ever page

    well there is the piece of my mind for this comic thank you very much for sharing it with us


  12. Solario the Visored

    Dude…this guy’s gonna end up have ALL NINE BEARS WORKING TOGETHER! O_O

  13. Ayla

    I love this page! Gay in the background is fantastic, not to mention the fact that I genuinely feel sorry for poor Nerd and his expressions of pain and confusion, and Lech and Evil are brilliant – Evil’s surprise at Lech’s outburst and his little ‘yeah!’. The last panel is hilarious, but seriously… the best bit is Gay and Nerd in the background of the penultimate one, where it looks like Nerd is being smothered to death. I laughed. I laughed a -lot-.

  14. dogbrains

    don’t know if you still get this here, but for facial crap, always go witch hazel. I prefer Rose’s since it’s actually made for cleaning. Witch hazel is an astringent and toner, you can buy Rose’s with aloe (rose scented, smells good and goes away fast) so it moisturizes also. One bottle is around $10, but lasts for about 5 months or so.

  15. sneakers

    Cetaphil is a good gentle cleanser. A little pricier drug store buy, but worth it. It’s very gentle and can be used without water for those really hectic days.

    The Body Shop has some pretty good facial lotions for a variety of skin types. You might find that you need a lighter one in the summer and a heavier one in the winter.

    If you can get your hands on Korean skin care, do so. Most of the products are good. You can even get face packs for a dollar per. My skin improved after I started using BBC cream (if you go for BBC cream, get it from a Korean brand–there is a huuuuge difference between the real ones and the ones by western brands).

  16. sneakers

    *bb cream

  17. sneakers

    I also second the witch hazel suggestion. But keep in mind that it can be very drying.

    Wash. Put witch hazel or other astringent. Let dry. Then moisturise. It helps your skin absorb the moisture better.

  18. Nila

    poor Gay… It’s not every day someone says something that makes him cry.

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