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September 13th, 2010

Page 207

Ah Evil, today you’re my favorite :)

And because someone will demand Death, he’s not there because this whole situation is beneath him.  Also, thanks for all the skin care product discussion guys, I’m almost 30 and I still get breakouts :P

Time for a new VERSUS!  The poll is up to the right so feel free to vote for who you think should win this round.  Please only vote once and keep in mind, that’s one diabolical pylon.  In fact, here it is in action!


  1. KWCarlson

    I’d originally voted for tanked in the poll, but having clicked the link and seen the pylon in action I’m not so sure anymore.

  2. tahrey

    English dialects are WEIRD.

  3. sneakers

    With breakouts, witch hazel and bb cream will do wonders. The Korean skin care tends to pricey, but you need so little for each use that it is worth if.

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