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September 17th, 2010

Page 208

Prozac is also the king of looking on the bright side.  I tend to lean towards the glass is half empty camp in this sort of situation (not that I’ve been in quite this predicament before or anything) so I like pushing P’s super optimism to the forefront.  Hopefully it rubs off on me.  Lech on the other hand is more of a ‘the glass is completely empty and probably broken to boot’ kind of guy.

Here’s a little development sketch of Vanity not being an ass and don’t forget the new poll is up for VERSUS! round 2: Tanked Vs a pylon!


  1. Likeacupcake

    Evil seems to like the icecream scoop a little too much =)

    Also… what happened to Nerd’s glasses? They’ve been missing for a few strips now…

  2. Sora A.K.

    Evil’s so adorable on this page (especially in the last panel); he can be so dementedly childlike sometimes.

    I’m an odd mix of attitudes, since I’m naturally pessimistic but I actively try to be optimistic… Looking on the bright side is just so much more fun. :D

  3. Kitsunekage

    Sora A.K. You are like myself: a realist. We are few and far between. However, I’m more pessimistic. You know, hope for the best, plan for the worst, and pray that the ABSOLUTE worst never sneaks up behind you.

  4. Lody

    lol, love the last panel where evil’s checking if the scoop is the right size for an eye.
    can’t wait for the tanked versus pylon strips. It will indeed be an interesting battle.

    @Likeacupcake: Nerd bear’s glasses aren’t missing, he just isn’t wearing them. he doesn’t wear ’em all the time.

  5. FTS

    Evil loks like he’s wearing a monocle… Also Lechs serious face in panel 2 ftw. Good job allison, keep it up.

  6. Scruffy

    Eh, yeah. Personally, I prefer to expect the worst. There is a small chance I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  7. pickles

    evil’s just so cute with that ice cream scoop

  8. Lori

    So…starting today I just went through and read all of the comics. I have to say that I love it! Gimpy is pretty much my favourite…I wish there was more of him. =) But I also love Tanked and Evil. hehe. All of them, actually. This site has been added to my favourites! Great job!

  9. HybirdZerro

    Evil with an ice cream scoop, so adorable, yet so very very wrong.

    Unlike Sora and Kitsunekage, I’m flat out pessimistic, screw the bright side. I think it’s like the cake, a dirty dirty lie. Though I do like the occasional moments the bright side likes to smack me across the face just to prove it exist.

  10. shadowwalker

    Where is Death in all of this?

    Evil could use the eye balls to decorate the cave for Halloween.

    And i am a glass is always half empty person, because with half empty glasses you get more refills. i am a pessimistic person with an optimistic point of view….lol

  11. Kitsunekage


    As if you’d come……

  12. Oli

    evil gets so into this with the eyeball melon baller xD i imagine how he balls pingpongs eyes out and make a mantle out of pingpongs fur

  13. Kitsunekage

    Damn, took a few days, but I just finished rereading the comics and adding in comments on some pages….

    I wonder what Gimpy would say on this topic

  14. Kitsunekage

    Sorry, The topic i meant was the Panda issue.

    Never type when suffering from sleep deprivation…..

  15. cheezedog

    You really gotta start pitting some of the other bears against something… No one believes tank has a chance against anything that’s not edible!

  16. wererat2000

    this one comic alone has taken a lowly ice cream scoup, and made it it’s own character.
    Not a plot device, a CHARACTER!

  17. OrangeSquirrel

    Ahaha, I see what Evil’s doing in the 3rd panel. Dirty, dirty, evil. ;D

  18. DoggyGal

    LOL,i would be SO stoked if Evil really made a mantle!

  19. Bosn_C_Otter

    Panel 8 just kills me. Evil may be..well evil, but he is just so delightfully happy about it you cant help but smile.

  20. Jack Faire

    Am I the only one that got a shiver from Prozac saying, “He will get what’s coming to him in the end”. Prozac strikes me as the character that will quietly help Karma along all the while looking innocent.

  21. drewzilla

    The last panel made me snort coffee!!!

  22. Glowworm

    Evil makes me laugh so hard!
    Anyhow–some people see the glass as being half empty. Others see it as half full. Still others look upon it and ask “Who the heck drank my juice?”

  23. Fluffs

    Prozac just cursed Vanity with Karma. That’s more evil than what Evil’s planning.

  24. Larissa.

    I think I’m more the the optomist side, but in some situations i like to look for the absolute worst outcome, because then i can be happy even if the outcome is good.

    and now that i’m finally on my laptop on a day that a page is released, i can finally show you this!

  25. Nicole

    I love Prozac. :)

    Hey, how about a Prozac vs. Bruce Banner? :D

  26. Alicia

    I might be a bit like Lech on the whole “the glass is empty and broken by a boot” but I can really agree with Evil’s plan :D he has attitude to not give up and just forcibly remedy the situation! I do love your vanity bear sketch, I like how it is very well drawn and clean, unlike my sketches to where they’re a mess.

  27. Alicia

    oh on a side note, I like Gimp’s expression on the final panel. He’s just looking at Lech like he is a total idiot.

  28. Xu-kitty

    Panel 2: That’s what SHE said!

  29. curtisrivers

    Any glass in Tanked or my own presence will shortly be entirely empty, thus removing any need for debate.

  30. tailman

    pandas eat bamboo… isn’t bamboo really cheap or something? i mean, it grows like weeds in Asia,and it grows like a foot a week. why did the bears get their budget cut then?

  31. Likeacupcake

    I forgot to mention; my attitude can be summed up like this:

    If the glass was full, but is now at the half point; it is half empty, as this reflects the process it underwent; emptying.

    If the glass was empty, but is now at the half pint; it is half full, as this reflects the process it underwent; filling.

    If you are unaware of the process, then the glass is simply at the half way point.

    Facts and observations; not opinions and preferences.

  32. Kitsunekage

    @ likeacupcake While I see your point, please remember: If you don’t know what process that had effected the amount of liquid in said glass, people will still say the glass is half full/empty based on if they are pessimistic or optomistic, regardless if the glass was filled or emptyed beforehand.

    To qoute a friend to Prozac: Karma’s a bi*ch, then you die….

  33. Lody

    @tailman: budgets got cut because of merchandise.
    panda flags, panda bear dolls, panda hats, panda shirts and large panda plushy dolls.

  34. Puddingpet

    I thought Nerd bear was tanked with out his glasses, especially the one at the bottom middle with his tongue out

  35. Bosn_C_Otter

    tailman … from my limited understanding of Pandas it cost a fortune for any zoo just to get one, and that alone would wreck your budget. Like Barry Zito. (sorry, its still baseball season) anyhow I would also just keeping them healthy is pretty damn expensive. But you do make a good point, the zoo is making a killing on panda toys and such, you would think that they wouldnt have to mistreat the other animals.
    i know, I know, its just a comic strip.

  36. Sue

    Great comic I love it.

    Tailman and Bosn: pandas are extremely hard to bread that’s why they cost so much. It’s only been a few weeks they probably haven’t recovered the costs of building gan enclosure, paying and transporting a panda yet. Also we’re probably all putting way to much thought into this. lol

  37. admin

    @Likeacupcake: He doesn’t wear them all the time.
    @FTS: thanks!
    @Scruffy: I usually have that attitude about movies.
    @Lori: Thank you!
    @wererat2000: lol, I guess it needs a name too… something more creative than Scoopy or Gouger
    @Jack Faire: Now that’s a unique view of Prozac… :)
    @Larissa: That’s awesome! Thank you, they’re so cute!
    @Nicole: That one’s already on my list!
    @Tailman: zoo infrastructure and new exhibits aren’t cheap. Neither is transporting animals with specialized diets, etc.

  38. Fluffs

    Pandas in general are expensive. Since they’re a protected species, it takes about a good amount of money just to transport one into a particular area. Everything has to be perfect, otherwise, PITA will come and beat your butt for not protecting an endangered animal.

  39. Fluffs

    PETA* Sorry.

  40. Bosn_C_Otter

    Sue, I never tried Panda bread, is it anything like monkey bread? :)

  41. 13yaroza

    the microphone is so random…ITS AWESOME

  42. Sue

    Spellcheck you fail me! lol

  43. EvilLoverXD

    I reckon Evil should build the mantle. I’m so totally up for the whole gouging out Ping pongs eyes… if only Prozac was as well… :(
    I love this comic please keep it up. But I should say thanks to a friend, I wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t for her!

  44. Solario the Visored

    Evil’s great with the mellon baller! :D

    Also, I think this is the strip that was “current” when I first came to this site, so I must be nearly caught up now…

  45. CatHerder

    If it’s something you’re putting trophies on, it’s a “mantel” … if it’s something you wear, it’s a “mantle.”

    – still chortling over “downward doggie style isn’t going to help me.”

  46. Ayla

    The melon baller is hilarious – and, I believe, properly deranged. Yeah, Evil is…well…evil, but the whole manel / eyeball thing was brilliantly mental. His face just nearly made me die. Have to love how into his whole idea he’s getting – and the bit where he was obviously measuring up Lech’s eyes for scooping – ha!

  47. iknewthat

    LOVE Nerd’s face at Evil’s mere suggestion of an Eyeball Trophy Collection.

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